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236Bug reportClosedLowCannot stop editingBrendan Morley -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
237Bug reportClosedLowDelimited text layers don't select properlyGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
238Bug reportClosedLowZoom to map fails on startupGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
239Bug reportClosedLowSelecting multiple polygons hide they boundariesGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:57 AM
240Bug reportClosedLowerror in documentation or missing scriptGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
241Bug reportClosedLowGRASS plugin: load higher level vector layers firstRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
242Feature requestClosedLowTextbox set scale to set a user defined mapscale of the mapviewMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:45 AM
243Feature requestClosedLowAdd a feature to calculate field values in attribut tablesGary Sherman2009-09-30 06:38 AM
244Feature requestClosedLowAdd Metadata for PostGIS LayerGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:45 AM
245Bug reportClosedLowGeoreferencer plugin->Enter coordinates->Cancel does not workTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
246Bug reportClosedLowQGIS 0.8.0 Preview 1 crashes on loading a shapefileGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
247Bug reportClosedLowcustom projection definitionTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
248Bug reportClosedLowQgis crashes on large shapefileRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
249Bug reportClosedLowAttribute search fails when using non ascii search stringMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
250Bug reportClosedLowCrash when closing attribute table on OS XGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
251Bug reportClosedLowInstalling on to Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06Gary Sherman2007-01-02 08:15 AM
252Bug reportClosedLowquery builder missing for PostGISMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
253Bug reportClosedLowcrash when using the *Identify Features* toolGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
254Bug reportClosedLowCrash when opening GRASS mapsetRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
255Bug reportClosedLowChoose GISBASE dialog is user unfrendlyRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
256Bug reportClosedLowAdd vector/raster layer somtimes has no directoriesGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
257Bug reportClosedLowUsability: Some UI widgets too wide or too small or badly placedGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
258Bug reportClosedLowWMS getcapabilities may crash on parsing DOMGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
259Feature requestClosedLowRemember WMS GetCapabilities response during work session2016-02-19 07:58 AM
260Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashes on clicking on map canvasMartin Dobias2006-09-06 02:42 AM
261Bug reportClosedLowAssertion `ii != columnRelations.end()' failedGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
262Bug reportClosedLowProjectin transformations on fly still crash QGISGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
263Bug reportClosedLowGPX import: attrib table incorrectGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
264Bug reportClosedLowsymbology: disable visisble polygon borders when plotting with continuous colorMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
265Feature requestClosedLowA windows installer for qgis would be handyGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:45 AM
266Feature requestClosedLowSome wishes for enhancing printing functionalityRedmine Admin2009-08-22 01:01 AM
267Feature requestClosedLowTruetype Point SymbolsMarco Hugentobler2010-06-12 12:26 AM
268Bug reportClosedLowcrash identifying features (mac os x)Gary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
269Feature requestClosedLowGUI minor issues in OSXGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
270Bug reportClosedLowPrint composer and printing (OSX)2009-08-22 12:46 AM
271Bug reportClosedLowsvn 2006.09.14 crashes after using "Move vertex" on an empty canvasGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
272Bug reportClosedLowa bookmark is actually deleted OK, but an error is issued that it wasn'tGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
273Bug reportClosedLowcompile errorGary Sherman2006-10-06 04:03 PM
274Feature requestClosedLowStore legend settings for other projects or other layers within the same projectTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:54 AM
275Bug reportClosedLowCrash when viewing attribute tableGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
276Bug reportClosedLowidentify feature on Fedora core 5Gary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
277Bug reportClosedLowProblem viewing PostGIS views of viewsGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
278Feature requestClosedLow2.5D/3D geometry supportMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:45 AM
279Bug reportClosedLowLow resolution of point symbols in print composer / printed mapMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:57 AM
280Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashes when measuring distances with another ellipsoid than the default oneMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
281Bug reportClosedLowSelecting features causing abnormal exit2014-06-29 10:12 AM
282Bug reportClosedLowMapinfo file not rendering correctlyMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
283Bug reportClosedLowPolygon & multipolygon shape file crashes qgisGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
284Bug reportClosedLowBuilding pyramids with magphase method cause corrupt resampled imagesTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:52 AM
