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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
10840Feature requestClosedLowRemove the SQL Anywhere data provider/pluginDave DeHaan2014-07-07 11:58 PM
21309Bug reportClosedNormalMax. size of symbols with map unit sizes not usable in the legendDavid Signer2019-02-26 10:19 AM
20140Bug reportClosedHighQgsExternalResourceWidgetWrapper crashesDavid Signer2019-01-24 11:12 AM
20472Bug reportClosedNormalQML Bar Chart y-axis min-max wrongDavid Signer2019-01-21 11:20 PM
20276Bug reportClosedHighOff-Line editing: attributes are shifted when using GPKG as off-line formatDavid Signer2018-12-11 08:55 AM
15975Bug reportClosedNormalGeoPackage: field seems to be editable (but is not) after stopping editingDavid Signer2018-11-22 01:43 PM
17751Bug reportClosedHighAttribute table overwrites ids when selecting in search modeDavid Signer2018-11-08 02:38 PM
17853Bug reportClosedNormalDuplicate Feature and Duplicate Feature (redigizited) operate on multiple featuresDavid Signer2018-10-26 09:35 AM
20067Bug reportClosedNormalDuplicate feature action fails with PostgreSQL error messageDavid Signer2018-10-16 03:18 PM
20045Bug reportClosedHighDisplay of more complex attribute forms brokenDavid Signer2018-10-08 10:10 PM
19342Bug reportClosedNormalRelation reference widget: data is displayed in combobox but not in embedded formDavid Signer2018-07-23 03:18 PM
18290Bug reportClosedHighEmbedded form (relation) disappears when changing configuration of a layerDavid Signer2018-04-18 04:51 PM
18521Bug reportClosedNormalConditional formatting rules do not apply to relation reference widget comboboxes, when using a sort expressionDavid Signer2018-04-12 10:41 AM
17852Bug reportClosedHighDuplicate feature (redigitized) actions enabled for non-editable layersDavid Signer2018-03-15 02:34 PM
17805Bug reportClosedHighQGIS forms cardinality configuration not correctly applied/savedDavid Signer2018-02-21 10:28 PM
17478Bug reportClosedHighCreated composer title in Composer Manager emptyDavid Signer2017-12-18 11:34 PM
17469Bug reportClosedNormalConstraint result still displayed in non editable modeDavid Signer2017-11-15 12:55 PM
17581Feature requestClosedNormaladd the ability to control if a layer action is displayed or not David Signer2018-02-25 05:10 PM
20195Bug reportClosedNormalTheme does not work well with new Mac Mojave dark themeDenis Rouzaud2019-05-15 10:18 PM
17806Bug reportClosedHigh[Digitizing] Selected vertices in the map canvas are not shown in the Node editor panelDenis Rouzaud2019-03-09 07:25 PM
17368Bug reportClosedLowCannot delete a value in a field of type "External resource"Denis Rouzaud2019-03-09 03:10 PM
17306Bug reportClosedNormalusing CTRL-A in filtered attribute table selects all the featuresDenis Rouzaud2019-03-09 03:10 PM
21411Bug reportClosedNormal'processing' extension cannot be loaded.Denis Rouzaud2019-03-04 12:58 PM
21070Bug reportClosedNormal[QGIS 4 Mac] Freeze at openingDenis Rouzaud2019-01-25 10:09 PM
20916Bug reportClosedHighQGIS freezes Mac when opening and navigating foldersDenis Rouzaud2019-01-11 11:37 AM
17727Bug reportClosedNormalProblem with choosing function by Double click in Field Calculator in QGIS 2.99Denis Rouzaud2018-12-10 01:17 PM
20477Bug reportClosedHighFloating windows cannot be scaled QGIS 3.4.1 macOS (10.11.6)Denis Rouzaud2018-11-29 04:25 PM
9160Bug reportClosedNormalif only one point is selected "zoom to selected" does not zoomDenis Rouzaud2018-11-19 08:56 AM
11244Bug reportClosedLowInvalid values on Date/Time widget editorDenis Rouzaud2018-11-11 04:42 AM
20323Bug reportClosedNormalOS X Mojave - Open File DialogDenis Rouzaud2018-11-02 09:54 PM
20201Bug reportClosedHighForms in search mode: relation reference widgets show "equal to" be default instead of "Exclude field"Denis Rouzaud2018-10-26 08:24 AM
19868Bug reportClosedNormalcopy/paste style doesn't worksDenis Rouzaud2018-10-23 03:19 PM
20175Bug reportClosedHighmaster - Copy style and paste style does not workDenis Rouzaud2018-10-23 11:58 AM
