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14193Bug reportClosedNormalPlugin Manager incorrectly unloads plugins which depends on other pluginsBorys Jurgiel2019-03-09 04:09 PM
18999Bug reportFeedbackHighclick on anything in plugin manager crashes qgisBorys Jurgiel2019-03-08 11:53 AM
21362Bug reportClosedNormalqgis 3.0 crashes everytime after selecting a pluginBorys Jurgiel2019-02-24 11:18 AM
20922Bug reportClosedNormalimportphotoBorys Jurgiel2019-01-04 03:46 PM
20286Bug reportClosedHighcrashed trying plugin managerBorys Jurgiel2018-12-24 10:26 AM
20530Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Official Plugin Repository not availableBorys Jurgiel2018-11-18 09:05 PM
19582Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when click on "Plugins" in "Manage & Install Plugins"Borys Jurgiel2018-11-08 02:04 PM
19957Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.2.3 no longer loads Batch Hillshader pluginBorys Jurgiel2018-09-26 09:55 PM
19865Bug reportClosedNormal'Digitizing tool' chrash reportBorys Jurgiel2018-09-17 02:11 PM
19818Bug reportClosedNormalI was uninstalling Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin and then QGIS crashedBorys Jurgiel2018-09-11 11:17 AM
19228Bug reportClosedNormalQuickMapServices isn't showing up anywhere (Giovanni, please don't close it yet ;) )Borys Jurgiel2018-08-19 12:49 PM
19268Bug reportClosedNormalerror en Semi-Automatic Classification PluginBorys Jurgiel2018-08-16 10:28 AM
19620Bug reportRejectedNormalCouldn't load plugin QuickOSM due to an error when calling its classFactory() method Borys Jurgiel2018-08-14 04:42 AM
19603Bug reportRejectedNormalPlugin contour : The plugin will be disabled because it crashed QGIS during last startup. Please report an issue and re-enable the plugin when the problem has been solved.Borys Jurgiel2018-08-13 07:01 AM
19479Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashesBorys Jurgiel2018-07-26 08:54 AM
19239Bug reportClosedNormalPlugin author email visible via plugin manager after install despite assurances in the cookbookBorys Jurgiel2018-06-28 05:53 PM
19242Bug reportClosedNormalPlugins not working on QGIS v3.0.3Borys Jurgiel2018-06-22 12:19 PM
19036Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashed after using plugin managerBorys Jurgiel2018-06-22 11:41 AM
19024Bug reportClosedHighPlugin installation not workingBorys Jurgiel2018-06-03 04:14 PM
18357Bug reportClosedNormalQgis crash opening PluginsBorys Jurgiel2018-05-16 05:42 PM
18527Bug reportClosedNormalCrash when opening Plugin ManagerBorys Jurgiel2018-03-28 04:41 PM
18220Bug reportClosedNormalCrash when clicking "Manage and install plugins" - Fresh install Borys Jurgiel2018-03-04 02:31 PM
18261Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashed when clicked on "Plugins" "Manage & Install Plugins"Borys Jurgiel2018-03-04 02:17 PM
18233Bug reportClosedNormalGetting 'ValueError: _getfullpathname: embedded null character in path' when trying to load pluginsBorys Jurgiel2018-02-27 11:16 PM
18245Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3 repositiry has lost a load of PluginsBorys Jurgiel2018-02-27 12:02 PM
18232Bug reportClosedNormalSemiAutomaticClassificationPluginBorys Jurgiel2018-02-26 08:42 PM
17411Bug reportClosedNormalNew version of plugins from 3rd party repo does not appearBorys Jurgiel2018-02-22 11:17 AM
10045Bug reportClosedNormalError upon upgrading Processing (possibly other complex plugins)Borys Jurgiel2018-01-25 08:47 PM
17626Bug reportClosedNormalMinor bugs when installing plugins from zip fileBorys Jurgiel2017-12-23 12:06 AM
17624Bug reportClosedHighi"nstall plugin from zip" stopped to work on WindowsBorys Jurgiel2017-12-05 11:21 AM
17628Bug reportClosedNormalQGis don´t RunBorys Jurgiel2017-12-04 08:31 PM
