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10832Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBad Allocation when opening raster propertiesJürgen Fischer2014-10-15 03:44 PM
14117Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBad polygon digitizing in master2016-01-18 03:51 PM
10986Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBatch processing autofill option deletes last filename characterVictor Olaya2015-06-07 04:31 AM
7603Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBlending is applied to all symbol layers separatelyNyall Dawson2013-04-17 02:30 PM
16466Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBookmark Export is missing the Icon2017-04-27 12:32 AM
14834Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBroken Select by Expression algorithmVictor Olaya2016-05-23 04:27 AM
6897Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBroken import of simple marker lineArunmozhi P2012-12-27 02:29 PM
7191Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBroken modes in graduated renderer classification (master regression)2013-03-01 12:07 PM
11393Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBrowse button of Processing dialog does not workVictor Olaya2014-10-12 10:23 AM
12507Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBrowser connections issues in masterJürgen Fischer2015-06-30 04:54 AM
7784Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBrowser keeps crashing when navigating the tree2013-05-13 01:31 AM
15011Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBrowser panel is unusable2016-06-14 04:47 AM
10356Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBuffer locks up system/fills swap (memory leak)2017-05-01 01:21 AM
5598Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCRS attribution algorithm for newly added layers broken in qgis-master (upcoming 1.8)2012-06-01 03:42 AM
7598Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCRS info on the lower right corner does not show anymore2013-05-29 03:52 AM
8033Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCRS selector window stopped showing when inserting shapefile with missing projection into project2013-06-10 11:43 PM
13735Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCRS transformation broken in Master?Jürgen Fischer2015-11-12 02:47 PM
16376Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCalculations errors on WGS84 with Ellipsoid set to None/PlanimetricNyall Dawson2017-03-25 03:33 AM
5692Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan not change legend fonts in print composer2012-10-03 05:22 PM
8284Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan not drag and drop layers to Spatialite in DB Manager2013-07-12 12:58 PM
5657Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan't delete more then one vertexJürgen Fischer2012-05-28 03:18 PM
13024Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan't edit ESRI .gdb file2015-06-22 03:11 PM
11340Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan't edit OTB applications folder in processing moduleVictor Olaya2017-05-01 11:06 AM
12909Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan't edit new features without "ChangeAttributeValue"/"ChangeGeometry" capabilityJürgen Fischer2015-06-08 02:31 PM
14006Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan't export layers from Postgis tables with Z component geometriesHugo Mercier2016-04-27 11:18 AM
11126Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan't move composer legend items up/downMartin Dobias2014-09-05 03:41 AM
10980Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan't set new map extent after changed layer visibilty2015-10-21 06:25 PM
10835Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCan't toggle layer visibility in canvas when selecting multiple layers.Jürgen Fischer2014-10-15 09:50 AM
8992Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot activate the composer snapping gridNyall Dawson2013-11-03 04:05 PM
10688Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot add anymore Views with proper PK from DB manager2014-06-24 09:26 AM
7391Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot add anymore a table of attributes in print composer2013-03-19 09:46 AM
10665Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot add anymore geometryless tables to print composersNyall Dawson2014-06-20 10:17 PM
12414Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot change Filter2015-06-05 12:01 PM
12233Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot change fonts in print composerJürgen Fischer2015-02-27 11:59 AM
11322Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot copy/paste Spatialite features (when using autoincrementing primary key)2014-10-20 04:41 PM
10747Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot copy/paste points features2015-10-10 01:01 PM
7664Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot create new Spatialite layer2013-07-12 12:53 PM
13638Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot load empty Postgis viewsJürgen Fischer2015-10-22 01:19 AM
11474Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot move anymore layers in TOC in QGIS masterMartin Dobias2014-10-23 05:10 AM
11168Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot remove expression fields (crash)Matthias Kuhn2014-10-06 01:25 AM
7148Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot remove vectors from GRASS mapset2013-05-16 09:45 AM
8473Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot rename layers in composer legendMarco Hugentobler2013-09-03 05:07 AM
11361Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot right click on vector layer in TOC when its table of attributes is open on KDEMartin Dobias2014-10-20 06:18 AM
10165Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot use "less than"/"greater than" operators on date fieldsMatthias Kuhn2014-06-03 03:56 PM
10163Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCategorized and graduated style do not work using shapefile as vector provider2014-06-06 07:02 AM
14273Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCategorized style : deselecting the NULL category makes all features invisible2016-02-15 06:21 PM
7190Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCell values in attribute table aren't refreshed after column delete rollback (regression in master)2013-03-27 05:34 AM
6502Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionChanging edit widget type for geometry less tables crashes QGIS2012-10-14 02:33 AM
6901Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionChanging symbols to >1 symbology classes leads QGIS to crashArunmozhi P2012-12-28 01:17 PM
14323Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCheckbox "Control feature rendering order" is not honored2016-02-18 03:13 PM
