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21516Bug reportClosedNormalGRASS r.series: broken as it only considers the first map of multilayer input2019-03-08 07:19 PM
21515Bug reportClosedNormalQlrfiles are not stored with absolute paths even though the project setting is changed to absolute paths.2019-03-08 09:17 AM
21514Bug reportClosedNormalDebian packages don't contain libQTSignal.so2019-03-09 03:31 PM
21512Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crashed- Crash ID: 62f1fcd2045780cb9f127836e6b579b8665f3e632019-03-07 05:53 PM
21511Bug reportClosedNormalMultiband Color image bands in Raster CalculatorAlessandro Pasotti2019-03-08 02:47 PM
21510Feature requestClosedNormalMesh layers: add absolute time2019-03-07 02:14 PM
21505Bug reportClosedNormalRaster Symbology, Paletted/Unique values not respecting selected band2019-03-07 09:49 AM
21504Bug reportClosedNormalclicking on field calculator while not in editing modeAlessandro Pasotti2019-03-07 12:05 PM
21503Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.6 crashing while editing and digitizing line features2019-03-23 01:09 PM
21499Feature requestClosedNormalText alignment modes on line features2019-03-06 02:04 PM
21497Bug reportClosedHighCopying features from source layer to target layer - field values are not copiedAlessandro Pasotti2019-03-08 12:16 PM
21495Bug reportClosedNormalDeleting shapefiles from the browser panel does not delete all the files2019-04-01 12:12 AM
21494Bug reportClosedHighuser profile crashes when opening at the auth master password prompt2019-03-23 01:09 PM
21493Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashed when load a layer2019-03-23 01:08 PM
21492Bug reportClosedNormalUse Layer Extent... in processing algorithms doesn't work2019-03-06 02:04 AM
21491Bug reportClosedNormalAutogenerated forms for M-N relations problemMatthias Kuhn2019-03-07 08:22 AM
21488Bug reportClosedHighqgis crashed when setting selection color2019-03-23 01:10 PM
21486Bug reportClosedNormalError when loading batch processing file in Assign Projection tool2019-03-10 07:21 AM
21485Bug reportClosedNormalPolygon layer dissapears if doesn't fit into screen2019-03-06 10:59 AM
21483Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crashed2019-03-05 07:54 PM
21481Bug reportClosedHighExport to PDF & JPEG Keeps Crashing2019-03-05 04:04 PM
21479Bug reportClosedNormalmacOS package for 3.6.0 installing 3.4.42019-03-15 12:31 AM
21475Bug reportClosedNormalMissing menu item - Vector Polygon to lines2019-03-05 05:33 AM
21472Bug reportClosedNormalToo many canvas refreshes imacts feature editing2019-03-05 06:21 PM
21471Bug reportClosedHighRegression with expressions in Composer2019-03-06 11:37 AM
21469Bug reportClosedNormalError when adding query results via DB Manager2019-03-04 01:35 PM
21468Bug reportClosedNormalFiona can't be imported into python37, DLL error2019-03-04 11:59 AM
21467Bug reportClosedNormalInstall OSGEO4W broken for QGIS 2.18.28-2 old LTR2019-03-04 02:37 PM
21462Bug reportClosedNormalJoin undoes itself2019-03-04 06:18 PM
21458Bug reportClosedNormalrendering cycles forever when viewing raster at certain scales2019-03-24 01:17 AM
21456Bug reportClosedHighpython error whrn using "use layer extent" in Processing QGIS native tool2019-03-03 11:43 PM
21454Bug reportClosedHighinstant crash when using the "attachment" widget2019-03-05 03:31 PM
21445Bug reportClosedHighQGIS processing wrong results if saved to geopackage layer2019-03-04 10:05 PM
21443Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.6 crashing while editing and digitizing line features2019-03-17 09:27 AM
21442Bug reportClosedNormalMissing source fields when loading vector data in format INTERLIS 22019-03-02 10:10 PM
21439Bug reportClosedNormalSplit Tool: Self-intersecting line is also split at every intersection2019-03-02 11:15 AM
21434Bug reportClosedHighCreate SQL-Layer from DB-Manager2019-03-01 09:43 AM
21433Bug reportClosedNormalerror loading geodatabase (GDB version 10.5)2019-03-01 01:45 AM
21432Bug reportClosedNormalbranch 3.6 fails to build - src/core/qgsdistancearea.cpp:491:3: error: ‘geod_inverseline’ was not declared in this scopeNyall Dawson2019-03-01 05:53 PM
21431Bug reportClosedNormalCrashed when shutting downHarris Roen2019-03-01 07:57 AM
21430Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when try to create new GRASS location2019-03-08 06:36 AM
