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when digitizing, show vertexes of the layer, you catch from

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a lot of thanks for the popup window to change the catching options since ver. 1.7.

When digitising objects, you do not see vertexes of the backgroundlayer, you catch from. In result, vertexes will forget and the digitised objects are not prefect.

In the window "catchingoptions", it would be goud to have an option field "show vertexes" of the layer, you catch from.

An example is in the the attached file.

Thanks for a solution.

show_vertexes_of_a_layer_when_catch_from.jpg (95.4 KB) Gerhard Spieles, 2010-12-03 01:02 PM


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thanks for your work. I have installed trunk 0a89f197 (SVN r15329) (trunk nr. 81). My suggestion is to optimize catching function. In the attached examples, i want to digitize a new polygon in the layer "testpolygoncadfunctions". I catch from the vertexes from the layer "Flurstuecke" The problem is, that normaly, I do not see the vertexes of the layer "Flurstuecke" (see attached picture 1). The result of the digitzed polygon is not precise.

I only see the vertexes of the layer "Flurstuecke", when I set the layer "Flurstuecke" in the edit mode. That is not good, because I dont want edit the layer "Flurstuecke". Therfore, i proposed, to add in the window "catching options" a chekbox to see the vertexes of the layer, you catch from, in my example, I want to see the vertexes of the layer "Flurstuecke".

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You can see them if you set the other alyer as editable. If this solves for you, please close this ticket.

From gespiel
---> It is not the best solution to set the layer you catch from in edit mode, but i accept it and close the ticket.

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