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21133Bug reportClosedHighmultiple crashes2019-01-30 03:32 PM
21132Bug reportClosedNormalcomposer pdf export generates hidden items2019-02-24 01:32 AM
21131Bug reportClosedHighCrash2019-01-30 03:40 PM
21129Bug reportClosedNormalExtent selector shows layers with no spatial component (geometryless tables)Victor Olaya2019-01-31 07:51 AM
21128Bug reportClosedNormalRunning QGIS3 first time after fresh install resulting in path error(s)2019-02-18 02:19 PM
21126Bug reportClosedNormalEmpty SVG exports2019-01-30 11:15 AM
21125Bug reportClosedNormalRange widget gives NULL value in Attributes Form/Table2019-01-30 01:31 PM
21124Bug reportRejectedHighQGIS crashes on Fedora 29 Plasma desktop2019-02-11 12:18 AM
21121Bug reportClosedNormalHillshade Layer Style wrong if OpenCL acceleration is enabledAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-04 12:16 PM
21120Bug reportClosedNormalSAGA Fill Sink2019-02-24 01:33 AM
21119Bug reportClosedNormalSAGA missing in 3.52019-01-30 10:04 AM
21116Bug and processing.runAndLoadResults give different output2019-01-29 10:58 AM
21115Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when saving project or create a new layer2019-02-24 09:22 AM
21114Bug reportClosedNormalGrass algorithms doesn't work from Processing Toolbox level (grass-7.7.svn folder problem)2019-01-27 05:37 PM
21112Bug reportClosedNormal"Zoom to layer" doesn't work as expected on WFS dataprovider when you have af provide feature filter applied to the datasource2019-02-06 10:26 PM
21111Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.5 - Advanced digitizing does not activate the d, a, x, and y keys2019-01-26 10:45 PM
21110Bug reportClosedNormalFrequent crash when saving project2019-01-26 09:41 PM
21109Bug reportClosedNormal@geometry_point_count and @geometry_point_num variable names are confusing2019-01-27 12:35 PM
21106Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.4 crash at opening2019-01-26 11:37 AM
21104Bug reportClosedNormalno result buffer error for PostGIS datasets.2019-01-25 11:30 PM
21103Bug reportClosedNormalIs qgis-plugin-grass kept up-to-date with ubuntu-unstable?2019-01-25 10:23 PM
21100Bug reportClosedNormalfield calculator doesn't load values for gpkg containing blank spaces or n dash (hypen) in field namesAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-04 11:00 AM
21099Bug reportClosedNormalPostgis DB selector for outputs fails to list schemas in selected DBVictor Olaya2019-01-28 10:00 PM
21098Bug reportClosedHighMeasure tool2019-02-24 09:22 AM
21097Bug reportClosedNormalOpening shapefiles in ZIP gives Invalid Datasource2019-01-28 11:39 AM
21095Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crashed2019-03-09 10:42 AM
21093Bug reportClosedNormalGeoNode API requests require a stronger minor version parsingAlexander Bruy2019-02-09 11:53 AM
21091Bug reportClosedNormalError opening network KML page: Range downloading not supported by this server!Alessandro Pasotti2019-01-28 08:10 AM
21090Bug reportClosedNormalIssues with 3D Map View2019-01-25 06:55 PM
21089Bug reportClosedHigh[processing] SAGA algorithms cannot produce non-shp outputVictor Olaya2019-02-22 08:24 PM
21088Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4 much much slower to delete shapes2019-01-24 01:34 PM
21087Bug reportClosedNormalOpacity in scalebar rendering not working properly in QGIS 3.4.32019-02-24 10:21 AM
21086Bug reportClosedNormalCan't add a virtual field or update a existing field of a WFS layer using the field calculatorAlessandro Pasotti2019-01-29 12:09 PM
21085Bug reportClosedHighProcessing time for GeoJSON 10 times slower in 3.4Even Rouault2019-02-08 02:08 PM
21083Feature requestClosedLowGeoPackage Raster WEBP support2019-01-26 11:55 PM
21082Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when loading mesh layers Peter Petrik2019-01-24 03:20 PM
21080Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.4 and master - field calc select blank expressionsMathieu Pellerin - nIRV2019-01-31 11:40 AM
21079Bug reportClosedNormalProblems to show elevation data from TIFF file2019-02-24 01:07 AM