21426Bug reportClosedLowspelling error german translationQGIS Translation Team2019-03-01 12:31 AM
21425Bug reportClosedHighDB Manager rename PostGIS column errorAlexander Bruy2019-05-24 10:32 AM
21424Bug reportClosedNormalMysql connection not working2019-03-09 11:06 AM
21422Bug reportClosedHighSnapping on Linestring Z intersections does not work anymoreLoïc BARTOLETTI2019-04-08 07:47 AM
21419Bug reportClosedHighOracle connection failedJürgen Fischer2019-03-17 09:26 AM
21416Bug reportClosedHighCrach on closing2019-03-01 08:33 PM
21415Bug reportClosedNormalCouldn't load plugin 'processing'2019-03-29 11:00 PM
21414Bug reportClosedHighLayouts/Reports Filtered Attribute Table Filtering Broken2019-03-01 10:31 PM
21413Bug is not executedAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-28 08:09 AM
21412Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Crash when adding new layers in Python2019-03-17 09:25 AM
21411Bug reportClosedNormal'processing' extension cannot be loaded.Denis Rouzaud2019-03-04 12:58 PM
21410Bug reportClosedHighLoad as new layer from DB Manager does not load into QGIS2019-02-27 06:43 PM
21409Bug reportClosedNormaldo not rewrite system variables from global_settings.ini file in the QGIS.ini user parameter fileAlessandro Pasotti2019-04-01 05:31 PM
21407Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.6 win64 hang editing line feature2019-03-09 02:04 PM
21405Bug reportClosedHighRaster Calculator wrong resultsAlessandro Pasotti2019-05-20 12:45 PM
21404Bug reportClosedNormalNo parameter input in Find Projection target CRS2019-03-04 10:05 PM
21402Bug reportClosedNormalError on change UI themes2019-02-27 09:38 AM
21394Bug reportClosedNormalAnnoying login postgres login window appears on QGIS 3.4.4+ and later2019-03-01 08:03 PM
21393Bug reportClosedHighqgis crashed with the infomation tool on a layer imported from a SqLite database2019-03-17 09:27 AM
21392Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.4 installation error?2019-03-04 03:31 PM
21390Bug reportClosedNormalZ snapping does not work for POINT Z / MULTIPOINT Z entitiesLoïc BARTOLETTI2019-03-25 07:31 AM
21389Bug reportClosedHighQgis application crash2019-03-17 09:26 AM
21388Bug reportClosedHighWord wrapping not working in maptipsAlexander Bruy2019-05-24 05:38 AM
21387Bug reportClosedNormalUnavailable layers because of a moved folderAlessandro Pasotti2019-03-19 03:55 PM
21386Bug reportClosedNormalCrash when editing fields2019-02-26 09:03 AM
21384Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.6 crashes upon exiting2019-02-26 08:30 AM
21380Bug reportRejectedNormalWFS GET requests default to using "hostname:80' in the host header instead of just "hostname"2019-03-21 04:53 PM
21378Bug reportClosedHighLayers are repeated in the "layer order" panel2019-05-23 11:18 AM
21376Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when working with QgsLayerTreeLayers in a processing script2019-02-26 12:46 AM
21374Bug reportRejectedNormalOTB: Large scale meanshift failsRashad Kanavath2019-02-25 02:41 PM
21373Bug reportClosedNormalOTB: Segmentation not workingRashad Kanavath2019-02-25 08:51 PM
21367Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.6.0 _ Grass Tools 7.6 tools not found in processing tool box2019-03-05 05:43 AM
21366Bug reportClosedNormalExpression with square bracket for maps are not evaluated in a layout labelNyall Dawson2019-02-25 06:23 PM
21365Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes with web view attachment widget in a relation widget in the attribute form2019-03-15 10:41 AM
21362Bug reportClosedNormalqgis 3.0 crashes everytime after selecting a pluginBorys Jurgiel2019-02-24 11:18 AM
21361Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.6 CRS Selector not closing/Cannot Select CRS2019-02-25 08:51 PM
21358Bug reportClosedNormalGrass 7 broken in QGIS 2.18 MacWilliam Kyngesburye2019-02-23 11:05 PM
21354Bug reportClosedNormalSAGA Difference wrong result2019-03-04 01:00 PM
21353Bug reportClosedNormalQuery from DB Manager SQL window no longer loads as new layerAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-23 11:22 PM
21350Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Crash when running Python script2019-02-22 08:30 PM
21349Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Clip and Difference - GEOS geoprocessing error: intersection failed.2019-03-09 08:33 PM
21348Bug reportClosedNormalMove to top 2019-02-22 10:04 AM
