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04:30 PM QGIS Application Revision ff0b0125 (qgis): Merge pull request #35364 from nyalldawson/new_table_panel_prc
Allowing saving outputs direct to more database formats (and other nice stuff)
01:52 AM QGIS Application Revision 5b965ce7 (qgis): PyQgis: don't crash on invalid provider
Related to #35354


10:44 PM QGIS Application Revision fb7ed6b4 (qgis): Merge pull request #35315 from pblottiere/ogcapif_fix_3_12
Fix landing page test for OGC API Features certification


06:36 PM QGIS Application Revision c2129a8b (qgis): Merge pull request #35169 from troopa81/backport_33990_to_release_312
[Backport 3.12] Fixes crash when displaying relation editor
04:35 PM QGIS Application Revision d1dbe733 (qgis): Merge pull request #35027 from jgrocha/backport-34795-to-release-3_12
[Backport release-3_12] Fix TypeError when displaying Postgis layers extent
04:33 PM QGIS Application Revision dd5928c0 (qgis): Merge pull request #35150 from pblottiere/ogcapif_double
Fixes double type in ogcapif api document


10:31 AM QGIS Application Revision d83da3cf (qgis): Merge pull request #34997 from suricactus/expression_edit
Add ability to edit, import and export user expressions


02:02 PM QGIS Application Revision 2cbdcaf9 (qgis): Merge pull request #34943 from troopa81/fix_featurefiltermodel_all
Fixes relation reference widget several issues


04:15 PM QGIS Application Revision 59c75791 (qgis): Merge pull request #35093 from nirvn/because
Because testing is nicer...


06:13 PM QGIS Application Revision b134c777 (qgis): Merge pull request #35065 from elpaso/mssql-connections-api
Mssql connections api

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