• QGIS

    These are the issue/bug trackers for some official QGIS related projects.

    Note that plugins have their own issue trackers. You can find info about that in the information in the plugin manager of every plugin.

    • QGIS Application

      The quintessential user friendly, cross platform (win/lin/mac) open source GIS desktop application and a server. Use this project to report and browse issues relating to QGIS.

      To get started reporting bug, please see Bugreporting...

    • QGIS Plugin Site

      Qgis Plugin Website, with more goodies like user ratings, download stats, etc.
      A Django application.

    • QGIS Redmine (QGIS bug tracker)

      Issues about this website. Use this project to report issues relating to the QGIS redmine instance. Please browse existing issues before adding new ones.

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