17475Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 2.99 Shortest Path not showing shortest routeBorys Jurgiel2017-11-27 10:45 PM
12699Bug reportClosedLowPlugin Manager : Installed plugins list is not sortedBorys Jurgiel2017-11-23 10:44 AM
15627Bug reportClosedNormalIcons not displayed in QGIS plugin manager for python pluginsBorys Jurgiel2017-11-23 10:19 AM
17451Bug reportClosedNormalPlugin Manager truncates Plugin name in ListsBorys Jurgiel2017-11-14 12:37 PM
8786Bug reportClosedNormalPlugin manager didn't remember last visited tabBorys Jurgiel2017-11-10 09:37 PM
17014Bug reportClosedHighcrash QGIS in Linux when tap on pluginsBorys Jurgiel2017-09-22 02:07 PM
16940Bug reportClosedNormalgetting can not import QtWebKit error message while installing sextante plugin in QGIS 1.8.0 -LisboaBorys Jurgiel2017-07-28 02:36 PM
16547Bug reportClosedNormalPDOK Service en Python Console in QGIS 2.18.2 werken niet na installatie QGIS op MacBook ProBorys Jurgiel2017-05-15 02:23 PM
15302Bug reportClosedNormalWrong Text size of plugin descriptionBorys Jurgiel2016-10-13 01:41 AM
15586Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionqt5/python3: plugin manager fails to install pluginsBorys Jurgiel2016-09-22 12:48 AM
15059Bug reportClosedNormalDescription of Plugins Borys Jurgiel2016-07-18 07:55 PM
14937Bug reportRejectedLowExpose "Featured" plugins in plugin managerBorys Jurgiel2016-06-01 02:47 AM
12839Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionPlugin Manager checkboxes disappearedBorys Jurgiel2015-05-28 04:41 AM
11362Bug reportClosedNormalQgis hangs when trying to browse the plugins descriptionBorys Jurgiel2014-10-08 01:28 PM
10897Bug reportRejectedNormalOpenlayer plugin not appearing when reinstalled in 2.4.Borys Jurgiel2014-07-15 11:44 PM
10334Bug reportClosedNormal"All" tab of Plugins window doesn't contain new pluginsBorys Jurgiel2014-05-26 12:32 PM
8605Bug reportClosedLowPlugin installer: name column too narrowBorys Jurgiel2014-03-27 08:28 AM
9524Bug reportClosedNormalSpecial character & in plugin authors prevent downloadingBorys Jurgiel2014-02-18 08:53 AM
8876Bug reportClosedNormalError disinstalling VTerrain luginBorys Jurgiel2013-10-17 02:58 AM
8542Bug reportClosedNormalPlugin Manager initial sorting indicates 'by name' but it is notBorys Jurgiel2013-09-01 11:57 AM
8410Bug reportClosedNormalChanging repository with localized name produces an errorBorys Jurgiel2013-08-07 12:28 AM
8295Bug reportClosedNormalInstallation of an experimental plugin (LecoS) crashes the plugin managerBorys Jurgiel2013-07-15 12:13 PM
8244Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionPlugin manager crashes when adding a repositoryBorys Jurgiel2013-07-09 11:28 AM
4655Bug reportClosedNormalPlugin installer fails to detect invalid repository urlsBorys Jurgiel2013-06-25 03:26 PM
8111Bug reportClosedNormalPlugin manager: Check if the repository file is validBorys Jurgiel2013-06-25 12:27 PM
8122Bug reportClosedLowScroll bar in new plugin manager doesn't work properlyBorys Jurgiel2013-06-20 12:26 AM
8092Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionPython plugin installer: cannot load from local repository when Proxy is setBorys Jurgiel2013-06-18 06:24 AM
8063Bug reportClosedNormalDoes not appear buttons in left panel 'Get more' and 'Settings' from 'manage and install plugins...' Borys Jurgiel2013-06-14 01:58 AM
7801Bug reportClosedLowplugin path Borys Jurgiel2013-06-11 04:38 PM
4654Bug reportClosedNormalplugin_installer: drop "Only show plugins from the official repository" optionBorys Jurgiel2013-06-11 04:36 PM
8035Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionPlugin manager startup error related to ProxyBorys Jurgiel2013-06-10 11:26 PM
4675Bug reportClosedNormalPlugin installer doesn't save "Check for updates" optionBorys Jurgiel2011-12-19 01:07 PM
3559Bug reportClosedLowTable Manager, "Failed to backup..."Borys Jurgiel2011-03-06 04:23 PM