285Bug reportClosedLowOutdated stuff in Help menuGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
286Bug reportClosedLowProblems in Windows versionTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
287Bug reportClosedLowalthough I switch GRASS region off, it remains displayed until displayed is refreshedRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
288Bug reportClosedLowQGIS renders raster tifs with transparent alpha channel as opaque.Gavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:45 AM
289Bug reportClosedLowGRASS Edit: don't force category 0 if none specifiedLorenzo Masini2009-08-10 09:50 AM
290Bug reportClosedLowGrass edit: only the first category is deletedRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
291Bug reportClosedLow'Save as Image' is bogusGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
292Feature requestClosedLowEnable Global style options in the Unique Value Symbolizer, especially setting no outlinesMarco Hugentobler2009-07-12 07:23 AM
293Bug reportClosedLowa pattern fill is rendered wrongMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
294Bug reportClosedLow'save project' doesn't remember which layers are collapsed or 'open project' ognores itGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
295Bug reportClosedLowrendering vectors got tremendously slowMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
296Bug reportClosedLowsecond shape vector layer added is not displayedMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
297Feature requestClosedLowlabels are missplacedMartin Dobias2009-08-31 11:53 PM
298Bug reportClosedLowquery tool is inaccurateMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
299Bug reportClosedLowchange layer name everywhere, no matter what way this change is triggeredMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
300Bug reportClosedLowQGIS quits with an errorGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
301Bug reportClosedLowderived area is calculated wrongMagnus Homann2009-08-22 12:45 AM
302Bug reportClosedLow'derived attributes' mustn't mix with attributesGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
303Bug reportClosedLowrasters conatining nulls are all blackGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
304Bug reportClosedLowSPIT PLUGIN Cannot import shapefiles to PostGISGary Sherman2006-10-14 03:05 PM
305Feature requestClosedLowMsSqlSpatial supportgodofredo -2011-03-07 05:39 AM
306Bug reportClosedLowdeleting features in postgis databasesMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
307Bug reportClosedLowa 3D polygon SHP won't open in QGIS, but opens fine in OpenEVGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
308Bug reportClosedLowa 3D polygon SHP won't open in QGIS, but opens fine in OpenEVGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
309Bug reportClosedLowloading a shapefile from CLI triggers bogus errorGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
310Bug reportClosedLowmsexport binary not included in deb packagesshalasz -2009-08-22 12:52 AM
311Bug reportClosedLowBuilding raster pyramids crashes QGISTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
312Feature requestClosedLowNeed meteorological symbologyMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:57 AM
313Feature requestClosedLowSupport qgis on NetBSDGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
314Bug reportClosedLow8 Preview 2 crashes on saveGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
315Bug reportClosedLowIncluded GPS icons look badMarco Hugentobler2006-10-01 01:22 AM
316Feature requestClosedLowAdded some tr (i18n support)Gavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
317Bug reportClosedLowmissing pages on windowsGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
318Bug reportClosedLowGRASS map calculatorRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
319Bug reportClosedLowGRASS modules: grid does not workRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
320Bug reportClosedLowadd text layer: field selectionTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
321Bug reportClosedLowGRASS shell missing from windows versionRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
322Bug reportClosedLowDelimited text plugin doesn't workTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
323Bug reportClosedLowLetters with diacritical signs don't work everywhereMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
324Bug reportClosedLowfatal error loading linear shape fileGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
325Bug reportClosedLowAnti-virus crashed QGISTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
326Bug reportClosedLowDelimited text layer plugin: .csv extension supportTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
327Bug reportClosedLowQGIS can't save JPEG images on MS-WindowsMarco Pasetti -2009-08-22 12:56 AM
328Bug reportClosedLowgdal_translate is missing (needed for GeoTiff raster export) [Windows]Redmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
329Bug reportClosedLowNo JPEG rasters support (WINDOWS)Tim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
330Feature requestClosedLowJPEG Support and Append PolygonGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
331Feature requestClosedLowIdentify tool doesn't work on editable layer.Gary Sherman2009-08-22 12:54 AM
332Bug reportClosedLowCan not display newly created point filesGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
333Bug reportClosedLowindexed GeoTIFF raster displays grayscaledTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
334Bug reportClosedLowCrash printing raster layersRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
335Bug reportClosedLowThe big bugGary Sherman2006-10-05 05:52 PM
336Bug reportClosedLowThe big bugGary Sherman2006-10-05 05:16 PM
