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14475Feature requestClosedNormalProcessing GRASS should support other file formats than ShapefileMédéric RIBREUX2018-05-16 12:55 PM
16140Feature requestClosedNormalShow if the layer has an active filter2018-05-16 12:50 PM
18688Feature requestClosedNormalAdd function Scale_View for Map Composer2018-05-11 11:07 AM
14547Feature requestClosedNormalLegend group checkbox should honour visibility of layers in the group2018-05-06 12:42 PM
14641Feature requestClosedNormalAllow to select layers and files in ParameterMultipleInputVictor Olaya2018-05-06 12:41 PM
18911Feature requestClosedNormalIncomplet GUI dialogue box for GDAL processing tools (like Build Virtual Raster)2018-05-06 03:24 AM
12675Feature requestClosedNormalArcs are not displayed from an Oracle spatial layer2018-04-23 11:10 PM
9473Feature requestClosedNormalMigrate point diplacement style to new labelling engine 2018-04-23 07:11 PM
18693Feature requestClosedNormalinclude python3-pypiwin32 in windows standalone installerJürgen Fischer2018-04-23 12:10 AM
18776Feature requestClosedNormalGeometry generator save to layer2018-04-22 11:00 AM
16290Feature requestClosedNormalProcessing: warn user when units are in degrees2018-04-20 10:26 AM
15261Feature requestClosedNormalAdd multiple column selection to Processing/OGR toolsGiovanni Manghi2018-04-19 06:33 AM
17380Feature requestClosedNormalAdd sort option to processing "incremental field" algorithmNyall Dawson2018-04-19 06:31 AM
15589Feature requestClosedNormalDuplicate record function2018-04-18 03:38 PM
12698Feature requestClosedNormalAdd "crop" function to Printing layout2018-04-18 12:28 PM
9338Feature requestClosedNormalAllow to select size of export image in Project > Save as Image.2018-04-18 04:10 AM
18715Feature requestClosedNormalnetcdf browserBorys Jurgiel2018-04-12 10:50 PM
16936Feature requestClosedNormalAdd "Move to top"/"Move to Top of Layer Panel" posibility to layer context menu in layers panel2018-04-05 04:22 PM
9464Feature requestClosedNormalConsistent Terminology and Syntax2018-04-03 03:10 PM
16141Feature requestClosedNormalSeparate Update notice for LTR versions2018-04-03 03:01 PM
18579Feature requestClosedNormalMore intuitive Legend Items when adding legend to layout2018-03-29 04:16 PM
16959Feature requestClosedNormalAllow to toggle Symbol layer types on and off2018-03-27 08:43 PM
18523Feature requestClosedNormalFixed Buffer missing2018-03-24 07:05 AM
18517Feature requestClosedNormalApplication window title to show project name first2018-03-23 05:35 AM
18495Feature requestClosedNormal[Layout] Show panel or toolbar name when hovering over2018-03-22 12:24 AM
10528Feature requestClosedNormalAutomatically apply Color Ramp2018-03-19 08:39 PM
17536Feature requestClosedNormalAdd XYZ Tiles missing from Add Layer dialogue and Data Source Manager.2018-03-15 08:22 PM
17961Feature requestClosedLowAllow algorithms to set style and layer options for outputsVictor Olaya2018-03-15 12:06 PM
18142Feature requestClosedLowBlue text on yellow background in Options menu search results is super ugly2018-03-12 02:17 PM
12376Feature requestClosedNormalPlease add line sinuosity2018-03-12 04:57 AM
3979Feature requestClosedNormalAllow set DPI in "save as image"2018-03-11 08:09 AM
18374Feature requestClosedNormalAdditional warp options2018-03-08 03:37 PM
13349Feature requestClosedNormalApply "drawingInfo" style data to a Vector Layer imported from ArcGIS MapServer source2018-03-07 10:56 PM
10369Feature requestClosedNormalNew Identify Results panel: one button not two2018-03-07 10:52 PM
12926Feature requestClosedHighImprove attribute table performance 2018-03-07 10:03 PM
11446Feature requestClosedNormalChapters to be added to Training manual (Processing)2018-03-07 10:02 PM
4306Feature requestClosedNormalUniform way of adding layers after analyses2018-03-07 04:18 PM
4307Feature requestClosedNormalDifferent ways of saving files and opening them2018-03-07 04:17 PM
9327Feature requestClosedNormalAdd warning for topological errors2018-03-07 12:30 PM
10370Feature requestClosedNormalNew Identify Results panel: grey out useless buttons2018-03-07 12:27 PM
