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723Bug reportClosedLowwindows installer: avoid white space in default install pathnobody -2009-08-22 12:51 AM
13252Bug reportRejectedNormalwindows 82015-08-22 05:33 AM
9207Bug reportClosedNormalwindow/panel resize problem2018-08-23 08:48 PM
2014Bug reportClosedLowwindow too large when choosing large fonts in map unitsnobody -2009-10-15 04:21 PM
10351Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionwidget refactoring regression: impossible to add features to a column-less memory layer Matthias Kuhn2014-05-26 02:19 AM
19789Bug reportClosedHighwhile panning and moving QGIS just crashed...2018-11-09 02:00 PM
9457Bug reportClosedNormalwhile in atlas preview mode, newly inserted label item expressions not replaced with values Nyall Dawson2014-01-30 03:25 AM
8512Bug reportClosedNormalwhen using the batch mode cannot look for "any type" of input filesVictor Olaya2015-06-07 04:32 AM
12749Bug reportClosedNormalwhen using custom functions to style a layer, map canvas gives wrong colors (incoherent with legend)2019-03-09 04:09 PM
10748Bug reportClosedNormalwhen topology checker's show error is activated, a large red rectangle is drawn covering the extend of a layer2019-03-09 03:12 PM
4917Bug reportClosedNormalwhen setting contrast enanchement to someting else than "no stretch", standard deviation is automatically set to "2"Alexander Bruy2012-04-15 04:31 AM
8958Bug reportClosedNormalwhen pasting composer item(s) move / resize tool should automatically activateNyall Dawson2014-01-21 11:42 PM
7710Bug reportClosedNormalwhen duplicating a vector layer joins are discarded2014-06-20 07:15 AM
3291Feature requestClosedLowwhen digitizing, show vertexes of the layer, you catch fromnobody -2011-03-10 01:36 PM
3615Feature requestClosedLowwhen creating a new WMS connection with no parameters it keep asking "Should the existing connection be overwritten?"Giuseppe Sucameli2011-03-14 12:50 PM
12673Feature requestClosedNormalwhen creating a composer, show a *sorted* list of existing print composers 2017-03-20 10:19 PM
6798Bug reportClosedNormalwhen copying a table by d&d from one schema to another the serial property is lost in the pk2019-03-09 04:04 PM
4056Bug reportClosedNormalwhen built-in SVGs are added to a composer layout paths should be relative to the install directory2019-03-09 04:04 PM
13631Bug reportClosedHighwhen ELSE rule exists in Styling, all Labels are rendered regardless of styling groups being active/inactiveJürgen Fischer2015-10-24 09:34 AM
15111Bug reportClosedNormalwfsprovider directory is located in home directoryEven Rouault2016-10-06 10:52 AM
350Bug reportClosedLowwfs: indexStrtree.h missingGary Sherman2006-10-23 09:32 AM
12029Bug reportClosedNormalwfs-t update to geoserver layer fails2015-01-25 04:51 AM
14965Bug reportClosedNormalwfs provider copies features when zoomin in and outEven Rouault2017-09-22 10:05 AM
11864Bug reportClosedNormalwfs parsing of decimal value results in QString2016-01-08 03:50 AM
2520Feature requestClosedLowwfs client: add a query builder (like the postgis client)Marco Hugentobler2014-09-23 04:21 AM
7588Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionwfs client crashes if url is wrong2013-06-04 12:39 PM
3248Bug reportClosedLowwfs attribute table crashes QGISMarco Hugentobler2010-11-23 03:03 PM
16206Bug reportClosedNormalweird widget label in the layer properties --> Diagrams --> Appearance dialogNyall Dawson2017-09-22 09:53 AM
12493Bug reportClosedNormalwcs server only accepts absolute paths2019-03-09 04:09 PM
16255Feature requestClosedLowway to avoid loss of non-core svg folders during upgrade2017-10-31 01:39 AM
6369Bug reportClosedNormalvsizip - relative paths not used & can't update path in "missing layers" dialogue2019-03-09 04:04 PM
2309Bug reportClosedLowvrt nodata is ignored when setting min/max value by current extentnobody -2009-12-21 08:15 PM
19798Bug swallows exceptions 2018-09-08 11:11 AM
1560Bug reportClosedLowvirusnobody -2009-02-25 04:50 AM
12847Bug reportClosedHighvirtual layer query in DBmanager throws errorHugo Mercier2015-06-10 12:14 AM
18271Bug reportClosedNormalvirtual layer makes qgis dump2018-08-23 12:54 AM
12046Bug reportClosedNormalvirtual fields should be capable of being used as a join fieldMatthias Kuhn2016-06-09 07:52 PM
14191Bug reportClosedNormalvirtual fields not re-created when duplicating a layer2016-02-05 12:04 AM
15291Bug reportClosedLowviewing loaded Oracle table take long time!2019-03-09 03:08 PM
18328Bug reportClosedNormalviewing 3D map2018-06-13 11:26 AM
19899Bug reportClosedHighvery unstable installation of QGIS 3.2.3 on Windows 7 Machine2018-09-23 03:48 PM
19725Bug reportClosedNormalvertex tool snapping to all layers2018-08-29 05:36 PM
3022Bug reportClosedLowvertex markers disappear when clicking the "save edits" icon plus a more serious issuenobody -2010-09-19 05:46 AM
18190Bug reportClosedNormalvertex editor don't honour topological editing when used with a feature selection AND a node selectionMartin Dobias2018-11-21 02:58 PM