337Bug reportClosedLowCannot change the default value in SPITGary Sherman2006-10-11 01:36 AM
338Bug reportClosedLowSVG images not visible in Map Composer printedRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:57 AM
339Bug reportClosedLow"Cannot find translate" or segfaultRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
340Bug reportClosedLowthe horizontal slider not visible atfter 1st zoom in portrait orientationRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
341Bug reportClosedLowSample WMS serversGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
342Bug reportClosedLowGRASS Mapcalc - Says "no GRASS raster maps currently in QGIS"Redmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
343Feature requestClosedLowScale bar and measurement units should be selectableGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:54 AM
344Feature requestClosedLowDPI is not stored in the output PNG2009-07-19 01:57 AM
345Bug reportClosedLowProblems with printing to EPSRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
346Bug reportClosedLowGRASS plugin can't select GISBASE on OSXTom Elwertowski2009-08-22 12:52 AM
347Bug reportClosedLowOSX version requires X11 ??Gary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
348Bug reportClosedLowCrash on OSX when loading GeoTIFFTom Elwertowski2009-08-22 12:54 AM
349Bug reportClosedLowBuffer plugin failsGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
350Bug reportClosedLowwfs: indexStrtree.h missingGary Sherman2006-10-23 09:32 AM
351Feature requestClosedLowconversion of ArcView/ArcGIS projectsGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:57 AM
352Bug reportClosedLowVisual c++ 8 complains about function not returning a valueGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
353Bug reportClosedLowqgsvectorssymbologywidget.h still contains header in old form naming conventionGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
354Bug reportClosedLowcrash when refreshing view with a GRASS raster that was removedRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
355Feature requestClosedLowWFS icon: put besides WMS iconTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:57 AM
356Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashes whe opening large shp fileTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:52 AM
357Feature requestClosedLowAdded i18n support in Windows installerTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
358Feature requestClosedLowWarn if .prj file is missingGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:54 AM
359Bug reportClosedLowImposible to open a QGIS projectGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
360Bug reportClosedLowGRASS tools BROWSER does not automatically update.Redmine Admin2006-10-25 01:32 PM
361Feature requestClosedLow"Add as group" option for add data dialog2010-03-20 05:54 AM
362Bug reportClosedLowCan't Resize LegendGary Sherman2007-01-01 05:32 PM
363Feature requestClosedLowAllow "Enable on the fly projection" to be a defaultTim Sutton2011-03-06 12:45 PM
364Feature requestClosedLow'better' SQL to return results faster from the sample button in the query builderGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
365Feature requestClosedLowMap calculator Delete Item crashRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
366Feature requestClosedLowAdding a new column to a (dbf) table?Tim Sutton2009-06-12 02:49 PM
367Bug reportClosedLowcrash if the GRASS vector doesn't have the topologyRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
368Feature requestClosedLowfalse virus warningGary Sherman2006-11-01 08:11 PM
369Bug reportClosedLowproblems compiling with geos < 2.2.3Gary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
370Bug reportClosedLowPostGIS digitizing: wrong placement (reprojection?)Marco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
371Bug reportClosedLowRaster drawing errorsTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
372Bug reportClosedLowParsing Error in Add Delimted Text PluginTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
373Feature requestClosedLowAllow searching of online WMS cataloguesBrendan Morley -2009-05-27 05:49 AM
374Bug reportClosedLowRaster absolute/relative url when exporting map in SVGRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:54 AM
375Bug reportClosedLowgeorefencer turns map but don't translate itTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:51 AM
376Feature requestClosedLowPostGIS digitizing: moving entire objectsMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:54 AM
377Bug reportClosedLowcustom projection of GRASS vectorsMagnus Homann2009-06-15 11:44 PM
378Feature requestClosedLowlegend in map composer: only visible categoriesRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:45 AM
379Feature requestClosedLowGRASS table restructuringRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:54 AM
380Bug reportClosedLowGRASS digitizing: management of categoriesRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
381Bug reportClosedLowQGIS (Win 0.7.4) crashes when deleting objects in Map ComposerGary Sherman2007-01-01 02:41 PM
382Feature requestClosedLowImprove build support for NetBSDGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
383Bug reportClosedLowCrash when opening vector properties dialog on OS X2009-08-22 12:46 AM
384Feature requestClosedLowAdd scrollbar for GRASS modules with many optionsTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:57 AM
385Feature requestClosedLowset the "option" and "required" option in qgis-grass integrationTim Sutton2010-02-12 11:26 AM
386Bug reportClosedLowQGIS 0.8.0-preview2 can't export to MapServer2014-06-29 10:12 AM
387Bug reportClosedLowSplash screen transparencyTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
388Feature requestClosedLowHandle multiline locate(1) outputGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