10250Feature requestClosedNormalOne to many relation: child table shown where inappropriate2018-03-07 12:04 PM
12941Feature requestClosedNormalSaving Processing log2018-03-06 06:47 PM
12358Feature requestClosedNormal Snapping options: avoid intersections missing2018-03-06 06:35 PM
13477Feature requestClosedNormalLet's get rid of the Tips popup2018-03-06 06:23 PM
3044Feature requestClosedLowcollision detection for symbols2018-03-05 09:23 AM
13526Feature requestClosedLowGRASS modules filter: add the cleanup button2018-03-03 11:12 AM
18175Feature requestClosedNormalSelect by location in the vector menu2018-03-01 11:10 AM
18265Feature requestClosedNormalGroup stats plugin from 2to32018-02-28 11:53 AM
11005Feature requestClosedNormalPlease add to the repo2018-02-27 07:34 AM
7114Feature requestClosedNormalMultiple Grass versions with Qgis-GRass plugin2018-02-26 08:39 PM
3289Feature requestClosedLowDock "Simplify Feature"Denis Rouzaud2018-02-26 03:17 PM
9406Feature requestClosedNormalAdd option to remove duplicate labels2018-02-25 08:24 PM
13889Feature requestClosedNormalOpen modules instead of table2018-02-25 07:24 PM
11017Feature requestClosedLowSaving styles should be more uniform2018-02-25 07:23 PM
12540Feature requestClosedNormalInclude Processing in the normal testing workflowVictor Olaya2018-02-25 07:02 PM
9451Feature requestClosedNormalCreate a unified "Add Data" dialog2018-02-25 05:19 PM
17581Feature requestClosedNormaladd the ability to control if a layer action is displayed or not David Signer2018-02-25 05:10 PM
14109Feature requestClosedNormalEasier EPSG selection for unknown projections2018-02-25 04:02 PM
9124Feature requestRejectedNormalHeatmap in percentage2018-02-25 12:26 PM
1780Feature requestClosedNormalLabels: Data defined position from geometry columnnobody -2018-02-25 11:24 AM
773Feature requestClosedHighunified "Load layer" buttonnobody -2018-02-25 12:37 AM
1626Feature requestClosedLowr.viewshed, r.cost: take input points from the canvasGiovanni Manghi2018-02-24 05:46 PM
10248Feature requestClosedNormalOne to many relation: allow inserting parent and child in the same form2018-02-24 05:06 PM
10146Feature requestClosedLowAdd appropriate colour ramps to results of analyses2018-02-24 04:46 PM
1795Feature requestClosedLowr.patch: allow adding rasters, not typing them2018-02-24 03:55 PM
1728Feature requestClosedLowadd module2018-02-24 03:34 PM
16260Feature requestClosedNormalBetter colour scheme for node tool2018-02-24 03:28 PM
16416Feature requestClosedNormalProcessing: add a clustering alg for vectors2018-02-24 02:59 PM
10135Feature requestClosedNormalAdd a tool to remove isolated linesVictor Olaya2018-02-24 02:30 PM
9303Feature requestClosedNormalAdd a switch to reverse colours and invert palette2018-02-24 02:02 PM
8855Feature requestClosedNormalSymbol groups2018-02-24 01:53 PM
8731Feature requestClosedNormalText boxes in Print composer: better formatting2018-02-24 01:49 PM
7981Feature requestClosedNormalAdd SVG symbol sets2018-02-24 01:33 PM
6767Feature requestClosedNormalDuplicate bookmark buttons2018-02-23 07:29 PM
6464Feature requestClosedLowPlease create a demo QGISserver2018-02-23 07:26 PM
5371Feature requestClosedNormalPlease improve the sponsors dialog2018-02-23 07:07 PM
5039Feature requestClosedNormalCut unreprojectable geometries2018-02-23 07:01 PM
9039Feature requestClosedNormal(a) quick mode to edit table attributes2018-02-23 06:19 PM
4795Feature requestClosedNormalIntegrate connection manager2018-02-23 06:06 PM
4782Feature requestClosedNormalGUI to import/export data2018-02-23 05:47 PM
18099Feature requestClosedHighWFS Capabilities handling problemAlessandro Pasotti2018-02-23 10:32 AM
4127Feature requestClosedNormalRecursive directory traversal for merge (fTools)cfarmer -2018-02-22 11:53 AM
6780Feature requestClosedNormalAdd tooltips and short names to Favourites2018-02-22 11:53 AM
9281Feature requestClosedHigh[composer] add option to disable antialiasing when exporting compositions2018-02-22 11:53 AM
9476Feature requestClosedNormalWhen exporting a composer, use it's name as default filename2018-02-22 11:52 AM
10443Feature requestClosedLowBetter documentation on how to use lettering in SAGA Raster calculatorVictor Olaya2018-02-22 11:52 AM
