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Add scrollbar for GRASS modules with many options

Added by massimodisasha-yahoo-it - over 17 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

Assignee:Tim Sutton
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hi, i'm tring to add some grass command to qgis-grass plug-in module,
but i've some problem :

for a long module such as r.sun >>

<!DOCTYPE qgisgrassmodule SYSTEM "http://mrcc.com/qgisgrassmodule.dtd">

<qgisgrassmodule label="display composite map from his image "

&lt;flag key="s" /&gt;
&lt;option key="elevin" /&gt;
&lt;option key="aspin" /&gt;
&lt;option key="slopein" /&gt;
&lt;option key="linkein" /&gt;
&lt;option key="lin" /&gt;
&lt;option key="albedo" /&gt;
&lt;option key="alb" /&gt;
&lt;option key="latin" /&gt;
&lt;option key="lat" /&gt;
&lt;option key="coefdh" /&gt;
&lt;option key="incidout" /&gt;
&lt;option key="beam_rad" /&gt;
&lt;option key="insol_time" /&gt;
&lt;option key="diff_rad" /&gt;
&lt;option key="day" /&gt;
&lt;option key="step" /&gt;
&lt;option key="declin" /&gt;
&lt;option key="time" /&gt;


i've problem to visualize the window module, beacouse it is more large
than the monitor.

this is the r.sun module when i check on my OS whats windows are
open... you can see how it is long (scrollbar wonted)


i use qgis0.8 preview2 on mac osx on a laptop 12"


#1 Updated by Martin Dobias over 17 years ago

Modules were designed to contain only few settings. Many options make the module harder to use.

I'm changing this to an enhancement for next version.

#2 Updated by hamish_nospam-yahoo-com - about 17 years ago


in GRASS 6.1.0 and newer there is an optional "guisection" tag for each module option/flag. These are used in the GRASS GUIs to group similar options into tabs.

Maybe it helps.. how does QGIS get the module info? XML $module --interface-description? That doesn't seem to be outputting that tag. If so, and you think "guisection" would be useful, let us know and we can fix that in GRASS cvs.


#3 Updated by Tim Sutton over 15 years ago

Could you please repost the screenshot as an attachment to this ticket - your link no longer works. Please also advise if this ticket is still valid.

Many thanks


#4 Updated by Tim Sutton over 15 years ago

  • Status changed from Open to In Progress

Ok I will place each tool in a scroll area when its opened (to address the vertical oversize issue). For the 'oh my god why are there so many tabs my window is too wide now' issue, I propose to either do :

  • each tool in its own window (quick and easy, may do that to start)
  • have an 'active tools' tab which lists just the ones you have opened and lets you switch between them

With second option above you would have max 4 tabs only:

Modules Tree Modules List Open Modules Current Module

I will experiment a bit and get back to you on this.

#5 Updated by Anne Ghisla about 15 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Closed
  • Resolution set to fixed

fixed in QGIS 1.0 preview1 (maybe in previous versions, not tested). Long options lists have now a scrollbar and each tool has its own window.

#6 Updated by Anonymous over 14 years ago

Milestone Version 1.0.0 deleted

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