10340Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionClicking "apply" causes the column used for labelling/symbology to resetDenis Rouzaud2014-06-11 03:18 PM
7452Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionColumn values disappear when choosing an edit widget2013-05-29 12:11 AM
12004Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionColumn width behaviour is inconsistent (for shapefiles)2015-02-12 03:08 PM
7608Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCommit 3a35a53 causes segfault when loading project2013-05-02 06:01 PM
11462Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionComposer - adding new field in table 2014-10-22 02:04 AM
9455Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionComposer Item snaps to paper's shadow rather than paperNyall Dawson2014-01-30 03:25 AM
10599Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionComposer blank page - QPixmap It is not safe to use pixmaps outside the GUI thread2014-06-25 02:16 AM
11330Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionComposer legend is now resizable to a size smaller than the items inside2014-10-20 11:06 PM
11457Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionComposer map: filter legend by map content doesn't works2014-10-23 10:35 PM
7519Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionComposer: change in reference point changes positionMarco Hugentobler2013-04-12 09:48 AM
12057Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionComputed area is wrong when reprojection is active2015-10-16 09:35 PM
15521Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionConcave hull brokenVictor Olaya2016-10-16 06:19 AM
14017Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionConfiguring the Topology checker tool makes QGIS master crash2015-12-21 12:31 AM
16097Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionConvert formats within a processing model2017-03-03 02:52 AM
11827Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionConverting offline permanently removes edit types (field ui widgets) from layer.2015-02-10 09:43 AM
10537Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionConverting offline twice within the same instance causing unusable offline stateAlessandro Pasotti2016-04-21 11:49 PM
14010Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionConverting to Offline Editing of WFS-T layer causes minidumpAlessandro Pasotti2016-04-19 10:26 AM
11336Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCopy / Paste PostGIS features problemJürgen Fischer2014-10-15 07:58 AM
5410Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCopy constructor of QgsDataSourceURI does not work 2012-04-18 03:39 PM
9489Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCopy/Paste issue with explicit primary keys2014-12-20 03:22 AM
13755Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCopy/paste PostGIS layer: date not autofill ( ('now'::text)::date)Jürgen Fischer2016-07-01 06:52 AM
7722Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCore plugins showing "?" instead of their version number.2013-06-06 08:52 AM
13308Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash QGIS 2.10.1 after select MultiGeometry features from PostGIS into Temporary Layer2015-10-21 06:22 PM
7483Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash after selecting rows in attribute tableMatthias Kuhn2013-04-02 01:14 PM
15634Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash after using color picker with categorized and rule-based rendererNyall Dawson2016-09-28 01:03 PM
11562Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash after using memory data provider in python and adding the layer to the layer registry2014-11-16 11:11 PM
14001Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash in QGIS Server running without project in CGI modeMatthias Kuhn2015-12-26 09:58 AM
10343Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash in legend with invalid layerMartin Dobias2014-05-25 09:41 AM
10461Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash on Browser when select a SHP and change between windows tabs2014-06-08 07:06 AM
7913Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash on WFS auth fail2013-05-31 02:10 AM
14260Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash on exit2017-09-22 10:05 AM
12822Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash on exit in Windows version2015-05-27 12:46 AM
14253Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash on layer saveas Debian Stretch/Testing2016-02-10 06:32 AM
10362Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash on rollback after addition of a featureMatthias Kuhn2014-05-27 09:21 AM
13535Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash using Geometry Checker pluginSandro Mani2016-07-07 04:48 AM
6940Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash using Python console and latest QScintilla 2.7Salvatore Larosa2013-01-04 08:29 AM
13366Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when adding new field, changing its value and deleting the same field without saveGiuseppe Sucameli2015-09-22 06:29 AM
14123Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when choosing "Save As" on a layer with sqlite 3.102016-02-11 09:06 AM
15566Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when clicking on magnifier spinboxSandro Santilli2017-09-22 09:55 AM
11229Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when deleting a column from attribute table2014-09-21 11:51 PM
12930Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when deleting a column from attribute table2015-06-18 09:22 PM
13674Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when deleting features with node tool (2.12)2015-10-28 11:02 PM
15659Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when deleting features with node tool (2.14 for Mac OS)Martin Dobias2016-12-12 03:31 AM
15087Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when deleting the last segment of a compoundcurveEven Rouault2016-06-20 08:17 AM
11533Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when doing right-click Identify/action on PostGIS layer2014-11-03 03:21 PM
11445Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when double clicking on a modeller algVictor Olaya2014-10-20 10:37 AM
6843Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when first field is hidden2012-12-10 06:21 AM
6501Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when joining a shape file to a csv file2012-12-13 03:02 PM
7250Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when layers loaded using a python plugin and diagramRendererMatthias Kuhn2013-03-03 10:16 PM
14116Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash when opening layer properties dialog for geometryless vector layerSebastian Dietrich2016-01-15 06:59 PM

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