21345Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashes2019-02-22 08:32 AM
21340Bug reportClosedNormalStandalone pyqgis application package development failure due to qgis.core dependency on PyQt5 libraries2019-02-21 06:26 PM
21339Bug reportClosedLowSpace inserted at start of legend entries for no apparent reasonNyall Dawson2019-02-24 10:49 PM
21336Bug reportClosedNormalself node is considered as an error by processing2019-02-26 09:04 PM
21335Bug reportClosedHighWFS client: strange renderingEven Rouault2019-02-21 08:23 PM
21334Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashes everytime I try to exit the program.2019-02-22 10:39 AM
21333Bug reportRejectedHighQGIS crashing when adding hyperlink into the Attribute TableNitzan Matan2019-03-04 06:24 PM
21332Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crushing when adding hyperlink into the Attribute Table Nitzan Matan2019-02-21 01:47 PM
21330Bug reportClosedNormalMissing hatch, wrong text alignment and line width from DWG importJürgen Fischer2019-03-03 07:12 PM
21329Bug reportClosedHighThis netcdf file crashes QGIS both in Browser and in Open Raster/Mesh2019-02-20 09:51 PM
21324Bug reportClosedNormalqgis freezes when adding a postgres table that any other question is selecting from2019-02-21 12:24 AM
21317Bug reportClosedNormalText Style Background transparency2019-03-08 10:57 AM
21316Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing: precision loss on decimal numberNyall Dawson2019-02-20 08:41 AM
21311Bug reportClosedNormalOGR provider returns an empty set for GPKG uniqueValues(0)Alessandro Pasotti2019-02-21 08:30 AM
21310Bug reportClosedNormalJSON column from a Postgresql Database is working to read information, but when editing the column and saving it, an error occurs2019-02-19 10:26 PM
21309Bug reportClosedNormalMax. size of symbols with map unit sizes not usable in the legendDavid Signer2019-02-26 10:19 AM
21308Bug reportClosedNormalCant save project file, "Unable to save auxiliary storage".2019-02-19 09:09 AM
21307Bug reportClosedHighCrash on Edit Vertex2019-03-09 07:58 PM
21306Bug reportClosedHighIncorrect raster behaviour and crashes2019-03-08 10:17 AM
21305Bug reportClosedHighpasting features to postgis (or other slow/remote backends) is very slowAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-21 10:06 AM
21304Bug reportClosedHigh"default value" is not applied when pasting featuresAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-21 08:30 AM
21303Bug reportClosedHighPostgis: very noticeable slowdown when opening the attributes table if the table has a large number of columnsAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-21 08:31 AM
21300Feature requestClosedNormalIt is not possible to export all frames from QGIS 3d animations as imagesPeter Petrik2019-02-27 08:59 AM
21296Bug reportClosedHighRegressions in processing "Tile Index" toolNyall Dawson2019-02-19 03:54 AM
21295Bug reportClosedNormalRendering with QImage.Format_Indexed8 produces blank output2019-02-18 02:14 PM
21293Feature requestClosedNormalMake Geopackage Layer Descriptions more accessible and usable2019-02-18 08:55 AM
21292Bug reportClosedNormalQgis 3 temporary data stay in /tmp even if Qgis is closed2019-02-18 02:23 PM
21290Bug reportClosedNormalWhen Windows 10 Ransomware protection "Controlled folder access" is turned on QGIS can't save project files2019-03-09 10:35 AM
21287Bug reportClosedNormalCannot edit vector features - Unknown Exception Error2019-02-15 06:48 PM
21284Feature requestClosedNormal[Expression] Allow negative value for vertex index in angle_at_vertex/distance_at_vertex/point_n... functionsMathieu Pellerin - nIRV2019-03-13 05:49 AM
21283Bug reportClosedNormalVertex Tool: issue selecting vertices of "locked" features2019-02-21 08:52 AM
21281Bug reportClosedHighBug with multiple Else items in rule-based styleAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-17 09:12 AM
21278Bug reportClosedHighCrash Qgis2019-02-24 02:12 AM
21277Bug reportClosedNormalError loading QGIS2019-03-08 10:19 AM
21276Bug reportClosedHighcrash when quitting2019-02-24 02:13 AM
21275Bug reportClosedHighmanually selected datum transformation setting is ignoredNyall Dawson2019-03-19 12:49 AM
21273Bug reportClosedNormalPolygon layer snapping and vertex tool fail with rule-based style2019-02-15 12:02 PM
