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18114Bug reportClosedLowQGIS startup error when trying to start from icon pinned to taskbar (Windows 10 Pro)Jürgen Fischer2018-02-15 09:15 PM
17996Bug reportClosedLowStatusbar do not stop refreshing2018-02-07 10:12 AM
16501Feature requestClosedLowPoints to Path Support for 2.5D PointsVictor Olaya2018-02-02 09:13 AM
3138Feature requestClosedLowAdd plugin autopackaging scriptBorys Jurgiel2018-01-29 07:04 PM
3113Feature requestClosedLowGDAL Tools: enable Clipper also for WMS layers2018-01-29 07:04 PM
3101Feature requestClosedLowlet the user select a standard folder for all data producednobody -2018-01-29 06:57 PM
3042Feature requestClosedLowarrow extremities cannot be moved2018-01-29 06:52 PM
2298Bug reportClosedLowNative QFileDialogs don't remember last filter valuenobody -2018-01-29 06:44 PM
14600Bug reportClosedLowProcessing > gdalwarp: wrong error message, no command displayedVictor Olaya2018-01-27 12:12 PM
17842Feature requestClosedLowEnhancement: make snapping options dialog either openable or discoverable from snapping options toolbar2018-01-23 04:11 PM
17894Bug reportClosedLowTest2018-01-22 12:02 PM
3584Feature requestClosedLowSelect features by radius should display current radius2018-01-18 08:33 PM
16970Bug reportClosedLowUser profile menu does not display properly on UbuntuJorge Rocha2018-01-15 06:50 AM
17716Bug reportClosedLowBleached pixels at right and bottom border - saving as image from composer2018-01-03 10:15 PM
9398Feature requestClosedLowmap overview in composer with different coordinate systems2017-12-19 01:19 AM
1830Feature requestClosedLowContext Menu for Map Composernobody -2017-12-07 11:13 AM
16977Bug reportClosedLowCannot install 2.18/2.14 on Ubuntu Xenial with Ubuntugis dependencies (and repos)2017-12-04 05:30 AM
16973Bug reportClosedLowHelp viewer stores defaults in a wrong pathJorge Rocha2017-12-01 06:29 PM
16183Bug reportClosedLowBookmark remove dialog German translation issueQGIS Translation Team2017-11-27 01:19 AM
12699Bug reportClosedLowPlugin Manager : Installed plugins list is not sortedBorys Jurgiel2017-11-23 10:44 AM
2724Feature requestClosedLowLook for (like firefox)Nathan Woodrow2017-11-13 11:06 AM
12932Feature requestClosedLowBetter "Invalid Layer" error messageNathan Woodrow2017-11-13 06:53 AM
17253Bug reportClosedLowThe canvas and the composer are overlaid in the canvas2017-11-02 11:44 AM
16255Feature requestClosedLowway to avoid loss of non-core svg folders during upgrade2017-10-31 01:39 AM
16634Feature requestClosedLowRenaming favourites2017-10-30 03:55 AM
13722Feature requestClosedLowRight Click Remove from Recent Projects2017-10-26 02:25 PM
17222Bug reportClosedLowOpenFileGDB feature count showing in layer name value2017-10-23 08:47 AM
14232Bug reportClosedLowselect features in a spatialite view leads to wrong_results2017-10-04 04:03 PM
16660Bug reportClosedLowerror: VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing2017-09-25 04:48 PM
16865Bug reportClosedLowUnable to create new print composer2017-09-25 04:36 PM
14576Bug reportClosedLow403 error. Standalone installer2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14569Bug reportClosedLowEnable Tracing - German translation2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14540Bug reportClosedLowWant to split a layer, doesn't work in qgis 2.14.02017-09-22 10:05 AM
14468Bug reportClosedLow'QGIS Version Information' dialogue box mentions wrong QGIS version2017-09-22 10:05 AM
14461Bug reportClosedLowGPS compatibility2017-09-22 10:05 AM
15761Bug reportRejectedLowPlease provide a Toolbox interface to SAGA 32017-09-22 09:55 AM
15717Bug reportClosedLowChange project CSR from layer CSR doesn't change CSR everywhereNyall Dawson2017-09-22 09:55 AM
15358Bug reportClosedLowQGis 2.16 crashes if the qt4-sqlite3 library not installed2017-09-22 09:55 AM
13762Bug reportClosedLowError accessing external WMS server -- WMS provider: Cannot calculate extent2017-09-19 07:42 PM
15186Bug reportClosedLowcomposer: atlas export to image does not remember file formatMathieu Pellerin - nIRV2017-09-18 11:50 AM
14846Bug reportClosedLowQGIS Union: wrong results2017-09-14 10:52 PM
15702Feature requestClosedLowImage metada (GDAL) does not show compression information of an image2017-09-12 09:32 AM
15698Bug reportClosedLow[Processing] Import Vector into PostGIS database doesn't work with file geodatabaseSandro Santilli2017-09-07 05:45 PM
3348Bug reportClosedLowGDAL TIFF dataset masking not fully supported2017-08-30 10:55 AM
17082Bug reportClosedLowAutoCAD driver showing in Add Raster layer dialog2017-08-28 10:15 AM
17069Bug reportClosedLowoffline editing layer tree is broken 2017-08-25 02:33 PM
16896Bug reportClosedLowWhen loading default styles for Processing output, only .qml should be shownVictor Olaya2017-08-22 05:44 PM
8113Feature requestClosedLowbuildvrt: list of files as a file, not as a list2017-08-18 03:23 PM
2830Feature requestClosedLowsymbology: add option to sort size-scaled symbols with largest at bottom2017-08-13 06:01 PM
16999Feature requestClosedLowDelay loading of composers upon startup2017-08-10 07:47 PM
16975Bug reportClosedLowPackage python-qgis fails to install from ubuntugis ppa2017-08-09 10:19 AM
8165Bug reportClosedLowgdaltools "info" does not work until you change a option2017-08-08 08:04 AM
9315Bug reportClosedLowField Calculator, slow performance with 2.1.0-104Matthias Kuhn2017-08-08 01:05 AM
11680Feature requestClosedLowList layers name in functions panel within "select by expression" dialog2017-08-01 11:30 AM