21078Bug reportClosedNormalLayout Attribute Table 'Filter with' not working with variablesNyall Dawson2019-01-25 07:01 AM
21077Bug reportClosedNormalForm Value relation based on WFS layerAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-05 01:00 PM
21075Bug reportClosedNormalUpdate to 3.4.3 via OSGeo4W gets wrong numpy2019-01-23 10:54 AM
21073Bug reportClosedHighQGIS3 3.4.4 cannot be opened because of a problem - Crash on launch2019-01-24 08:16 PM
21071Bug reportClosedHighCrash on exit from a minimal project2019-03-08 10:48 AM
21070Bug reportClosedNormal[QGIS 4 Mac] Freeze at openingDenis Rouzaud2019-01-25 10:09 PM
21069Bug reportClosedHighcrash by geometry check2019-02-24 01:14 AM
21068Bug reportClosedNormalButton positions in Database styles manager dialogAlessandro Pasotti2019-01-25 09:38 AM
21065Bug reportClosedNormalMissing chapter for Mesh in documentation2019-01-22 10:34 AM
21064Bug reportClosedHighKML export fail QGIS crash2019-02-24 09:21 AM
21063Bug reportClosedNormalUnable to load GFS weather grib2 format data as a mesh2019-03-17 09:24 AM
21062Bug reportClosedNormalIdentify features window opens very small2019-01-22 11:22 AM
21060Bug reportClosedHighSpilt Feature doesn't work on line/poliline features2019-02-24 09:24 AM
21059Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Server POST processing broken after modifications from commit:dedbbd4Alessandro Pasotti2019-01-22 02:55 PM
21056Bug reportClosedNormalCannot commit data from QGIS 3.4.2 to sql server table with trigger2019-01-21 11:10 AM
21055Bug reportClosedHighDo not allow file input for tables or vctor layers if there are dependent fieldsVictor Olaya2019-01-30 11:20 AM
21054Bug reportClosedNormalCrash on closing project2019-01-21 12:01 PM
21052Bug reportRejectedNormalLayer>Save As>Autocad DXF produces DXF that crashes AutoCAD2019-01-21 07:24 AM
21051Bug reportClosedNormalBlue vertex trace after layer removal2019-02-24 09:27 AM
21049Bug reportClosedNormalWCS Surplus getcap, describecoverage requests2019-03-08 02:46 PM
21047Feature requestClosedNormalNight Mode2019-01-20 10:24 PM
21045Bug reportClosedNormalUnable to add WCS - bad WCS Request2019-02-04 08:37 AM
21033Bug reportClosedNormalWrong label placement when rotating projected canvas2019-05-06 09:51 PM
21030Bug reportClosedNormalCrash on exit - multiple times2019-01-20 03:13 AM
21028Bug reportClosedNormalDB manager: SQLite objects created in a thread can only be used in that same threadAlessandro Pasotti2019-03-11 09:28 PM
21026Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashes when plugging in a usb or external hard drive before and a while after opening QGIS applicationJürgen Fischer2019-01-18 08:59 AM
21025Bug reportClosedNormalnodata value do not show in properties->information->bands->no-data2019-02-09 03:01 PM
21024Bug reportRejectedNormalinfected windows installer?2019-01-18 11:11 PM
21023Bug reportClosedNormal Truncated decimals in raster data set pixel sizeAlexander Bruy2019-01-28 07:34 AM
21022Bug reportClosedNormalCrashing on layer recording with raster layer2019-02-24 02:00 AM
21021Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes on exiting2019-03-09 10:42 AM
21020Bug reportClosedHighcrash on QGraphicsItem.scale()2019-01-17 08:37 PM
21019Bug reportClosedHighAttribute table will not allow letter 'N' to be enteredJürgen Fischer2019-01-23 03:29 PM
21017Bug reportClosedHighSAGA RGB Composite not working2019-01-21 11:58 AM
21014Bug reportRejectedNormalDrop shadow in draw effects in layer rendering does not maintain colour if background is changed in print layout2019-01-16 08:48 PM
21013Bug reportClosedNormalLabel orientation changing when zoomingNyall Dawson2019-01-25 06:53 PM
21012Bug reportClosedNormalProject keep loading 100% - Running (cannot cancel)2019-01-19 09:40 PM
21011Bug reportClosedNormalraster calculator in processing does not work with Aspect rasterAlessandro Pasotti2019-01-25 12:40 PM
21010Bug reportClosedHighLayout Manager Atlas Output filename expression is not working anymore2019-02-24 10:15 AM
21006Bug reportRejectedHighExpressions cannot be cleared/removed in attributes form properties2019-01-27 07:46 PM