21272Bug reportClosedHighDuplicate QgsFeatureId in Oracle DB Table2019-03-09 09:37 AM
21270Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when createInstance() uses wrong constructor in a QgsProcessingAlgorithm subclassAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-20 07:43 AM
21268Bug reportClosedLowLoading zipped shapefile throws OGR warning2019-02-15 11:23 PM
21266Bug reportClosedHighAttribute forms do not show anymore constraints messagesAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-19 02:34 PM
21265Bug reportClosedLowQgis 3.4.4: the version number has not been updated. It shows 3.4.32019-02-25 09:45 AM
21264Bug reportClosedNormalbug in saga algorithm python2019-02-18 04:57 PM
21262Bug reportClosedNormalInstalled Development VersionPhilip Schroeder2019-02-14 09:06 AM
21260Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crashed when trying to render a subset of 3D building using CityGML2019-03-08 10:58 AM
21259Bug reportClosedHighGeometry Checker CrashesAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-18 02:14 PM
21258Bug reportClosedNormalCrash on closing2019-02-13 03:49 PM
21257Feature requestClosedNormalAffiche sur des écrans 4K de PC portables2019-02-14 10:40 AM
21256Bug reportClosedHighCrash whenever the field calculator dialog is opened2019-02-13 03:57 PM
21255Bug reportClosedNormalCrash ID: 62f1fcd2045780cb9f127836e6b579b8665f3e632019-02-13 03:48 PM
21254Bug reportClosedNormalLayer Properties > Load Style > From database > 'Other styles ...' > Description column contains Name text, should contain Description text (it is a geopackage layer)Alessandro Pasotti2019-02-14 08:24 AM
21253Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when adding tif raster layerJürgen Fischer2019-02-13 03:50 PM
21252Bug reportClosedHighBUG - SAVING LAYOUT2019-02-13 12:08 PM
21251Feature requestClosedHighSet output file resolution option and CRS options to Processing Clip Raster to Mask Layer - ClipRasterByMask.py2019-03-11 01:29 PM
21248Bug reportClosedNormalProgram keeps crashing on closing2019-02-13 12:19 PM
21244Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.5.0-Master crashes when loading multiple WFS layers2019-02-12 07:47 PM
21243Bug reportClosedHighAtlas Hidden Coverage Layer option has no effect exporting Atlas as Images2019-02-20 05:49 PM
21239Bug reportClosedNormalVector tools not showing2019-03-08 10:32 AM
21237Bug reportClosedHigh"unknown exception" when enabling editing2019-02-13 12:05 PM
21236Bug reportClosedHighCrash running queries in DB ManagerAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-13 11:04 AM
21232Bug reportClosedNormal#20053 is back again2019-02-11 05:49 PM
21231Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes using the geometry checker2019-02-18 03:29 PM
21230Bug reportClosedHighQGIS master crash when using spatial indices2019-02-13 07:54 PM
21227Bug reportClosedNormalGeopackage layer rename in DB Manager does not update f_table_name values in the layer_styles table or the TriggersMartin Dobias2019-04-09 09:41 AM
21226Bug reportClosedHighInstalling QGIS new version 3.4 in linux - please help ! 2019-02-11 06:13 PM
21224Bug reportClosedNormalChanging feature values in the Attribute Table of a layer (geojson) doesn't save (after clicking save button), old values appear after reloading 2019-03-02 09:16 AM
21223Bug reportClosedNormalQGis 3.4 crashed when I want to quitPablo Romanazzi2019-02-11 04:10 AM
21219Bug reportClosedNormalProgramme crashing 2019-02-11 12:21 AM
21218Bug reportClosedNormalAfter executing an SQL that might contain some error, DBManager shows an empty message instead of the error descriptionAlessandro Pasotti2019-03-09 10:01 AM
21217Bug reportClosedNormalAttribute Table - [Move Selection to top] doesn't apply on current selection while toggling on2019-02-11 06:35 PM
21214Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.4 asks "Do you want to save the current project?" **immediately** after program finishs the starting process.2019-02-16 12:22 PM
21213Bug reportClosedNormalPasting linestring into polygon layer does not produce polygonNyall Dawson2019-03-10 07:34 PM
21211Bug reportRejectedNormalBuild errors due to "CL_HPP_TARGET_OPENCL_VERSION is not a valid value (100, 110, 120 or 200). It will be set to 200"Alessandro Pasotti2019-03-12 10:11 AM
21210Bug reportClosedHighGDAL python tools are broken in QGIS 3.4.4/master2019-02-10 09:34 PM
