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09:48 PM QGIS Application Revision 51d19dd3 (qgis): Increase precision of georeferencing coordinates used when creating Geo...
Fixes shift in geopdf feature positions when using geographic CRS at large scales
Fixes #37755
(cherry picked from ...
09:48 PM QGIS Application Revision 7f800772 (qgis): Fix constraint metadata is duplicated after opening layer properties
Fixes #38916
(cherry picked from commit 6a002573c00a8a8e11443eaca28b57a8ad6de4c0)
09:48 PM QGIS Application Revision fb6643ec (qgis): When a layer is being removed from the project, gracefully
close and cleanup all panels in the layer styling dock
Fixes #38920
(cherry picked from commit 67ec244864ca6f9290e1...
11:03 AM QGIS Application Revision e0321be2 (qgis): Add iface method and new class for delegating all responsibility
and logic for activating a custom map tool and ensuring it can
only be enabled in the right circumstances to QGIS app...
09:26 AM QGIS Application Revision b925f1ed (qgis): Prompt to save unchanged project on close before prompting to save
any unsaved scripts
It just seems more natural this way!
04:55 AM QGIS Application Revision f86a2e91 (qgis): Fix can no longer paste colors from text strings, add tests
04:55 AM QGIS Application Revision 395718f0 (qgis): Fix PyQGIS docs for colorFromMimeData


12:22 AM QGIS Application Revision 8c623b26 (qgis): Revert "DB manager: PG read enum value for sslmode"
This reverts commit 26e9ec98e76591286576d2dde098578877bef9c0.
It results in unfixable crashes on many platforms, lik...
07:59 PM QGIS Application Revision a4bcdc4e (qgis): Add test to confirm no duplicate signal is sent
07:59 PM QGIS Application Revision fbe80985 (qgis): Avoid update loop when QgsTemporalNavigationObject::setFrameDuration
is called from code

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