21005Feature requestRejectedHighHow to create point along road centre line with offset valueAlexandre Neto2019-01-15 05:12 PM
21004Feature requestClosedHighHow to create point along road centre line with offset valueAlexandre Neto2019-01-15 05:11 PM
21003Feature requestClosedNormalInterface Customization - ActionMoveFeature Missing2019-01-15 02:32 PM
21002Bug reportClosedNormalQgis crash2019-02-24 12:55 AM
21001Bug reportClosedNormalUnable to write character " ] " in Python window2019-03-09 10:53 AM
21000Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crash error on exit2019-01-15 12:04 PM
20999Bug reportClosedLowPlugin is broken2019-01-16 02:32 PM
20998Bug reportClosedNormalAdding grid crashes QGISPeter Barrington2019-02-11 12:26 AM
20997Bug reportClosedHighprocessing shortestpath algorithmsNyall Dawson2019-01-22 10:19 AM
20996Bug reportRejectedHighQGIS Master does not export from Multilinestring Geometry type and does not recognize Geometry Type Linestring saved by QGIS 22019-01-15 09:45 AM
20993Bug reportClosedNormalHstore default value doesn´t work2019-01-15 05:30 PM
20992Feature requestClosedNormalSpecify project file through a FastCGI paramÉric Lemoine2019-01-15 09:02 PM
20991Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing model log file is empty2019-02-12 07:28 AM
20990Bug reportRejectedNormalrow_number2019-01-14 12:26 PM
20989Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashes every time I click close2019-02-11 12:26 AM
20988Bug reportClosedNormalRaster operations not working correctly2019-02-23 05:53 PM
20987Bug reportRejectedNormalsemi-automatic classification plugin and QGIS 3.4.3 continually return Errors2019-01-13 11:59 PM
20985Bug reportRejectedNormalosgeo4w packing not requiring pip for QGIS?Jürgen Fischer2019-01-14 01:46 PM
20984Bug reportRejectedNormalMissing method QgsGeometry::fromPoint2019-01-13 10:54 PM
20983Feature requestClosedNormalAbility to rotate features to geometry generator2019-05-06 09:40 PM
20982Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crash when I close it2019-01-12 05:32 PM
20979Bug reportClosedNormalFile Dialogue boxes SLOW on osx2019-01-11 09:02 PM
20977Bug reportClosedNormalMerge Raster fails with ImportError: No module named _gdal_array2019-01-11 05:43 PM
20976Bug reportClosedNormalCrashing when opening help window (libpng error)2019-01-11 05:46 PM
20975Feature requestClosedNormalInstalación de QGIS2019-01-11 03:58 PM
20974Bug reportClosedHighBitdefender Generic.Botget.6AAC3C81.2019-01-14 11:49 AM
20973Bug reportClosedNormalAdvanced digitizing tools makes QGIS freeze2019-03-09 10:15 AM
20970Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crashed Windows when close qis2019-01-11 04:12 PM
20969Bug reportClosedNormalsip: Unable to find file "QtXml/QtXmlmod.sip"2019-01-11 11:47 AM
20968Bug reportClosedNormalEffects are not exported2019-03-08 11:09 AM
20967Bug reportClosedNormalCrash2019-01-10 01:43 PM
20966Bug reportClosedNormalalgorithm create grid: reference point problem for calculating Y coordinates2019-01-23 06:00 PM
20963Bug reportClosedNormalCrash when click on identify without terrainPeter Petrik2019-01-10 03:09 PM
20962Bug reportClosedNormalCrash instantly after open2019-01-10 11:35 AM
20961Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Server 3.4 can't reset numeric field using WFS Update Alessandro Pasotti2019-01-24 05:42 PM
20960Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crash when i click on open or save icon or menu. 2019-01-14 05:10 PM
20959Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crash when saving and closing a project.2019-01-10 03:32 AM
20958Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.3 and Semi-automatic Classification Plug In matpliglib not installed2019-01-20 11:18 PM
20957Bug reportClosedHighcrashes on opening2019-02-11 08:10 AM
20956Bug reportClosedNormalCopy/Paste Hex Codes Causes QGIS to Hang Indefinitely When Using Native Color Chooser Selection on GNOME2019-01-10 01:49 AM
20950Bug reportClosedHighFreeze when the snap tool and the advanced digitalizing tool are active2019-02-24 10:52 AM
20948Bug reportClosedNormalthe color picker icon is not kept outside QGIS2019-01-09 09:42 PM
