Even Rouault



Reported issues: 26


02:37 AM QGIS Application Revision bdda5d23 (qgis): [BUGFIX] [Virtual provider] Make QgsVirtualLayerFeatureIterator() rebus...
02:37 AM QGIS Application Revision 58df76a9 (qgis): [BUGFIX] [Oracle] Make QgsOracleFeatureIterator() robust to references ...
02:37 AM QGIS Application Revision bf7dffee (qgis): QgsExpression::referencedAttributeIndexes(): only report valid indices
If the expression was referencing a non-existing field, -1 was returned in the
result set, which caused later crashed...
02:34 AM QGIS Application Revision f84d90d0 (qgis): Oracle provider: fix compiler warnings
- Remove use of surfaceType variable that is never read
- Avoid self assignment of nRings variable


03:36 AM QGIS Application Revision fda35a1e (qgis): [BUGFIX] QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem::createFromOgcWmsCrs(): fix impor...
(cherry picked from commit d25759525e952fa2644d23c8508e88dbbfb736f0)
(cherry picked from commit a90e6b95cad4ce383698f...


10:33 AM QGIS Application Revision 2c652040 (qgis): Fix compilation error in qgsdxfexport.cpp
I'm not sure which of QT 5.9.0 or gcc 5.5.0 is not happy, but with both
of them, I get:


10:48 AM QGIS Application Revision 80cf602a (qgis): Merge pull request #33150 from rouault/cleanup_pal_constructor_destructor
[cleanup] pal.cpp: remove useless constructor and destructor


09:51 PM QGIS Application Revision c2dac183 (qgis): pal.cpp: use default implementation for constructor and destructor
It is obvious that the constructor was a no-op.
Regarding the destructor, taking a mutex around an object doesn't
01:15 AM QGIS Application Revision 1002c61f (qgis): pal.cpp: fix compilation error with gcc 5.5
Unfortunately the compiler cannot figure out that the type of
the { } is a std::pair, so we have to be explicit about...


09:06 AM QGIS Application Revision 5ee9b20b (qgis): QgsCoordinateTransform::transformCoords(): with PROJ 6, do no raise on ...
Fixes #32973 or at least improve it significantly
Currently with PROJ 6 transformCoords() will raise an exception as...

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