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20894Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.5 python-qgis broken (install) on Ubuntu2018-12-31 08:49 PMNo
20870Bug reportClosedNormal'gdal_fillnodata.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command2019-01-07 05:15 PMNo
20860Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashing possibly during drives refresh2018-12-21 12:05 AMNo
20834Bug reportClosedNormalProject -> Properties crashes with LANG != C2019-01-04 11:13 AMNo
20827Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS3.4.1 crashes after short period inactivity2018-12-17 11:46 PMNo
20822Bug reportClosedNormalBatch buffer does not start and crashes application2018-12-17 07:05 AMNo
20820Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4 crashed when using ArcGIS MapServer and FeatureServer2018-12-16 08:25 PMNo
20810Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Server 3 - drawing order of grouped layerAlessandro Pasotti2019-01-09 09:41 AMNo
20807Bug reportClosedNormalCannot Install to Fedora 29, 64-bit2018-12-14 06:31 PMNo
20799Bug reportClosedNormalDistance matrix output is false2018-12-17 02:22 PMNo
20788Bug reportClosedHighError whilst running delete duplicates algorithm in QGIS 3.42018-12-17 02:22 PMNo
20767Bug reportClosedHighCrash Processing Modeler2018-12-11 10:27 PMNo
20764Bug reportClosedNormalDuplicate QGIS entry in Ubuntu launcherJorge Rocha2018-12-10 06:52 PMYes
20733Bug reportClosedHighAttribute table: Order of columns doesn't persist2018-12-19 09:05 PMNo
20713Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing gdal sieve: mask parameter should be optional (and is not possible to get rid of it)Giovanni Manghi2019-01-01 03:26 PMNo
20696Bug reportClosedHighProcessing: r.plane does not run successfully2018-12-03 11:54 PMNo
20674Bug reportClosedHighDB Manager - load sql query as layer with geom columnAlessandro Pasotti2018-12-19 05:23 PMYes
20656Bug reportClosedHighIdentify feature task never stop on Spatialite layer2018-11-30 08:49 AMNo
20649Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Crash2018-11-27 08:40 PMNo
20620Bug reportClosedHigh[geometry validation] saving edits does not work2018-12-11 01:35 PMNo
20610Bug reportClosedNormalAdd default parameter in GDAL contour2018-12-30 02:59 PMNo
20591Bug reportClosedNormalDissolve tool failing to produce outputsAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-23 01:51 PMYes
20580Bug reportClosedNormalLegend - Filter legend by map content not working2018-11-22 09:44 AMNo
20549Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS SERVER - error in parsing WMS GetFeatureInfo as XMLAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-28 08:01 AMNo
20515Bug reportClosedHighAttribute Table issue: the changes to the column settings are not persistent2018-12-19 10:04 AMNo

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