20947Bug reportClosedNormalMerging DEM2019-01-09 10:52 AM
20944Bug reportClosedNormalThe "iterate over this layer" button is missing for model2019-01-09 09:41 AM
20943Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crash report from Metadata Editor in QGIS Layer Properties2019-01-14 04:13 AM
20941Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes after trying to open any document local or from network2019-02-11 10:23 AM
20940Bug reportClosedNormalLayout: Horizontal and vertical arrows cannot be selected using single click2019-01-29 12:59 AM
20939Bug reportClosedHigh saving the project2019-01-23 03:39 PM
20938Bug reportClosedHigh[geometry validation] turns off edit mode automaticllyMatthias Kuhn2019-01-08 08:47 AM
20937Bug reportRejectedNormalQGIS Crash2019-01-07 08:36 PM
20936Feature requestClosedNormalQad2019-01-07 05:50 PM
20935Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashes when opening configurations -> options2019-01-07 07:50 PM
20933Bug reportClosedNormalProblem with URLs to exclude from network settingsAlexander Bruy2019-01-28 07:35 AM
20932Bug reportClosedHighCrash when running snap geometries to layer on large data set2019-01-25 06:58 PM
20931Bug reportClosedNormalMerging rasters replaces nodata cells with 02019-02-24 09:26 AM
20929Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS not responding for very long time when using rectangle tools to edit Spatialite or OGC GeoPackage files2019-03-09 09:36 AM
20928Bug reportClosedHighConnecting to WMS service requiring an authentification shows a popup for user/password that frozes the applications few seconds after it appearsNyall Dawson2019-01-29 12:56 PM
20927Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Server: WFS issue using the EXP_FILTER parameterAlessandro Pasotti2019-01-22 08:04 AM
20926Bug reportClosedNormalCrashed while closing without saving2019-01-06 03:18 PM
20924Bug reportRejectedNormalUnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode bytes in position 5178-5179: invalid continuation byte2019-01-05 08:39 PM
20923Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crash2019-01-06 03:12 PM
20922Bug reportClosedNormalimportphotoBorys Jurgiel2019-01-04 03:46 PM
20921Bug reportClosedNormalCannot load netcdf files into QGIS 3.4.32019-02-24 01:41 AM
20920Bug reportClosedNormal'Add button in toolbar' from Processing-algorithm throws error2019-01-25 12:20 PM
20918Bug reportClosedHighUsing go2streetview2019-01-04 08:11 PM
20917Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes using eVis plugin2019-02-11 12:28 AM
20916Bug reportClosedHighQGIS freezes Mac when opening and navigating foldersDenis Rouzaud2019-01-11 11:37 AM
20915Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crushed at startup2019-01-04 10:57 AM
20914Bug reportClosedNormalReclassify by table do not work in Processing modellerNyall Dawson2019-02-05 06:56 AM
20913Bug reportClosedHighLinstring layer union processing bug2019-03-09 11:22 AM
20912Bug reportClosedNormalgdalwarp on 3.4.3 behaving differently to 3.4.2Ross Edwards2019-01-04 01:32 AM
20911Bug reportClosedNormalMerge vector layers algorithm fails when ID fields have different data type (Integer instead of Integer64)2019-03-08 11:58 AM
20910Bug reportClosedNormalCheck Boxes + Setting Flags in Python in Ubuntu2019-02-11 07:12 AM
20909Bug reportClosedHighPrint composer opacity no longer working correctly in QGIS 3.4.3; was OK in 3.4.22019-01-08 07:23 AM
20908Bug reportClosedNormalPrint composer attributes from PostGis seems to slow down extremly the loading of project files2019-01-04 10:30 PM
20907Bug reportClosedNormalCannot "from qgis.core import *" from Python script2019-01-02 09:21 PM
20905Bug reportClosedNormalcrash when flash or external drive is inserted2019-01-02 01:32 PM
20904Bug reportClosedNormal"Clip raster by mask layer" not working in LTR 2.18.26 or LTR 2.18.27Giovanni Manghi2019-01-24 07:25 PM
20903Feature requestRejectedNormalPlugins for 3.4.2 for QGISJürgen Fischer2019-01-02 09:05 AM
20902Bug reportClosedHighGeoreference does not start2019-01-04 11:11 AM
