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20831Bug reportClosedNormalRange widget does not honor default value on not null columnHugo Mercier2019-01-30 01:31 PM
20830Bug reportClosedNormalWhen QGIS is updated to version 3.2, SQL triggers cannot be used.2018-12-19 02:12 AM
20829Bug reportClosedNormalSnapping options in meters rounded to integersLoïc BARTOLETTI2019-02-20 02:01 AM
20828Bug reportClosedNormalUnable to save project / auxiliary storage2019-03-09 11:08 AM
20827Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS3.4.1 crashes after short period inactivity2018-12-17 11:46 PM
20826Bug reportClosedNormalOpen capabilities but restricted service - QGIS crashesNyall Dawson2019-02-03 03:01 AM
20823Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashing on exit2019-01-08 12:11 PM
20822Bug reportClosedNormalBatch buffer does not start and crashes application2018-12-17 07:05 AM
20821Bug reportRejectedNormalgrass reclass error - inconsitent use of tabs and spaces 2019-01-22 01:31 PM
20820Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4 crashed when using ArcGIS MapServer and FeatureServer2018-12-16 08:25 PM
20816Bug reportClosedNormalCrash by closing Qgis 3.4.22019-01-14 01:50 PM
20815Bug reportClosedNormalSaga Zonal Grid Statistics with using [save to temporary file] attempts to create a .shp2018-12-17 01:50 AM
20814Bug reportClosedNormalComputer temporarily freezes (hangs-up) during file open/save operations2018-12-14 11:41 PM
20813Bug reportClosedNormalPrint composer crash2019-03-08 10:50 AM
20812Bug reportClosedNormalEdit features in place - fix geometries not workingAlessandro Pasotti2018-12-22 08:44 AM
20810Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Server 3 - drawing order of grouped layerAlessandro Pasotti2019-01-09 09:41 AM
20808Bug reportClosedNormalWFS2 GetFeature over python interface fails with QGIS versions 2.18.21<2019-01-21 08:26 PM
20807Bug reportClosedNormalCannot Install to Fedora 29, 64-bit2018-12-14 06:31 PM
20806Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.2 crush on exit2018-12-14 08:40 AM
20804Bug reportClosedNormalSymbology of a layer with categories based on boolean field displays nothing2018-12-14 03:38 AM
20803Bug reportClosedNormalgrass algorithms on geopackage vecto change fid tpe2018-12-13 08:14 PM
20801Bug reportClosedNormalGetFeatureInfo response empty for child relation table in QGIS Server 3Alessandro Pasotti2019-02-07 11:41 AM
20800Bug reportClosedNormalStroke color override with @symbol_color does not use overridden Fill color2019-01-22 04:38 AM
20799Bug reportClosedNormalDistance matrix output is false2018-12-17 02:22 PM
20798Bug reportClosedNormalPoints inside polygons2019-01-22 08:31 AM
20797Bug reportClosedNormalExport to CSV including Geometry AS_WKT2019-02-24 01:14 AM
20796Bug reportClosedNormalSVM Classification, SupportVectorMachineClassification(OpenCV)-Vector FieldAlexander Bruy2019-01-24 04:23 AM
20795Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.4.1 crashes on 'Save as...'2019-01-15 04:06 AM
20789Bug reportClosedHighCheck Geometries causes crash on 3.4.2 and Master Alessandro Pasotti2018-12-13 08:14 AM
20788Bug reportClosedHighError whilst running delete duplicates algorithm in QGIS 3.42018-12-17 02:22 PM
20787Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.2 keeps crashing in Windows 72019-01-10 01:46 PM
20786Bug reportClosedNormalSelect by polygon right-click and identify tool don't work with OTF 2018-12-18 08:26 AM
20785Feature requestClosedNormalPlease add scrollbar in Symbol Selector > Gradient Fill2018-12-12 09:35 AM
20784Bug reportClosedNormalUsing atribute in a style definition locks lines and polygon layers against editing2019-03-09 10:00 AM
20783Bug reportClosedNormalCrash when opening (corrupted) qgz projectAlessandro Pasotti2018-12-12 03:27 PM
20782Bug reportClosedNormalcrash when quit Qgis2018-12-11 10:30 PM
20781Bug reportClosedHighCrashed trying to export to a PDF2019-01-15 04:07 AM
20779Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes while copying/pasting features from one layer to another2019-01-15 04:07 AM
20778Bug reportClosedNormalCannot delete individual vertex in lines2018-12-11 11:56 PM
20775Bug reportClosedNormalMSSQL trigger issuesNyall Dawson2018-12-19 02:12 AM
20774Bug reportClosedHighVertex tool wrong behaviorMartin Dobias2019-01-30 11:17 AM
20771Bug reportClosedHighCrash during editing of vector feature2019-01-15 04:08 AM
20770Bug reportClosedHighGrid annotations on right side are incorrectly placed and oriented2019-03-09 10:02 AM
