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06:57 AM QGIS Application Revision f46e58a4 (qgis): Merge pull request #38461 from alexbruy/ogr-drivers
List availabale GDAL vector drivers (fix #18738)


03:15 PM QGIS Application Revision 07c2e742 (qgis): improve driver type detection
03:15 PM QGIS Application Revision ecc29634 (qgis): don't break existing configuration
Introduce new skipDrivers setting to store comma separated list of
disabled drivers. If this new setting does not exi...
02:20 PM QGIS Application Revision 7f2240ca (qgis): move duplicated code to lambda
02:20 PM QGIS Application Revision 7be25fb9 (qgis): use layer type enum instead of bool flags
fix use of QStringLiteral


03:17 PM QGIS Application Revision 5b867538 (qgis): use comma as delimiter for GDAL_SKIP env variable as some vector drivers
have space in their name
03:13 PM QGIS Application Revision 744380bc (qgis): add list of available GDAL vector drivers to the QGIS options (fix #18738)
This allows to select which driver to use if more than one driver can be
used to open dataset, as in the case of File...


06:51 AM QGIS Application Revision a7a5d78c (qgis): Merge pull request #38347 from alexbruy/browser-unhide
allow users to unhide paths directly from browser (fix #22290)


02:38 PM QGIS Application Revision 74856025 (qgis): show "show more" item only when it is required (if there are more than 5
hidden items in the list)


04:36 PM QGIS Application Revision 602011a1 (qgis): use native separators for menu items

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