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After create a postgis layer and filldata, Qgis dont display attributes

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Assignee:Brendan Morley -
Category:Data Provider
Affected QGIS version: Regression?:No
Operating System:Windows Easy fix?:No
Pull Request or Patch supplied: Resolution:fixed
Crashes QGIS or corrupts data: Copied to github as #:10193


Dear sirs,

We are beginning to use QGis, however we have some problems that could be errors on your software.

We have the Windows version (0.7.3) and when connect to Postgis, we select the layer (previous created with SQL statement) and edit some points.

After stop editing and save, we leave Qgis and if we enter again on Qgis and ask for that postgis layer, Qgis recognize the database records but it can’t display the information stored on those records, leaving fields blank on attribute table.

Can you help us?

Best regards,
Abílio Magalhães

    CREATE TABLE cli_abm
    numregisto int8 NOT NULL,
    geom geometry,
    nome_cliente varchar(255),
    CONSTRAINT pri_cli_abm PRIMARY KEY (numregisto),
    CONSTRAINT enforce_dims_geom CHECK (ndims(geom) = 2),
    CONSTRAINT enforce_geotype_geom CHECK (geometrytype(geom) = 'POINT'::text OR geom IS NULL),
    CONSTRAINT enforce_srid_geom CHECK (srid(geom) = -1)
    ALTER TABLE cli_abm OWNER TO postgres;

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#1 Updated by Gavin Macaulay - almost 18 years ago

I think that this has been fixed in the latest SVN (#5553) version of Qgis, and is related to ticket #153. We will hopefully have a preliminary release of 0.8 available soon that incorporates this fix.

#2 Updated by Brendan Morley - almost 18 years ago

  • Status changed from Open to In Progress

I am currently doing some work in subversion HEAD version that should fix this if it hasn't already been fixed. It should be committed in the next few days.

#3 Updated by Brendan Morley - almost 18 years ago

I think I've worked out the "spirit" of this bug, at least with regards to SVN HEAD.

If the attributes are edited via the attributes table, the changes "take" when saved.

If the attributes are edited via the Identify window, the changes do not take.

I will continue to investigate.

#4 Updated by Brendan Morley - almost 18 years ago

The second method fails because when it commits, it tries to commit all attributes of a changed feature instead of just the changed attributes of that changed feature (which is what the "attributes table" method already does).

In particular, the second "Identify window" method tries to set a Postgres Date type to _, which Postgres chokes on and aborts the commit.

A side issue is that the Postgres provider then doesn't report the error, which it should.

#5 Updated by Brendan Morley - almost 18 years ago

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  • Resolution set to fixed

should fix this, I have put a full writeup on the commit message to .

#6 Updated by Anonymous almost 15 years ago

Milestone Version 0.8 deleted

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