3145Bug reportClosedLowDash in plugin name causes unhelpful error messageBorys Jurgiel2011-03-05 04:32 AM
3390Bug reportClosedLowcrash on start of QGIS due to conflict between Python versionsBorys Jurgiel2011-01-13 12:54 PM
3398Bug reportClosedLowCalling help() in python console crashes QGISBorys Jurgiel2011-01-10 04:53 PM
3366Bug reportClosedLowQgsVectorLayer.committedFeaturesRemoved causes crash in PythonBorys Jurgiel2010-12-28 10:19 AM
3159Bug reportClosedLowinvalid geometry in python console crashes qgisBorys Jurgiel2010-12-13 12:42 PM
3309Bug reportClosedLowPlugin Installer can't guess the plugin versionBorys Jurgiel2010-12-08 07:57 AM
3307Bug reportClosedLowPlugin Installer declines to update pluginBorys Jurgiel2010-12-08 02:17 AM
3236Bug reportClosedLowCannot determine the type of QgsComposerItemBorys Jurgiel2010-11-25 01:47 PM
3255Bug reportClosedLowAccess composer items in Python causes segfaultBorys Jurgiel2010-11-25 01:47 PM
3252Bug reportClosedLowftools crash when start Qgis 1.7 r14754MBorys Jurgiel2010-11-24 11:48 PM
2986Bug reportClosedLowOpening a project file from a plugin crashes QGISBorys Jurgiel2010-11-13 01:54 PM
3054Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashes in MapServer pluginBorys Jurgiel2010-11-01 09:36 AM
2870Bug reportClosedLowmapserverexportplugin: qgis segfault when plugin used with unsaved projectBorys Jurgiel2010-10-26 01:03 PM
2966Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashes when in Mapserver ExportBorys Jurgiel2010-10-23 01:24 AM
3107Bug reportClosedLowColor Scale Bar does not find the colour table or QML fileBorys Jurgiel2010-10-13 12:05 AM
3031Bug reportClosedLowLatest SIP breaks python supportBorys Jurgiel2010-09-21 12:23 PM
2923Bug reportClosedLowQGIS 1.5 Tethys crashes when open the Fetch Python PluginsBorys Jurgiel2010-08-24 01:09 AM
2910Bug reportClosedLowqgis crashes when opening a project saved with deleted google layersBorys Jurgiel2010-07-30 05:15 AM
2882Bug reportClosedLowPython support broken for 64 bit systemsBorys Jurgiel2010-07-18 05:07 AM
1762Bug reportClosedLowTable Manager: gives an error if the postgis table structure have been modifiedBorys Jurgiel2010-06-17 01:02 PM
2445Bug reportClosedLowProblems with table manager and postgis tablesBorys Jurgiel2010-06-17 01:01 PM
1767Bug reportClosedLowTable Manager & Diagram OverlayBorys Jurgiel2010-06-17 12:26 PM
2809Bug reportClosedLowPython throws error messages when QGIS will be closed during plugin manager is checking new pluginsBorys Jurgiel2010-06-17 12:06 PM
2775Bug reportClosedLowAttempt to close QGIS produces an errorBorys Jurgiel2010-06-17 12:02 PM
2803Bug reportClosedLowmanageR don't works on OSXBorys Jurgiel2010-06-14 04:06 AM
2295Bug reportClosedLowvalue tool plug-in dont work as aspected on osxBorys Jurgiel2010-06-14 12:49 AM
2726Bug reportClosedLowMapserver plugin does not export 'labelitem' property for layer with labelsBorys Jurgiel2010-06-12 01:27 AM
2686Bug reportClosedLowactionNodeTool missing from python plugin interfaceBorys Jurgiel2010-04-30 02:20 PM
1743Bug reportClosedLowSome plugins menu items don't functionBorys Jurgiel2010-04-07 11:10 AM
2613Bug reportClosedLowCheck geometry validity returns non OGC compliant resultBorys Jurgiel2010-03-31 02:31 AM
2422Bug reportClosedLowqgis-trunk, closing the program after installing a pyhton plugin returns an errorBorys Jurgiel2010-03-19 09:13 AM
2446Bug reportClosedLowPython.cmake is wrong about python-sip versionBorys Jurgiel2010-02-16 02:58 AM
2406Bug reportClosedLowQgsRubberBand python bindings brokenBorys Jurgiel2010-01-31 08:38 AM
2396Bug reportClosedLowogr2ogr Mapinfo export not workingBorys Jurgiel2010-01-26 04:38 PM
2247Bug reportClosedLowAborting fetching plugin reposBorys Jurgiel2009-12-27 02:33 PM
2253Bug reportClosedLowfTools: can put letters in numeric fieldBorys Jurgiel2009-12-10 03:54 AM