21208Bug reportClosedHighCrash ID: 62f1fcd2045780cb9f127836e6b579b8665f3e632019-02-11 12:21 AM
21204Bug reportClosedHighCrash on copying shapefile by dragging into geopackage in QGIS Browser2019-02-12 11:15 AM
21202Bug reportClosedHighQgis crashes in qfield synchronization2019-02-08 01:55 PM
21199Bug reportClosedHighProjection change during Vector - Create Grid causes crash2019-03-08 10:42 AM
21197Bug reportClosedNormalPostGIS keepalives2019-02-08 07:30 PM
21195Bug'native:clip') creates empty shapefile when called externally (via Python bindings)2019-02-08 02:01 PM
21194Bug reportClosedHighCrash when using Zoom to Group2019-03-08 10:44 AM
21193Bug reportClosedNormalDouble GeoJSON item in Protocol dropdown?2019-02-06 11:52 PM
21192Bug reportClosedNormalsubstr function in Select by Expression behaving strange2019-02-07 11:17 AM
21191Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Buffer (native:buffer) Buffering a valid GeoPackage Pointlayer (with dissolve all option) returns invalid Geopackage Polygonlayer (where it should be Multipolygon)Nyall Dawson2019-02-08 09:52 AM
21189Bug reportClosedHighIndexing data takes a very long time2019-02-13 12:39 PM
21188Bug reportClosedHighClassify makes points invisible2019-02-12 08:51 PM
21187Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Crashed2019-02-06 07:39 PM
21186Bug reportClosedHighQGis crashed on close2019-02-06 07:38 PM
21185Bug reportClosedHighVertex Editor Tool - Vertex List not working properly2019-04-04 12:18 PM
21184Bug reportClosedNormalDancing marker fill in polygon2019-02-14 10:55 AM
21177Bug reportClosedNormalissue importing dwg to geopackage2019-02-25 08:55 PM
21176Bug reportClosedNormalCan't open feature form when when the primary key of Spatialite layer is created in text typeAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-10 09:59 AM
21173Bug reportClosedHighgrass algorithms in processing does not work (qgis 3.4.4 grass 7.6)2019-03-05 08:08 AM
21172Bug reportRejectedNormalGetFeatureInfo not send Geometry when set into projectAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-08 08:46 AM
21171Bug reportClosedHighArrow line goes beyond arrowhead in map composer2019-02-08 05:19 PM
21170Bug reportClosedHighCrash Report QGIS 7.52019-02-24 10:51 AM
21164Feature requestClosedNormalFind unmaintained pluginsPaolo Cavallini2019-02-08 01:17 PM
21163Bug reportClosedNormalEmpty or corrupt file when exporting to Mapinfo TAB with EPSG 46472019-02-25 10:17 AM
21162Bug reportClosedHighClosing a netcdf raster in Windows causes core dumpJürgen Fischer2019-02-08 12:24 AM
21161Bug reportRejectedHighscipy import in PyQGIS throws traceback2019-02-04 01:02 PM
21160Bug reportClosedNormalProtocol - two by geojsonRichard Duivenvoorde2019-03-11 12:55 AM
21159Bug reportClosedHighgdal_warp not working2019-02-05 10:39 AM
21157Bug reportClosedNormali.pca by grass7 output issue -0.00002019-02-04 07:35 PM
21156Bug reportClosedNormalTrying to add map themes crashes QGIS2019-02-03 04:19 PM
21155Bug reportClosedNormalCrashes on Exit2019-02-03 04:20 PM
21154Bug reportClosedHighError copying records between tables2019-02-07 01:36 PM
21153Bug reportClosedNormal18628 still happens in 3.4.42019-02-04 08:27 PM
21152Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crash on exit2019-02-24 02:18 AM
21151Bug reportClosedHighspatialite, edit table in dbmanager is broken in master Fault: no such table: pg_descriptionAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-06 07:45 AM
21150Bug reportClosedHighDelimitedtext layer saves absolute path when project in relative path modeAlessandro Pasotti2019-03-08 02:53 PM
21149Bug reportClosedHigh3.4.3-Madeira Crashing on closing 2019-02-02 12:00 AM
21147Bug reportClosedHighCrash2019-02-24 01:19 AM
21146Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS wrapper/gui for SAGA Multiple regression analysis (points and predictor grids)2019-02-01 11:05 AM
21143Bug reportClosedNormalPoint displacement - weird behavior with multiple layers for a symbolNyall Dawson2019-02-05 01:06 AM
21142Bug sequence HTML outputAlexander Bruy2019-02-01 07:14 AM
21141Bug reportClosedNormalBasemap freezes when a delimited text file is added. 'zooming to layer' on delimited text file creates basemap to dissapear 2019-02-24 09:27 AM
21140Bug reportClosedNormalFailed Connected in Geonode Instance2019-02-06 06:39 PM

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