389Bug reportClosedLowUnable to create new GRASS vector layerRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
390Bug reportClosedLowGEOS: TopologyException occuring with identify toolGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:45 AM
391Feature requestClosedLowConvert between GPX and SHAPE formatTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:45 AM
392Bug reportClosedLowadd count of features found using identify features toolGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
393Bug reportClosedLowoutline width does not work for the Unique Value and Graduated Symbol legend typesMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
394Bug reportClosedLowlayer properties: column names always start with a capital letterMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
395Bug reportClosedLow./configure mises missing flexMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
396Bug reportClosedLowVirus threath in windown version - -Redmine Admin2006-11-15 08:50 AM
397Bug reportClosedLowPostGIS: Save as shapefile - Linux versionGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
398Bug reportClosedLowMeasure tool needs a "stop measuring" signalMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:46 AM
399Feature requestClosedLowfaster unique value dialogue for postgis layersGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:54 AM
400Bug reportClosedLowPostgres connection doesn't allow certain passwordsGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
401Bug reportClosedLowCrash when closing a data table for shapefiles.Gary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
402Feature requestClosedLowAttrib table: add "zoom to selection" buttonGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:52 AM
403Bug reportClosedLowRendering extremely slow with vector transparencyMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:57 AM
404Bug reportClosedLowPrint composer needs context help and Help buttonGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
405Bug reportClosedLowRefresh issue with "Show file groups" option in context menuMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
406Bug reportClosedLowCopy selected attributes crashes with PostGIS layerGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
407Bug reportClosedLowOS X dialogs don't display current color selectionGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
408Bug reportClosedLowGRASS group (LANDSAT RGB): color table ignoredRedmine Admin2009-06-10 08:47 AM
409Bug reportClosedLowNew QGIS SVN-HEAD compile error in mapserver_exportGary Sherman2006-11-29 11:34 AM
410Bug reportClosedLowattributes table is always on topGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
411Bug reportClosedLowAmbiguous English ballon help/translation flaw in German translationGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
412Bug reportClosedLowidentifying features fails to unfold the atrributes listMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:46 AM
413Bug reportClosedLowSPIT tool is lacking DBF encoding selectionGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
414Bug reportClosedLowlayer's list width is not saved in the projectGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
415Bug reportClosedLowmouse-scroll zoom fails to center the view properlyGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
416Feature requestClosedLowdelimited text file enhancementMagnus Homann2007-01-01 02:24 PM
417Feature requestClosedLowAttribute constraints when editing vector layersMarco Hugentobler2009-08-06 05:32 AM
418Bug reportClosedLowQGIS fails to read undefined projection from user datum in shape.prj fileMagnus Homann2009-08-13 04:13 PM
419Bug reportClosedLowproject name in window title not updatedGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
420Feature requestClosedLowAttrib table: column content alignment to left, not to rightGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:54 AM
421Bug reportClosedLowwrong path to GRASS headersGary Sherman2007-02-23 04:20 PM
422Bug reportClosedLowPolygon holes connected by lines in Postscript/PDFRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
423Bug reportClosedLowgrass plugin - raster visualization and export on windowsGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:52 AM
424Bug reportClosedLowQGIS 0.8 Preview 2 project with PostGIS Layer is not reloadableGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
425Bug reportClosedLowdelimited text layer and the pipe delimTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
426Bug reportClosedLowQt include and lib dirGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
427Bug reportClosedLowa gap between the frame and the map contentRedmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
428Bug reportClosedLowdefault line width scale should be 0, not 1Redmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
429Bug reportClosedLowdefault line width scale should be 0, not 1Redmine Admin2009-08-22 12:46 AM
430Bug reportClosedLowbusy cursor after adding a raster from CLITim Sutton2009-08-22 12:46 AM
431Bug reportClosedLowPostgreSQL Query Builder can't handle quoted schemasGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
432Bug reportClosedLowdefaut identification off point area and perhaps ligne depending zoomGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
433Bug reportClosedLowdefaut identification off point area and perhaps ligne depending zoomGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
434Bug reportClosedLowdefaut identification off point area and perhaps ligne depending zoomGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
435Bug reportClosedLowdefaut identification of point area and perhaps ligne depending zoomGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM

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