2177Bug reportClosedLowOGR converter: CSV export is brokenBorys Jurgiel2009-12-02 06:04 AM
2088Bug reportClosedLowBuffer produces incorrect resultsBorys Jurgiel2009-11-13 07:55 AM
1996Bug reportClosedLowScrewed cyrrilics in python debug windowBorys Jurgiel2009-11-09 01:49 AM
2017Bug reportClosedLowPgQuery 0.1.1 : please use "dimension" and "srid" instead of "st_dimension" and "st_srid"Borys Jurgiel2009-10-19 05:42 AM
2016Bug reportClosedLowPgQuery 0.1.1 : output schema not took into accountBorys Jurgiel2009-10-16 07:15 AM
2006Bug reportClosedLowPython: cannot connect SIGNAL canvasClicked with a functionBorys Jurgiel2009-10-13 08:07 AM
1891Bug reportClosedLowdisabled plugin repositories not reenable.Borys Jurgiel2009-10-10 09:45 AM
1940Bug reportClosedLowOpenStreetMap plugin - getMainWindowBorys Jurgiel2009-09-20 11:29 PM
1919Bug reportClosedLowPlugin installer (version 1.0.1) fails to loadBorys Jurgiel2009-09-03 10:14 AM
1551Bug reportClosedLowuniform edit tools iconsBorys Jurgiel2009-08-22 01:03 AM
1405Bug reportClosedLowPython Plugin Installer not UTF-8 awareBorys Jurgiel2009-08-22 12:57 AM
1821Bug reportClosedLowCoordinate Capture: Three first digits of X cutBorys Jurgiel2009-07-31 11:53 PM
130Bug reportClosedLowdatabase default fieldsBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:54 AM
38Bug reportClosedLowSaved WMS layers do not reloadBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
39Bug reportClosedLowRaster layers are not reloaded if source changedBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
102Bug reportClosedLowInvalid response from WMS serverBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
134Bug reportClosedLowAfter create a postgis layer and filldata, Qgis dont display attributesBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
140Bug reportClosedLowColor selection buttons do not show selected colorBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
193Bug reportClosedLowQgis crashes on zoom in on a vector layerBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
197Bug reportClosedLowTab order in WMS dialogue is not kindBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
221Bug reportClosedLowcan't connect wms serverBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
236Bug reportClosedLowCannot stop editingBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
436Bug reportClosedLowQGIS should not use SRS not supported by WMS serverBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
3908Bug reportClosedLowWMS Identify fails on mixed queryable/non-queryable sublayersBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
3910Bug reportClosedLowWMS Identify fails to provide a useful error message on failureBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
3912Bug reportClosedLowWMS Proxy username and password not workingBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
3914Bug reportClosedLowWMS doesn't set the QGIS Project ProjectionBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
156Bug reportClosedLowsaved QGIS-project does not recognize WMSBrendan Morley -2006-06-23 12:29 AM
2716Bug reportClosedLowPython Console not in Window MenuCharles Timko -2010-05-17 09:37 AM
11520Bug reportClosedLowCSV import plugin does not ask for CRSChris Crook2018-02-22 11:40 AM
7743Bug reportClosedHighVector layer join broken if not using cached joinChris Crook2013-07-17 04:15 AM
7742Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressioncan't join table created with delimited text pluginChris Crook2013-05-08 03:52 AM
18524Bug reportClosedLowCrash when updating multiple polygonsChris Pope2018-08-15 07:53 PM
12276Bug reportClosedHighChanging Police text in composerDamien Dubertrand2015-02-26 04:58 AM
20337Bug reportOpenHighCrash loading layer from DB2 spatial tableDavid Adler2018-11-09 02:10 AM