18365Bug reportClosedHighrange widget doesn't show valueDenis Rouzaud2018-10-22 06:37 PM
20178Bug reportClosedHighNot possible to paste a style because all "Paste Style" options are grayedDenis Rouzaud2018-10-22 05:26 PM
18892Bug reportClosedNormalScale jump from mouse tremorDenis Rouzaud2018-10-21 04:44 AM
19092Bug reportClosedNormalMeasure tool on a Mac uses the top right corner of the cross hair cursor instead of the centreDenis Rouzaud2018-10-15 08:05 PM
18418Bug reportClosedNormalScroll zoom erratic on Mac trackpadDenis Rouzaud2018-10-15 07:59 PM
20093Bug reportClosedLowSave / Load style window allows to change text Denis Rouzaud2018-10-12 04:28 PM
19980Bug reportClosedNormalCopy and pasting part of style with geometry errorDenis Rouzaud2018-10-05 01:44 AM
18915Bug reportClosedNormalpyQGIS - new_point.transform(tr) Exception: unknownDenis Rouzaud2018-09-20 03:40 AM
19877Bug reportClosedHighExport style categories. Can't save to a databases (postgres)Denis Rouzaud2018-09-19 02:44 PM
19876Bug reportClosedNormalExport style categories. Checkboxes are inconsistentDenis Rouzaud2018-09-18 01:40 PM
19869Bug reportClosedNormalImport/export style categories doesn't worksDenis Rouzaud2018-09-18 01:40 PM
19870Bug reportClosedHighcrash when right clicking on a layerDenis Rouzaud2018-09-17 05:43 PM
17985Bug reportClosedHighHuge memory leak with QgsFeature.attributes() in PythonDenis Rouzaud2018-08-25 10:18 PM
18258Bug reportClosedHighexecuting Python command ("from PyQt4.QtCore import *") crashes QGISDenis Rouzaud2018-08-25 04:39 PM
13428Bug reportClosedNormalPyQt not aware of qgis_customwidgets.pyDenis Rouzaud2018-06-08 01:52 PM
17167Bug reportClosedHighTables with boolean data types can't be savedDenis Rouzaud2018-06-08 01:51 PM
19012Bug reportClosedNormal[PyQGIS Doc] Make all syntaxes obvious when a method has more than one syntax Denis Rouzaud2018-06-08 01:42 PM
19138Bug reportClosedNormalHightlight vertex on map canvas in vertex tableDenis Rouzaud2018-06-08 01:42 PM
19141Bug reportClosedNormal[CAD] The "move features" origin point should not require to click on the blocked (x,y) pointDenis Rouzaud2018-06-07 09:58 PM
19040Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3 can't start or no Python support on XenialDenis Rouzaud2018-06-01 05:44 PM
19017Bug reportClosedNormal[PyQGIS Docs] issues in the docs formattingDenis Rouzaud2018-05-24 02:05 PM
17338Bug reportClosedNormalsip nested class linker error QgsVectorLayerUtils::QgsDuplicateFeatureContextDenis Rouzaud2018-03-13 03:04 PM
18299Bug reportClosedNormalDateTime widget issue with current dateDenis Rouzaud2018-03-12 05:40 PM
18083Bug reportClosedNormalSimplify map tool - don't use douglas-peucker simplificationDenis Rouzaud2018-03-03 11:12 AM
17175Bug reportClosedNormalRelation reference widget triggers SQL syntax error with UUID fields in PostgresDenis Rouzaud2018-02-24 11:04 AM
13577Bug reportClosedNormalImpossible to choose current date in form with date widgetDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:39 AM
14751Bug reportClosedNormal'Offset Curve' tool - Strange behaviour of 'User Input Panel'Denis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:38 AM
15177Bug reportClosedNormalUser input dock misbehavingDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:37 AM
16580Bug reportClosedLowDate widget: cosmetic issue with NULL valuesDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:23 AM
16657Bug reportClosedHighdate edit widget only shows current date whatever the real data is underneathDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:21 AM
16579Bug reportClosedLowDate widget: current date can't be pickedDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:13 AM
17685Bug reportClosedNormalAdvanced Digitizing - Parallel function not parallelDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 11:08 AM
17367Bug reportClosedNormalOffset tool doesn't honor snapping configurationDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 09:16 AM
16596Bug reportClosedHighsnapping advanced configuration does not show snapping dialogDenis Rouzaud2018-02-22 09:14 AM