20901Bug reportClosedHighCrashed when exiting a project2019-01-01 06:07 PM
20900Bug reportClosedHighCrashed while trying to save the project2019-01-01 06:05 PM
20899Bug reportClosedNormalmacOS 10.11.6 QGIS 3.4.3 launch but freeze2019-01-02 11:32 AM
20898Bug reportClosedNormalGeojson Protocol in QGIS 3.4.3 2018-12-31 08:49 PM
20897Bug reportClosedHighCrash when update existing field using field calculator2019-02-24 01:16 AM
20896Bug reportClosedHighQgis crash 2018-12-31 06:32 PM
20895Bug reportClosedNormalRaster Merge Failure2019-01-27 08:55 PM
20894Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.5 python-qgis broken (install) on Ubuntu2018-12-31 08:49 PM
20893Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crash using virtual layer in a layoutJulien Cabieces2019-01-23 08:23 AM
20892Bug reportRejectedHighQGIS crashes when I do "print (field_name)"2018-12-31 03:54 PM
20889Bug reportClosedHighBug regarding SVG symbols base64 encodingNyall Dawson2019-03-09 10:00 AM
20886Bug reportClosedHighgrass r.resamp.rst tool of qgis3.4 execute failed on linux2019-03-05 08:35 AM
20885Feature requestClosedHigh"Merge Selected Features" In Python Console2018-12-28 10:20 AM
20882Bug reportClosedNormalSAGA Resampling tool does not workGiovanni Manghi2019-01-07 12:55 AM
20881Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crash when quitting2018-12-28 02:33 PM
20877Bug reportClosedNormalTransifex is out of sync QGIS Translation Team2018-12-25 12:33 AM
20876Bug reportClosedNormalECW format is no longer recognized2019-02-24 01:22 AM
20875Bug reportClosedNormalModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'qgis.processing' 2018-12-23 09:08 PM
20870Bug reportClosedNormal'gdal_fillnodata.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command2019-01-07 05:15 PM
20869Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.2 - QGIS hangs when connected to internet2019-02-24 01:51 AM
20868Bug reportClosedNormalosgeo4w 64bit installation error, crssync.exe2018-12-22 10:16 PM
20867Bug reportRejectedNormalQGIS 3.4.2 - Extension disabled because it caused QGIS to crash2019-03-09 10:59 PM
20865Bug reportClosedHighattributes in attribute table don't match attribute in identify results/labels with WFS layer2019-02-06 08:12 PM
20862Bug reportClosedNormalCrashes on loading2019-02-24 01:13 AM
20861Bug reportClosedNormalFunction "round" in expressions assumes a strange behavior on negative numbers when the parameter "places" is assigned.Loïc BARTOLETTI2019-01-30 12:18 AM
20860Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashing possibly during drives refresh2018-12-21 12:05 AM
20858Bug reportClosedNormalRegular crashes each day2018-12-25 09:37 PM
20857Bug reportClosedNormalbug with QgsGridFileWriter::writeFile2019-01-22 01:29 PM
20856Bug reportClosedHighLack of qgis.processing python module in python-qgis packageJürgen Fischer2018-12-23 05:33 AM
20854Bug reportClosedNormalTopology issue with split entity2019-01-10 11:07 AM
20851Bug reportClosedNormal3.4.2 Crashed on Exit2019-01-15 04:02 AM
20849Feature requestClosedNormalGive proper layer names for ProcessingAlgorithms output layers2018-12-24 10:08 AM
20848Bug reportClosedNormalIssue exporting raster layer to GeopackageAlessandro Pasotti2019-05-27 11:05 AM
20846Bug reportClosedNormalShape2019-01-28 01:11 PM
20844Bug reportClosedNormalBoolean field type for Memory Layers2018-12-20 09:35 AM
20841Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crashes when drawning lines using snapping tools2019-01-28 01:41 PM
20840Bug reportClosedNormalKeep N biggest parts documentation is incorrect2019-01-23 05:05 PM
20838Bug reportClosedNormalMissing CP949 (Korean) encoding at Export Project to DXF menu2019-01-23 04:45 PM
20837Bug reportClosedNormalQgis 3.4.2 install and crash on Ubuntu 18.04 2018-12-22 11:13 PM
20835Bug reportClosedHighFolders in browser panel appear as layer2018-12-20 03:25 PM
20834Bug reportClosedNormalProject -> Properties crashes with LANG != C2019-01-04 11:13 AM
20832Bug reportRejectedNormalEnMAP-box Interactive Visualization of Vegetation Reflection Models Flashback2018-12-18 10:01 AM

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