15188Bug reportClosedLowImporting .shp files into PostGIS fails (Error 7)Sandro Santilli2017-07-11 12:17 AM
7967Feature requestClosedLowModeler: Output of a tool is not graphically used as the input of the next toolVictor Olaya2017-06-29 01:15 AM
16727Bug reportClosedLowImporting files from GDB containing a .shp file2017-06-20 07:53 PM
3209Feature requestClosedLowSet "Skip attribute creation" as a default setting when user chooses "Microstation DGN" format for export2017-06-13 05:07 PM
2989Feature requestClosedLowimprove reading of DWG to equal DGN functionalityJürgen Fischer2017-06-13 05:05 PM
16357Feature requestClosedLowAllow to set extent from other layer in raster save as dialog2017-06-01 02:02 AM
15098Bug reportClosedLowArcGIS Map/Feature server dialogs do not open on WindowsJürgen Fischer2017-05-28 01:54 AM
16504Bug reportClosedLowMissing CRS in Mac version2017-05-26 05:03 PM
14046Feature requestClosedLowExporting symbol from Style Manager : add a checkbox near each symbol to easier multiple selection2017-05-24 05:03 PM
14413Bug reportClosedLowSave project data with relative paths at first save not working (QGIS 2.14)2017-05-24 01:44 PM
14592Bug reportClosedLowTest connection returns no feedback in the new MSSQL connection dialogNathan Woodrow2017-05-19 12:43 PM
13952Bug reportClosedLowQGIS node tool causes snapping another feature randomlySandro Santilli2017-05-19 09:13 AM
16327Bug reportClosedLow"Edit Create Options" dialogue doesn't handle whitespace correctly2017-05-18 07:13 AM
14789Feature requestClosedLowSearch layers panel2017-05-18 05:45 AM
16567Bug reportClosedLowShear values iin transform effect are not being saved2017-05-18 12:12 AM
3832Feature requestClosedLowadd x y input to move2017-05-06 11:37 AM
5703Feature requestRejectedLowImplement raster extent and resolution from an existing raster also for OTBVictor Olaya2017-05-03 07:04 PM
3486Feature requestClosedLowSnapping for move tool2017-05-01 05:42 PM
3231Feature requestClosedLowEnhancements: Numerical move tool & use two clicks instead of dragging with move toolnobody -2017-05-01 02:35 PM
12426Bug reportClosedLowBetter commander and more obvious way to close itVictor Olaya2017-05-01 01:06 PM
2282Feature requestClosedLowIntegrate a spin box in simplify tool dialognobody -2017-05-01 12:02 PM
1983Feature requestClosedLowVisual notice of scale-based layer visibilitynobody -2017-05-01 11:50 AM
1740Feature requestClosedLowdigitize polygon/polyline snapping more than one node of another vector objectnobody -2017-05-01 11:43 AM
1659Feature requestClosedLowadd a 'reload button' to the QGIS table2017-05-01 11:37 AM
1635Feature requestClosedLowAdd option for bookmarks: "this project only"2017-05-01 11:34 AM
1137Feature requestClosedLowOrdering attribute table by two or more fields2017-05-01 11:20 AM
1063Feature requestClosedLowSVG Symbols repository2017-05-01 11:15 AM
14143Bug reportClosedLowgetRequiredPackages in does not respect commented out linesVictor Olaya2017-05-01 11:06 AM
12155Bug reportClosedLowDutch Translation not correct for 'Deze laag heeft een dialoogvenster Eigenschappen' moet waarschijnlijk 'geen' zijnQGIS Translation Team2017-05-01 10:54 AM
3581Bug reportBounty paidLowFtools: union tool leave holes in outputcfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3563Bug reportClosedLowField calculatorcfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3549Bug reportClosedLowGetting incomplete results from Intersect tool (fTools)2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3523Bug reportClosedLowexport/add geometry columns does not work if shape is obtained from kmlOtto Dassau2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3500Bug reportClosedLowfTools: unsufficient field width for Area and Perimeter fieldsAlexander Bruy2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3474Feature requestClosedLowAdd supporting any field for Singleparts to multipart toolcfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3456Bug reportClosedLowDifference between vectors is empty if one of the inputs has errors2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3373Feature requestClosedLowfTools buffer geoprocessing error with certain datacfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3371Bug reportClosedLowRandom points is terribly slow with complex featurescfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3362Feature requestClosedLowfTools: different defaults for latlong and metric SRScfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3256Feature requestClosedLowadd batch mode in ftools "export to new projection" (for shapefiles)cfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3148Bug reportClosedLowftools, buffering: error in shapefile writingcfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3077Bug reportClosedLowftools (merge shapefiles tool): QGIS crashes if shapes are missing the .prj fileAlexander Bruy2017-05-01 01:23 AM
3010Feature requestClosedLowftools (merge shapefiles tool): patch to add option to select attribute table structurecfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
2806Bug reportClosedLowftools.dissolve and geoprocessing.dissolve "loose" polygons2017-05-01 01:23 AM
2733Bug reportClosedLowfTools Add geometry column fails to add XCOORD if source is GPX file or PostGIS Layer2017-05-01 01:23 AM
2405Bug reportClosedLowftools does not always work with Spatialitecfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM

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