17812Bug reportClosedNormal3D View Layer Properties quirkDenis Rouzaud2018-02-21 10:27 PM
17868Bug reportClosedHighselect by radius is the last not click-click map toolDenis Rouzaud2018-02-21 09:51 PM
17887Bug reportClosedNormallayer order panel lists non geometric layersDenis Rouzaud2018-02-21 09:50 PM
18053Bug reportClosedNormalOnly public postgres domains recognizedDenis Rouzaud2018-02-21 09:19 PM
18088Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 2 API Documentation: links to QT4 classes not foundDenis Rouzaud2018-02-21 05:53 PM
18115Bug reportClosedNormalNew offset toolDenis Rouzaud2018-02-21 05:52 PM
15887Bug reportClosedHigh[Advanced Digitizing] hard constraint are overwritten by snappingDenis Rouzaud2018-02-14 08:52 PM
17152Bug reportClosedNormalProblem with type of (python) QgsComposerItem?Denis Rouzaud2018-02-12 08:45 PM
18032Bug reportClosedNormalprocessing filter is redundant with the search feature in main options dialogDenis Rouzaud2018-02-06 03:28 PM
17688Bug reportClosedHighcannot open python consoleDenis Rouzaud2017-12-13 06:19 PM
17017Bug reportRejectedNormalQgsDataSourceURI missing from qgis.coreDenis Rouzaud2017-11-11 01:16 PM
16710Bug drops all but first word from commentsDenis Rouzaud2017-09-28 10:46 AM
17173Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS : date calendar widget does not allow to select current valueDenis Rouzaud2017-09-21 10:51 AM
15224Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionInability to Make More than One Join to Same TableDenis Rouzaud2017-02-28 10:47 AM
13352Bug reportClosedNormalSymbology - Size assistant bugDenis Rouzaud2016-04-10 06:03 PM
14178Bug reportClosedNormalExternal Resource widget bugsDenis Rouzaud2016-01-27 06:11 AM
11300Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionmap identification of relation reference widget does not work when creating new featureDenis Rouzaud2014-10-02 08:38 AM
10672Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: impossible to paste polygon into newly created shapefileDenis Rouzaud2014-06-24 09:03 PM
10274Bug reportClosedNormalQgsFieldExpressionWidget should show expressions in italicsDenis Rouzaud2014-06-22 11:51 PM
10340Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionClicking "apply" causes the column used for labelling/symbology to resetDenis Rouzaud2014-06-11 03:18 PM
10486Bug reportClosedNormalDate/Time widget - default valuesDenis Rouzaud2014-06-06 06:56 AM
10303Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionQgsFieldExpressionWidget grows too wide with long expressionsDenis Rouzaud2014-06-06 12:47 AM
10451Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionNewly created columns are not available for symbology or labellingDenis Rouzaud2014-06-05 12:29 AM
10169Bug reportClosedNormalButton in field expression control has cramped iconDenis Rouzaud2014-06-02 03:16 AM
10177Bug reportClosedNormalField expression control keeps jumping to end of textDenis Rouzaud2014-05-06 06:56 AM
10178Bug reportClosedNormalfieldChanged not emitted when expression edited in field expression controlDenis Rouzaud2014-05-06 02:17 AM
10168Bug reportClosedNormalField expression control doesn't grey out text when disabledDenis Rouzaud2014-05-06 02:13 AM
9430Bug reportClosedNormalDisable "Paste Features as New Layer" if empty clipboardDenis Rouzaud2014-02-11 10:40 PM
9441Bug reportClosedHighcannot add a 1 segment line part in a multiline layerDenis Rouzaud2014-01-29 02:24 AM
3289Feature requestClosedLowDock "Simplify Feature"Denis Rouzaud2018-02-26 03:17 PM
15219Feature requestClosedNormalDigitizing: User input dialog when using Offset Curve should let know the unit usedDenis Rouzaud2018-02-14 07:34 PM
7818Bug reportClosedNormalPostGIS warnings: Erroneous query: SELECT styleQML FROM layer_stylesEmilio Loi2017-03-19 04:04 AM
13160Bug reportClosedNormalWeb menu inkl. OpenLayers plugin is hidden in QGIS 2.10.1-Pisa when many plugins are activatedEtienne Tourigny2015-07-30 02:36 PM
10376Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionNew Identify Results panel: values in the "table" tab should not "editable"(?)Etienne Tourigny2014-06-13 02:12 PM