13576Feature requestClosedLowComposer legend item : add a comment to the "auto-update" items option2018-02-22 11:51 AM
14410Feature requestClosedNormalComposer: "add layer to legend" dialog should allow double-click and multiple selection2018-02-22 11:51 AM
17565Feature requestClosedNormal3D Map view is just blank at first opening2018-02-22 11:48 AM
14750Feature requestClosedNormalDrop-down menu for offset curve settings2018-02-22 11:38 AM
14954Feature requestClosedNormalAdd snapping markers for measure tools2018-02-22 11:37 AM
18173Feature requestClosedNormalclosest point to a feature plugin2018-02-22 11:37 AM
16827Feature requestClosedNormalDuplicate record function with related featuresMatthias Kuhn2018-02-22 11:21 AM
17734Feature requestClosedNormalKeep label styling on switching to Rule-based labelling mode2018-02-22 11:13 AM
17848Feature requestClosedNormalAllow to create raster layer programmatically from 2D array2018-02-21 09:52 PM
17933Feature requestClosedNormalDB Manager - window size for searching saved queries2018-02-21 09:46 PM
17949Feature requestClosedNormalAllow storing multiple outputs to the same geopackage in ProcessingVictor Olaya2018-02-21 09:42 PM
9934Feature requestClosedNormalRotation of features in Map ComposerNyall Dawson2018-02-21 09:41 PM
18168Feature requestClosedNormalMigrating Issue Management to GitHub2018-02-21 09:22 PM
18026Feature requestClosedNormalGeopackage views and other types as layer in Qgis + DB manager Richard Duivenvoorde2018-02-21 09:20 PM
18151Feature requestClosedNormalCan't Open my attribute table contents2018-02-19 08:24 PM
6445Feature requestClosedNormalBetter documentation for the Intersect and Clip tools2018-02-19 02:45 PM
12877Feature requestClosedNormalImproved documentation for "Random select within subsets"2018-02-19 02:43 PM
13350Feature requestClosedNormalIgnore "maxRecordCount" limit when adding Vector Layer from GeoJSON ArcGIS MapServer URI2018-02-16 01:24 AM
15219Feature requestClosedNormalDigitizing: User input dialog when using Offset Curve should let know the unit usedDenis Rouzaud2018-02-14 07:34 PM
16127Feature requestClosedNormalAdd new parameter types and options for processing scriptsVictor Olaya2018-02-08 10:37 AM
14098Feature requestClosedNormalftools geoprocessing tools are slow with large dataset, port them to c++2018-02-05 01:13 AM
18042Feature requestClosedNormalInclude confirmation on delete of features2018-02-04 07:35 PM
13933Feature requestClosedNormalImprove help file of "Import vector into POSTGIS" - error when fields have high precision valuesGiovanni Manghi2018-02-02 09:41 AM
16501Feature requestClosedLowPoints to Path Support for 2.5D PointsVictor Olaya2018-02-02 09:13 AM
7066Feature requestClosedNormalGeoprocessing impossible if field names are too long2018-02-02 09:03 AM
6436Feature requestClosedNormalgdal_rasterize GUI does not include the "-burn" option2018-02-02 09:02 AM
4564Feature requestClosedNormalMake ftools tools work with input layers with different CRSs2018-02-02 09:00 AM
7579Feature requestClosedNormalconsistent colour choices needed2018-02-01 12:33 AM
3138Feature requestClosedLowAdd plugin autopackaging scriptBorys Jurgiel2018-01-29 07:04 PM
3113Feature requestClosedLowGDAL Tools: enable Clipper also for WMS layers2018-01-29 07:04 PM
3101Feature requestClosedLowlet the user select a standard folder for all data producednobody -2018-01-29 06:57 PM
3042Feature requestClosedLowarrow extremities cannot be moved2018-01-29 06:52 PM
15057Feature requestClosedNormalAllow custom value map widget sorting2018-01-29 05:03 AM
9535Feature requestClosedNormalSet standard value in value map2018-01-29 04:42 AM
9817Feature requestClosedNormalAdd user profiles2018-01-27 11:50 AM
11104Feature requestClosedNormalAdvanced digitizing, Offset curve, Edition of the offset 2018-01-27 12:22 AM
17966Feature requestClosedNormalSimplify and bring consistency to layer types (icons, menus choices, etc.) for end user2018-01-26 11:51 AM
10223Feature requestClosedNormalGeopackage support: make creation of a new DB possible2018-01-26 12:50 AM
10228Feature requestClosedNormalGeopackage: support Drag&Drop for importing vectors2018-01-25 09:00 PM