21309Bug reportClosedNormalMax. size of symbols with map unit sizes not usable in the legendDavid Signer2019-02-26 10:19 AM
20140Bug reportClosedHighQgsExternalResourceWidgetWrapper crashesDavid Signer2019-01-24 11:12 AM
20472Bug reportClosedNormalQML Bar Chart y-axis min-max wrongDavid Signer2019-01-21 11:20 PM
20276Bug reportClosedHighOff-Line editing: attributes are shifted when using GPKG as off-line formatDavid Signer2018-12-11 08:55 AM
15975Bug reportClosedNormalGeoPackage: field seems to be editable (but is not) after stopping editingDavid Signer2018-11-22 01:43 PM
17751Bug reportClosedHighAttribute table overwrites ids when selecting in search modeDavid Signer2018-11-08 02:38 PM
17853Bug reportClosedNormalDuplicate Feature and Duplicate Feature (redigizited) operate on multiple featuresDavid Signer2018-10-26 09:35 AM
20067Bug reportClosedNormalDuplicate feature action fails with PostgreSQL error messageDavid Signer2018-10-16 03:18 PM
20045Bug reportClosedHighDisplay of more complex attribute forms brokenDavid Signer2018-10-08 10:10 PM
19342Bug reportClosedNormalRelation reference widget: data is displayed in combobox but not in embedded formDavid Signer2018-07-23 03:18 PM
18290Bug reportClosedHighEmbedded form (relation) disappears when changing configuration of a layerDavid Signer2018-04-18 04:51 PM
18521Bug reportClosedNormalConditional formatting rules do not apply to relation reference widget comboboxes, when using a sort expressionDavid Signer2018-04-12 10:41 AM
17852Bug reportClosedHighDuplicate feature (redigitized) actions enabled for non-editable layersDavid Signer2018-03-15 02:34 PM
17805Bug reportClosedHighQGIS forms cardinality configuration not correctly applied/savedDavid Signer2018-02-21 10:28 PM
17478Bug reportClosedHighCreated composer title in Composer Manager emptyDavid Signer2017-12-18 11:34 PM
17469Bug reportClosedNormalConstraint result still displayed in non editable modeDavid Signer2017-11-15 12:55 PM
18891Bug reportOpenNormalChanged Ruler distance units do not "stick" - instead always revert to Meters when Ruler Tool is re-selectedDenis Rouzaud2019-05-15 11:25 PM
20195Bug reportClosedNormalTheme does not work well with new Mac Mojave dark themeDenis Rouzaud2019-05-15 10:18 PM
21863Bug reportOpenHighissues with embedded layersDenis Rouzaud2019-04-19 08:54 AM
21712Bug reportFeedbackHighQGIS Mac crashes when quittingDenis Rouzaud2019-03-30 08:52 PM
17806Bug reportClosedHigh[Digitizing] Selected vertices in the map canvas are not shown in the Node editor panelDenis Rouzaud2019-03-09 07:25 PM
17368Bug reportClosedLowCannot delete a value in a field of type "External resource"Denis Rouzaud2019-03-09 03:10 PM
17306Bug reportClosedNormalusing CTRL-A in filtered attribute table selects all the featuresDenis Rouzaud2019-03-09 03:10 PM
20266Bug reportOpenHighCopy/paste style form widget typeDenis Rouzaud2019-03-09 10:40 AM
20615Bug reportFeedbackNormalMac OS QGis installer cannot find python 3.6Denis Rouzaud2019-03-09 10:34 AM
20380Bug reportOpenNormalTiny Identify Results window Denis Rouzaud2019-03-04 08:18 PM
21411Bug reportClosedNormal'processing' extension cannot be loaded.Denis Rouzaud2019-03-04 12:58 PM
21070Bug reportClosedNormal[QGIS 4 Mac] Freeze at openingDenis Rouzaud2019-01-25 10:09 PM
20916Bug reportClosedHighQGIS freezes Mac when opening and navigating foldersDenis Rouzaud2019-01-11 11:37 AM
17727Bug reportClosedNormalProblem with choosing function by Double click in Field Calculator in QGIS 2.99Denis Rouzaud2018-12-10 01:17 PM
20477Bug reportClosedHighFloating windows cannot be scaled QGIS 3.4.1 macOS (10.11.6)Denis Rouzaud2018-11-29 04:25 PM
9160Bug reportClosedNormalif only one point is selected "zoom to selected" does not zoomDenis Rouzaud2018-11-19 08:56 AM
11244Bug reportClosedLowInvalid values on Date/Time widget editorDenis Rouzaud2018-11-11 04:42 AM