9460Bug reportClosedLowgdaltools relies on gdalinfo for raster SRS and extent, should use python APIEtienne Tourigny2014-02-05 02:57 PM
7619Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionSetting a "max" value in Raster Properties Histogram has no effectEtienne Tourigny2013-05-29 04:02 AM
7008Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionqgis crashes when "help" button is selected in options-->gdal-->edit create options (Windows only)Etienne Tourigny2013-01-18 07:57 AM
6992Bug reportClosedNormalgui issues with QgsRasterFormatSaveOptionsWidget on Mac OSXEtienne Tourigny2013-01-18 06:46 AM
6225Bug reportClosedLowlist of layers in zip shown a second time if none selectedEtienne Tourigny2012-08-27 03:59 PM
9493Feature requestClosedNormalFilter improvementsEtienne Tourigny2014-02-22 12:32 PM
16177Bug reportClosedNormalDB-Manager: incorrect srs_id in table gpkg_contents when creating new GeoPackage spatial tableEven Rouault2019-03-09 03:09 PM
21335Bug reportClosedHighWFS client: strange renderingEven Rouault2019-02-21 08:23 PM
21085Bug reportClosedHighProcessing time for GeoJSON 10 times slower in 3.4Even Rouault2019-02-08 02:08 PM
20742Bug reportClosedHighZoom to Layer does not respond to filtered WFSEven Rouault2019-02-07 05:32 PM
20173Bug reportClosedNormalKML loading bugEven Rouault2019-02-06 08:43 PM
20588Bug reportClosedHighods tables are not loaded correctly in QGIS 3.4Even Rouault2019-02-01 11:55 PM
20747Bug reportClosedHighCrash with PG rastersEven Rouault2019-01-22 04:21 PM
20308Bug reportClosedHighQGIS fails to copy all selected features to clipboard for large OSM datasets Even Rouault2018-11-02 06:53 PM
20136Bug reportClosedNormalRequesting a feature by its feature id not working with filtered gpkgEven Rouault2018-10-19 10:02 AM
20104Bug reportClosedNormalGDAL data provider cache is not cleared after triggerRepaintEven Rouault2018-10-15 11:09 AM
20098Bug reportClosedNormalgetFeatures() can't be run twice on an OSM fileEven Rouault2018-10-15 11:09 AM
20068Bug reportClosedNormalGeopackage: problems with renaming or drop tablesEven Rouault2018-10-11 11:35 AM
19861Bug reportClosedNormalBrowser: Impossible to delete GeoPackage table if the path has accentsEven Rouault2018-10-08 02:01 AM
20031Bug reportClosedNormalThe only layer contained in a singlelayer GPKG / SQLite / FileGDB is incorrectly added to the map without "|layername=" in some circumstancesEven Rouault2018-10-07 11:22 PM
20040Bug reportClosedNormal"Export to a file" from DBManager to GeoPackage generates a file with shifted columnsEven Rouault2018-10-07 11:22 PM
19215Bug reportClosedNormalKML coordinate formatEven Rouault2018-10-06 09:53 PM
19989Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes on Windows when loading and invalid KML fileEven Rouault2018-10-06 04:37 PM
19483Bug reportClosedNormalSaving rasters in Rasterlite2 format is not possibleEven Rouault2018-09-23 03:51 PM
19679Bug reportClosedHighCrash when saving a raster with pyramidsEven Rouault2018-09-23 03:51 PM
19477Bug reportClosedHighMultipolygons layer is empty in the attribute tableEven Rouault2018-09-23 03:51 PM
19723Bug reportClosedNormalExporting as DGN with QgsVectorFileWriter.writeAsVectorFormat gives an error with code 3Even Rouault2018-09-22 12:43 AM
19722Bug reportClosedNormalExporting as DGN with "Save As..." gives an error.Even Rouault2018-09-22 12:43 AM
19885Bug reportClosedNormalUsing the Browser panel layers are added by layerid Even Rouault2018-09-22 12:42 AM
18631Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3: kml file save as crashedEven Rouault2018-09-21 10:48 PM
18267Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.0 WFS 2.0 not workingEven Rouault2018-06-13 10:27 AM
18402Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3 crashed - Trying to add data from a large (81Gb) GeoPackage on USGS NHD flattened data via the 'catalog'...Even Rouault2018-06-04 09:34 PM
18342Bug reportClosedHighLoading FileGDB's are really really slowEven Rouault2018-06-04 09:49 AM