15201Feature requestClosedNormalAdd snapping for 'Offset Point Symbol' tool2018-01-23 04:35 PM
17842Feature requestClosedLowEnhancement: make snapping options dialog either openable or discoverable from snapping options toolbar2018-01-23 04:11 PM
17928Feature requestClosedNormalNeed a way to distinguish between outputs from more than one use of the same algorithm when building a model.Victor Olaya2018-01-23 06:31 AM
3584Feature requestClosedLowSelect features by radius should display current radius2018-01-18 08:33 PM
15646Feature requestClosedNormalProcessing script editor needs find and replace functionsVictor Olaya2018-01-17 07:34 PM
11367Feature requestClosedNormalFilter option > OpenStreetMap - Export OpenStreetMap topology to Spatiallite 2018-01-16 07:07 AM
10582Feature requestClosedNormalDownload data in Vector / OpenStreetMap2018-01-16 07:07 AM
10786Feature requestClosedNormalOpenStreetMap plugin ability to export version, uid, user, changeset, timestamp2018-01-16 07:06 AM
17838Feature requestRejectedNormalAdd Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) plugins support for version > 5.8.02018-01-15 08:17 AM
2000Feature requestClosedNormalAdd a "don't make caps at the end of polylines" and "side" options in the buffer tool2018-01-15 04:42 AM
10863Feature requestClosedNormalMerge auto-trace plugin into QGIS2018-01-04 01:30 AM
17758Feature requestClosedNormalHow to create Qgis web application using qgis2web2017-12-29 10:20 AM
15956Feature requestClosedNormalSave guide lines in composer templates2017-12-19 01:28 AM
13950Feature requestClosedNormalPrecise guide position in composer2017-12-19 01:24 AM
13767Feature requestClosedNormalAdd line button for print composer2017-12-19 01:22 AM
11258Feature requestClosedNormalImprove options for placement of guides on composer page2017-12-19 01:21 AM
9398Feature requestClosedLowmap overview in composer with different coordinate systems2017-12-19 01:19 AM
7367Feature requestClosedNormalAllow pixels as units in print composer2017-12-19 01:19 AM
7959Feature requestClosedNormalAdd inches to snap settings and item properties positions in print composer2017-12-19 01:18 AM
16360Feature requestClosedNormalAllow grouping items in Composer2017-12-18 11:52 PM
14566Feature requestClosedNormalchange orientation of pages in composer when there's more than one2017-12-18 11:42 PM
14124Feature requestClosedNormaloption to export as raster on a per-item basis in print composer2017-12-18 11:42 PM
8583Feature requestClosedNormalNo label "out of frame" in print composer option2017-12-18 11:40 PM
17199Feature requestClosedHighmap composer: distribute selected items2017-12-18 11:39 PM
10435Feature requestClosedNormalComposer Map: Add "Rename the composer" feature in Composer menu2017-12-07 11:47 AM
9652Feature requestClosedNormalmerge shapefiles: add option to get the result directly in project CRS2017-12-07 11:14 AM
10436Feature requestClosedNormalComposer Map: Add "Delete the composer" feature in Composer menu2017-12-07 11:13 AM
1830Feature requestClosedLowContext Menu for Map Composernobody -2017-12-07 11:13 AM
15216Feature requestClosedNormalConsider merging the content of alexbruy/mergeshapes into main trunk2017-12-05 12:29 PM
14888Feature requestClosedNormalDuplicate features by Drag & Drop2017-12-03 06:00 AM
16921Feature requestClosedNormalComposer Scale Bar needs more unit selections2017-12-02 06:28 PM
15905Feature requestClosedNormalQgsGeometryAnalyzer, buffer: Allow specification of segments2017-11-30 04:35 AM
15222Feature requestClosedNormalOffset Curve: unable to activate the tool on polygon layer2017-11-30 04:25 AM
15473Feature requestClosedNormalRefactor map tip dialog2017-11-28 12:56 PM
17531Feature requestClosedNormalRequest for a search box of loaded layers acting on TOC2017-11-23 08:45 AM
17532Feature requestClosedNormalRequest for a search box of loaded layers acting on TOC2017-11-23 08:34 AM
17022Feature requestClosedNormalAlignment and positioning of the scale bar2017-11-21 02:26 AM
17321Feature requestClosedNormalSorting of layers in Processing "multiple input" widget2017-11-13 12:56 PM
2724Feature requestClosedLowLook for (like firefox)Nathan Woodrow2017-11-13 11:06 AM