20323Bug reportClosedNormalOS X Mojave - Open File DialogDenis Rouzaud2018-11-02 09:54 PM
20201Bug reportClosedHighForms in search mode: relation reference widgets show "equal to" be default instead of "Exclude field"Denis Rouzaud2018-10-26 08:24 AM
19868Bug reportClosedNormalcopy/paste style doesn't worksDenis Rouzaud2018-10-23 03:19 PM
20175Bug reportClosedHighmaster - Copy style and paste style does not workDenis Rouzaud2018-10-23 11:58 AM
18365Bug reportClosedHighrange widget doesn't show valueDenis Rouzaud2018-10-22 06:37 PM
20178Bug reportClosedHighNot possible to paste a style because all "Paste Style" options are grayedDenis Rouzaud2018-10-22 05:26 PM
18892Bug reportClosedNormalScale jump from mouse tremorDenis Rouzaud2018-10-21 04:44 AM
19092Bug reportClosedNormalMeasure tool on a Mac uses the top right corner of the cross hair cursor instead of the centreDenis Rouzaud2018-10-15 08:05 PM
18418Bug reportClosedNormalScroll zoom erratic on Mac trackpadDenis Rouzaud2018-10-15 07:59 PM
20093Bug reportClosedLowSave / Load style window allows to change text Denis Rouzaud2018-10-12 04:28 PM
19980Bug reportClosedNormalCopy and pasting part of style with geometry errorDenis Rouzaud2018-10-05 01:44 AM
18915Bug reportClosedNormalpyQGIS - new_point.transform(tr) Exception: unknownDenis Rouzaud2018-09-20 03:40 AM
19877Bug reportClosedHighExport style categories. Can't save to a databases (postgres)Denis Rouzaud2018-09-19 02:44 PM
19876Bug reportClosedNormalExport style categories. Checkboxes are inconsistentDenis Rouzaud2018-09-18 01:40 PM
19869Bug reportClosedNormalImport/export style categories doesn't worksDenis Rouzaud2018-09-18 01:40 PM
19870Bug reportClosedHighcrash when right clicking on a layerDenis Rouzaud2018-09-17 05:43 PM
17985Bug reportClosedHighHuge memory leak with QgsFeature.attributes() in PythonDenis Rouzaud2018-08-25 10:18 PM
18258Bug reportClosedHighexecuting Python command ("from PyQt4.QtCore import *") crashes QGISDenis Rouzaud2018-08-25 04:39 PM
13428Bug reportClosedNormalPyQt not aware of qgis_customwidgets.pyDenis Rouzaud2018-06-08 01:52 PM
17167Bug reportClosedHighTables with boolean data types can't be savedDenis Rouzaud2018-06-08 01:51 PM
19012Bug reportClosedNormal[PyQGIS Doc] Make all syntaxes obvious when a method has more than one syntax Denis Rouzaud2018-06-08 01:42 PM
19138Bug reportClosedNormalHightlight vertex on map canvas in vertex tableDenis Rouzaud2018-06-08 01:42 PM
19141Bug reportClosedNormal[CAD] The "move features" origin point should not require to click on the blocked (x,y) pointDenis Rouzaud2018-06-07 09:58 PM
19040Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3 can't start or no Python support on XenialDenis Rouzaud2018-06-01 05:44 PM
19017Bug reportClosedNormal[PyQGIS Docs] issues in the docs formattingDenis Rouzaud2018-05-24 02:05 PM
17338Bug reportClosedNormalsip nested class linker error QgsVectorLayerUtils::QgsDuplicateFeatureContextDenis Rouzaud2018-03-13 03:04 PM
18299Bug reportClosedNormalDateTime widget issue with current dateDenis Rouzaud2018-03-12 05:40 PM
18083Bug reportClosedNormalSimplify map tool - don't use douglas-peucker simplificationDenis Rouzaud2018-03-03 11:12 AM
17695Bug reportIn ProgressNormalscale lock doesn't work when resizing canvasDenis Rouzaud2018-03-03 09:23 AM
17175Bug reportClosedNormalRelation reference widget triggers SQL syntax error with UUID fields in PostgresDenis Rouzaud2018-02-24 11:04 AM
13577Bug reportClosedNormalImpossible to choose current date in form with date widgetDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:39 AM
14751Bug reportClosedNormal'Offset Curve' tool - Strange behaviour of 'User Input Panel'Denis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:38 AM

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