19077Bug reportClosedNormalAttribute table empty on OGR layers with mixed geometry typesEven Rouault2018-06-03 09:02 PM
18596Bug reportClosedHighData corruption on geojson field deletionEven Rouault2018-06-02 05:31 PM
18976Bug reportClosedHighDB Manager Import Layer / File Extremely SlowEven Rouault2018-06-02 11:27 AM
19009Bug reportClosedHighGeoPackage: Error when adding fieldsEven Rouault2018-06-01 05:42 PM
18563Bug reportClosedHighQGis3 crashes when saving to an existing BNA fileEven Rouault2018-06-01 03:16 PM
17945Bug reportClosedNormalNamespace missing during WFS-T Update requestEven Rouault2018-05-31 09:01 PM
18883Bug reportClosedNormalRename "WMS" in Data Source Manager to "WMS/WMTS"Even Rouault2018-05-25 11:06 AM
18796Bug reportClosedLowPNG8 image encoding radio button for WMS is duplicatedEven Rouault2018-05-23 08:51 PM
18882Bug reportClosedNormalAttempting to add layer using site-wide WFS get capabilities URL in QGIS 3 errors outEven Rouault2018-05-23 03:23 PM
18740Bug reportClosedHighis a WFS layer is large enough then identifying a feature in QGIS with the "auto open form" option active leads to memory leak/crashesEven Rouault2018-05-23 11:41 AM
8073Bug reportClosedHighCrash when loading PostGIS raster Even Rouault2018-05-19 11:38 AM
16966Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 2.99 (3.0) crashes WMTS-Map Zoom-In Even Rouault2017-11-15 10:01 PM
15942Bug reportClosedHighBad GML causes crashEven Rouault2017-11-11 12:11 PM
17000Bug reportClosedNormalnetCDF vector can not be loaded from browser panelEven Rouault2017-11-10 09:57 PM
16174Bug reportClosedNormalDB-Manager: updating GeoPackage tables doesn't workEven Rouault2017-11-09 07:11 PM
16172Bug reportClosedNormalDB-Manager: new GeoPackage tables display wrong valuesEven Rouault2017-11-09 04:31 PM
17103Bug reportClosedNormalQgsRasterFileWriter fails to export raster into a geopackageEven Rouault2017-11-09 04:24 PM
16730Bug reportClosedNormalpython error in DB Manager when connecting to a Geopackage datasourceEven Rouault2017-11-09 03:32 PM
17087Bug reportClosedHighWFS provider deadlock (freezes forever waiting for mMutex to unlock)Even Rouault2017-11-09 12:42 PM
15769Bug reportClosedHighCrash at QGIS exit related to OGR providerEven Rouault2017-11-08 05:49 PM
17226Bug reportClosedHighGeopackage "Select Vector Layers to Add" dialogue has wrong nr of featuresEven Rouault2017-10-23 10:32 AM
16806Bug reportClosedNormalNon valid VRT logic due to GDAL changes in QgsGdalDataItemsEven Rouault2017-10-21 12:28 AM
15112Bug reportClosedNormalAttributes are NULL for GDAL WFS layerEven Rouault2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14965Bug reportClosedNormalwfs provider copies features when zoomin in and outEven Rouault2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14964Bug reportClosedNormalWFS provider chockes on non asci character, when using bbox-clauseEven Rouault2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14928Bug reportClosedNormalWMS request without BBOXEven Rouault2017-09-22 10:05 AM
15570Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionShapefile data corruptionEven Rouault2017-09-22 09:55 AM
15393Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionEditing a Shapefile when more than one copy is open can cause corruptionEven Rouault2017-09-22 09:55 AM
17034Bug reportClosedNormalGeopackage: database locked when editing and saving several layers of same fileEven Rouault2017-08-18 06:31 PM
16812Bug reportClosedHighSaving GeoJson deletes NULL attributes if QGIS is compiled against GDAL 2.2Even Rouault2017-07-08 02:57 PM
16507Bug reportClosedHighNavigation problem with a VRTEven Rouault2017-06-26 09:44 PM
16675Bug reportClosedNormalWFS client does not load geometry of type LineString_Curve_MultiCurve_CompositeCurvePropertyTypeEven Rouault2017-06-07 03:00 PM
15351Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressiongeopackage edits workflow is brokenEven Rouault2017-04-29 01:17 AM
16295Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionDB Manager: error importing data into GPKG connectionsEven Rouault2017-04-25 02:48 AM