18192Bug reportClosedHighvertex editor doesn't honour topological editing when moving a segmentMartin Dobias2018-11-21 01:52 PM
20226Bug reportClosedHighvertex edit ignore topological editing when move a polygon boundary segment2018-11-06 02:58 PM
504Bug reportClosedLowversion 0.8 crashes before opening on mac intel.nobody -2009-08-22 12:51 AM
1398Bug reportClosedLowver QGIS-0.11.0-2-Setup win installer failsnobody -2009-08-22 01:01 AM
2393Bug reportClosedLowvectors do not render properlynobody -2010-01-25 12:26 PM
19642Bug reportClosedNormalvector submenu does not open2018-08-20 06:36 PM
17295Bug reportClosedNormalvector styler in layer properties shows "This renderer doesn't implement a graphical interface" message since 2.18.12 ?2018-05-24 01:45 AM
9771Bug reportClosedHighvector layer rendering incorrect with OTF on (on some zoom levels)2014-05-01 03:15 PM
17455Bug reportClosedHighvector layer properties: Wrong CRS reported in the Informations and Metadata tabs2018-02-22 11:49 AM
5982Bug reportClosedNormalvector layer encoding default not saved not configurable2019-03-09 04:04 PM
15486Bug reportClosedNormalvector layer edits disappear from viewer when saved through the layers panel. 2017-09-22 09:55 AM
7472Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionvector editing errors2014-01-20 01:54 PM
632Bug reportClosedLowvarious problems using WMS with QGISMagnus Homann2009-08-22 12:54 AM
14283Bug reportClosedHighvarious crashes in georeferencer2017-08-04 04:17 PM
451Bug reportClosedLowvariables of translation of world files aren't bigger enough for lambert II extendTim Sutton2007-01-01 01:48 PM
185Bug reportClosedLowvalues proj out of boundaryGavin Macaulay -2009-08-22 12:46 AM
6515Bug reportClosedNormalvalues in "value map" edit widget are always treated as text2019-03-09 04:04 PM
17450Bug reportClosedHighvalues for cached join fields randomely become null when dragging canvasPaul Blottiere2017-11-22 09:31 AM
2295Bug reportClosedLowvalue tool plug-in dont work as aspected on osxBorys Jurgiel2010-06-14 12:49 AM
12494Bug reportClosedNormalvalue relation widget, wrong sorting of text2019-03-09 04:09 PM
16967Bug reportClosedHighvalue relation widget with Allow multiple selection doesn't resolve the values anymoreAlessandro Pasotti2018-03-15 05:09 PM
3716Feature requestClosedLowvalue relation attribute editorJürgen Fischer2011-05-05 12:56 AM
21824Bug reportRejectedNormalvalue map widget saves description in stead of value to attribute table2019-04-11 11:27 AM
16701Bug reportClosedNormalvalid kml 2.1 file but qgis does not open the file2017-07-31 01:36 PM
12332Bug reportClosedNormalv2.8.1. Wien C++ Runtime Lib error2015-06-04 04:18 PM
1619Feature requestClosedLowv.what.vect: field name with dropdownnobody -2010-01-06 04:17 AM
1775Bug reportClosedLowv.what.rast not updating tablesLorenzo Masini2010-02-12 03:00 AM
6576Bug reportClosedHighv.transform module in Sextante toolbox modeler2012-10-27 02:35 AM
14459Bug reportClosedNormalv.transform affine ERROR: v.out.ogr: Sorry, <z> is not a valid flagVictor Olaya2016-04-09 09:53 AM
10760Bug not working 2015-06-07 04:31 AM
3539Bug allow selecting 2/3 columns2016-02-03 05:26 AM
1642Bug GRASS tool interface problemLorenzo Masini2009-08-11 11:59 PM
19472Bug NOT WORKING IN QGIS 3.2.0 BONNAlexander Bruy2019-01-24 04:22 AM
4743Bug allow select a column with the value to be interpolated2014-06-20 03:02 AM
17703Bug reportClosedNormalv.split.vert Model Builder dialog boxVictor Olaya2018-02-22 11:13 AM
12512Bug reportClosedNormalv.sample fails in ProcessingVictor Olaya2015-04-08 12:57 AM
4733Bug reportClosedNormalv.proj GUI should allow enter the layer name of a mapset different than the ones available in the open one2014-06-20 05:40 AM
14806Bug reportClosedNormalv.out.dxf not working at all2019-01-30 03:14 PM
4669Bug reportClosedNormalv.normal do not work2014-06-20 05:29 AM
21142Bug sequence HTML outputAlexander Bruy2019-02-01 07:14 AM
17249Bug and 01:15 PM
21969Bug is not considering the 2019-05-03 08:01 PM
22013Bug - node cost columnAlexander Bruy2019-05-23 05:43 AM
15554Bug in processing fails when there are spaces in the layer nameVictor Olaya2016-09-15 01:06 AM
16672Bug in ProcessingAlexander Bruy2017-06-10 07:40 PM
17319Bug category value 2017-11-14 09:06 AM
11080Bug reportClosedNormalv.kernel not working in QGIS 2.5.02014-10-04 06:08 AM
3009Bug reportClosedLowv.kernel help missingLorenzo Masini2010-09-15 06:10 AM
4038Bug reportClosedNormalv.kernel error message2013-07-30 01:13 AM
1616Bug reportClosedLowv.kernel and overwriting and not showing resultsnobody -2010-02-12 01:57 AM
5587Feature should allow us to ignore details2015-12-09 05:00 AM
3342Bug exists twice in GRASS toolbox2015-11-19 05:33 AM
1607Bug does not recognize loaded point vectorsLorenzo Masini2009-08-12 12:07 AM
2004Bug does not have a directory browser buttonLorenzo Masini2009-12-15 09:00 AM
1368Feature and layer selection works differentlyLorenzo Masini2009-08-22 01:02 AM
12798Bug reportClosedNormalv.generalize in Processing: wrong output projectionVictor Olaya2015-06-07 04:33 AM

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