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Warn if .prj file is missing

Added by neteler-itc-it - over 16 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

Assignee:Gary Sherman
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the line and area measurement tools show
wrong units:

- starting with meters[qm] they switch to km[km2] once we digitize the line

- the value is multiplied by 100

This seems to appear both in 0.8 preview2 and HEAD

Tested with a Transverse Mercator map (Gauss-Boaga, Italy)




#1 Updated by Gavin Macaulay - over 16 years ago

The units used for line lengths is metres if the line is less than 1000 m, and kilometres if greater. Similarily for area, where the cutover from m^2 to km^2 is 1000 m^2.

What do you mean when you say that the value is multiplied by 100? When the length units change from metres to kilometres, the value is divided by 1000, and for area the value in m^2 is divided by 1000000 when displayed as km^2

#2 Updated by neteler-itc-it - over 16 years ago

OK, I tested again and the situation is worse :-)

I zoomed to a building in

(approximate scale while measuring is 1:500)

My chosen building is several meters long (maybe 22m). I start
to draw the measurement tool line, it shows 0m, then
immediately 300km (should be 3m), reaching 1000km (should be 10m)
it flips to 0km again and so forth.

I am reading a SHAPE file with TMERC based projection (similar to UTM).

HA, got it - the proj file is missing... it would be probably cool if
QGIS could say that the .prj file is missing (to wake up the user).


#3 Updated by Gavin Macaulay - over 16 years ago

Good. I'll make this an enhancement against 0.9.

#4 Updated by leolami - almost 15 years ago

I think the bug is fixed in 0.9.2
Can we close it?

#5 Updated by Markus Neteler almost 15 years ago

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... so I close it. Thanks.

#6 Updated by Anonymous over 13 years ago

Milestone Version 0.9.2 deleted

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