16353Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: opening raster layer properties window fails to load layer min/max valuesEven Rouault2017-03-29 06:20 PM
16171Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionQGIS gets very laggy when using local GeoPackagesEven Rouault2017-02-28 12:00 AM
16009Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionWFS layers cannot be loaded anymore on QGIS 2.18.*Even Rouault2017-01-17 02:37 AM
15047Bug reportClosedNormalASSERT failure in QVector<T>::at: "index out of range" in qgis_attributetabletest (TestQgsAttributeTable) Even Rouault2016-12-19 12:00 AM
15614Bug reportClosedNormalError when adding integer field to an existing geopackageEven Rouault2016-10-31 10:18 AM
15273Bug reportClosedNormalGeopackage layer extent wrongEven Rouault2016-10-19 12:32 PM
10485Bug reportClosedNormalDXF entities geometry collection, null value?Even Rouault2016-10-07 05:39 AM
15675Bug reportClosedNormalAttribute table no longer shows features with OGR GeometryCollectionEven Rouault2016-10-07 05:03 AM
15407Bug reportClosedNormalSaving Shapefile edits corrupts fileEven Rouault2016-10-07 03:24 AM
15419Bug reportClosedHighGeometry displays incorrectlyEven Rouault2016-10-07 02:42 AM
3426Bug reportClosedLowWFS attribute table is missing most of the dataEven Rouault2016-10-06 02:23 PM
15111Bug reportClosedNormalwfsprovider directory is located in home directoryEven Rouault2016-10-06 10:52 AM
15464Bug reportClosedNormalWFS 1.0.0 GetFeature requests from QGIS include a crsuri component in the BBOX parameterEven Rouault2016-10-06 10:22 AM
15647Bug reportClosedNormalWFS client does not update layer listEven Rouault2016-10-06 09:55 AM
15549Bug reportClosedNormalGDAL 2.1.1: gdalwarp to VRT produces large output file if cropping to cutlineEven Rouault2016-09-09 12:21 AM
15405Bug reportClosedNormalSave as MapInfo .tab fails with Integer64 fieldsEven Rouault2016-08-08 07:12 AM
15395Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 2.16 adding certain WFS failedEven Rouault2016-08-08 06:44 AM
15137Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionVector file remains locked after delete QgsVectorLayer object Even Rouault2016-06-30 09:43 AM
15053Bug reportClosedHighWMS with EPSG:31255 is shifted (datum=hermannskogel)Even Rouault2016-06-23 12:42 AM
14927Bug reportClosedHighAttribute table sorting problem with qgis-rel-devEven Rouault2016-06-23 12:41 AM
15062Bug reportClosedNormalCannot create temporary SpatiaLite cache while adding WFS layerEven Rouault2016-06-22 02:01 PM
15087Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when deleting the last segment of a compoundcurveEven Rouault2016-06-20 08:17 AM
15081Bug reportClosedNormalImpossible to clear geometry of feature from a shapefileEven Rouault2016-06-20 03:28 AM
15067Bug reportClosedNormalDXF export creates invalid fileEven Rouault2016-06-18 12:07 PM
15066Bug reportClosedNormalOGR: Sublayers detected sometimes when not relevant (Polygon/CurvePolygon)Even Rouault2016-06-18 10:22 AM
15065Bug reportClosedNormalFailed detection of geometry type in some conditionsEven Rouault2016-06-18 10:20 AM
15064Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionQGIS crashes on OGR layers with wkbUnknown25D, wkbUnknownM/Z/ZM layer geometry typeEven Rouault2016-06-18 10:19 AM
15006Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrashes in standalone browserEven Rouault2016-06-15 09:54 PM
14876Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionWFS client broken in QGIS masterEven Rouault2016-06-12 06:16 AM
19571Feature requestClosedNormalAdd support to read WFS GML data containing geometry collectionsEven Rouault2018-10-15 08:32 PM
18935Feature requestClosedNormalImprove implementation of QGIS WFS paging and max number of features optionsEven Rouault2018-06-23 02:04 PM
14935Feature requestClosedNormalWFS dialog using 'Keep dialog open' does load layers but they are not renderedEven Rouault2017-09-22 10:05 AM

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