7192Feature requestClosedNormalsystem specific location of qgis settingsNathan Woodrow2017-11-13 08:35 AM
12932Feature requestClosedLowBetter "Invalid Layer" error messageNathan Woodrow2017-11-13 06:53 AM
16310Feature requestClosedNormalPersist folder location to save/restore batch processing config fileVictor Olaya2017-11-10 07:34 AM
17228Feature requestClosedNormalswitch between simple and batch process dialogs, back and forthVictor Olaya2017-11-10 01:54 AM
16255Feature requestClosedLowway to avoid loss of non-core svg folders during upgrade2017-10-31 01:39 AM
16844Feature requestClosedNormalNew node tool - allow to batch select vertices between two pointsMartin Dobias2017-10-30 02:10 PM
15119Feature requestClosedNormalon screen snapping indicatorMartin Dobias2017-10-30 02:09 PM
16634Feature requestClosedLowRenaming favourites2017-10-30 03:55 AM
12159Feature requestClosedNormalAdd Settings button to Shortest Path widget2017-10-28 01:09 PM
12158Feature requestClosedNormalRename "Road Graph" to "Shortest Path"2017-10-28 01:07 PM
14914Feature requestClosedHighAdd a warning to Plugin managerBorys Jurgiel2017-10-28 11:24 AM
16394Feature requestClosedNormalPin projects to recent projects opening window 2017-10-27 06:08 AM
13722Feature requestClosedLowRight Click Remove from Recent Projects2017-10-26 02:25 PM
17333Feature requestClosedNormalAdd ability to select geometry type when adding postgis unrestricted GEOMETRY columnJürgen Fischer2017-10-26 09:54 AM
9405Feature requestClosedNormaldifferentiate between built-in plugins and user pluginsBorys Jurgiel2017-10-25 08:44 PM
17326Feature requestClosedNormalSorting of Layers 2017-10-25 10:08 AM
16835Feature requestClosedNormalSide column in form view remembers columns, but no expressionsMatthias Kuhn2017-10-23 10:55 AM
16834Feature requestClosedNormalExtend string search in multi-attribute search with "starts with" and "ends with"Matthias Kuhn2017-10-23 10:55 AM
17302Feature requestClosedNormalPartitioned Table using PostgreSQL 10 native partitioning won't loadJürgen Fischer2017-10-21 05:39 PM
11732Feature requestClosedNormalUpdate MetaSearch plugin icon2017-10-17 09:22 PM
12961Feature requestClosedNormal"Import vector layer" (DB Manager): Misleading option "Drop existing table"2017-10-17 02:25 AM
11069Feature requestClosedNormalAdd snapping and avoid intersection support for the reshape tool2017-10-16 12:54 PM
17073Feature requestClosedNormalUse the Map extent custom widget for the "Download OpenStreetMap Data" dialog2017-10-16 10:53 AM
6414Feature requestClosedNormalExport SLD with TextSymbolizer2017-10-14 11:51 AM
17225Feature requestClosedNormalImprovement of Map tip translationQGIS Translation Team2017-10-06 09:34 AM
5396Feature requestClosedHighRun algorithms in a different threadVictor Olaya2017-10-03 01:30 PM
17211Feature requestClosedNormalremove/hide the "select by location" tool from modellerVictor Olaya2017-10-02 12:34 PM
17177Feature requestClosedNormalDependencies of installation guide to Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark2017-09-23 02:41 PM
14959Feature requestClosedNormalTable names should be displayed in first words of caption2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14941Feature requestClosedNormalDocking attribute table left/right2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14935Feature requestClosedNormalWFS dialog using 'Keep dialog open' does load layers but they are not renderedEven Rouault2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14791Feature requestClosedNormalAdd linestring support for 'Snap Geometries' plugin2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14747Feature requestClosedNormal'Select features by freehand' should support single click2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14738Feature requestClosedNormalAdd 'Move Point Symbols' Tool2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14734Feature requestClosedHighSource UpdaterAndreas Neumann2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14574Feature requestClosedNormalIntegration of NTv2 transformation Grids (BETA2007.gsb) for Germany2017-09-22 10:05 AM

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