20769Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crash when editing attribute table2019-01-15 04:07 AM
20768Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crashes everytime I click Options under Settings Tab2018-12-11 11:19 AM
20767Bug reportClosedHighCrash Processing Modeler2018-12-11 10:27 PM
20766Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.4.2 crashes upon exit2018-12-11 01:21 PM
20765Bug reportClosedHighDelete field in table delete all features2019-01-22 10:20 PM
20764Bug reportClosedNormalDuplicate QGIS entry in Ubuntu launcherJorge Rocha2018-12-10 06:52 PM
20763Bug reportClosedHighCrash when in DB Manager, trying to browse a PostgreSQL DB2019-01-09 10:54 AM
20761Bug reportClosedHighCrashes always when opening2019-01-15 04:08 AM
20758Bug reportClosedHighPrint Composer doesn't show symbols in legend2018-12-11 11:35 AM
20757Bug reportClosedNormalcrash when closing desktop application2018-12-10 10:09 AM
20756Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.2 crashing2018-12-08 01:20 AM
20755Bug reportClosedNormalQGis Madeira crashes every time a USB Device (memory stick, harddisk) is plugged in or out2018-12-07 02:34 PM
20752Bug reportClosedHighQgis 3.4.1 crashes when accessing methods of feature2019-01-28 03:40 PM
20749Bug reportClosedLowAttribute form is out of sync with Source fields2018-12-07 07:06 PM
20748Bug reportClosedHighStyle Manager Dialog Unsizeable when using svg markers2019-01-14 09:24 AM
20747Bug reportClosedHighCrash with PG rastersEven Rouault2019-01-22 04:21 PM
20746Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4 is very unstable on my Windows 10 laptop2018-12-07 04:25 PM
20745Bug reportClosedHighmap unit - coordinates displaying2018-12-06 09:09 PM
20743Bug reportClosedNormalAfter handling bad layers, no unsaved stateAlessandro Pasotti2018-12-13 02:57 PM
20742Bug reportClosedHighZoom to Layer does not respond to filtered WFSEven Rouault2019-02-07 05:32 PM
20738Bug reportClosedHighUnable to save Postgis layers as Shapefiles2019-02-24 01:06 AM
20737Bug reportClosedNormalCan't open shapefiles from https websites on windows2019-02-24 10:20 AM
20736Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Database Manager fails to connect2018-12-07 08:02 AM
20733Bug reportClosedHighAttribute table: Order of columns doesn't persist2018-12-19 09:05 PM
20732Bug reportClosedHighGeoReferecer ignore settings of georeference system and set 3857 by default2019-02-24 10:15 AM
20731Feature requestClosedHighShow Absolute Time when viewing an Mesh in QGISPeter Petrik2019-03-15 08:44 AM
20729Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.2 crashes on exit2018-12-05 05:53 PM
20727Bug reportClosedNormalPOSTGIS polygon layer will not close edit session2019-02-24 01:11 AM
20723Bug reportClosedNormalQgsVectorLayer.featuresDeleted signal not emitted when deleting features programatically2018-12-05 11:25 AM
20722Feature requestClosedNormalMesh layers could show 'mesh' icon in Layers panel?Peter Petrik2019-02-01 03:39 PM
20721Bug reportClosedHighgdal:warpreproject missing old 'extra' paramAlexander Bruy2019-01-22 07:19 AM
20720Bug reportClosedLow"QGIS 3 quit unexpectedly."2018-12-06 09:43 AM
20718Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashed with open GRASS new and old directory2019-03-08 10:33 AM
20717Bug reportClosedNormalPoint layer display2018-12-28 03:09 PM
20716Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when closing after PostGIS connection time-out2019-02-24 01:20 AM
20715Bug reportClosedNormalRelation reference widget: "Order by value" option doesn't work as expected2019-02-24 01:47 AM
20714Bug reportClosedNormalValue relation widget with multiple selection don't work anymore with custom UI2018-12-05 05:04 PM
20713Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing gdal sieve: mask parameter should be optional (and is not possible to get rid of it)Giovanni Manghi2019-01-01 03:26 PM
20710Bug reportClosedNormalCan't save a model in the Processing Modeler2018-12-24 08:58 AM
20707Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing - clicking on Refactor fields returns a Python errorNyall Dawson2018-12-04 02:20 AM
20706Bug reportClosedNormalRaster Calculator on ecw2019-02-24 01:21 AM
20704Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.4.2. LTR - Win10 - Crashes *every time* at Settings ==> Options.2019-02-24 01:12 AM
20702Bug reportClosedNormalAdd from layer definition file - does not set options edit type widget2019-03-08 11:44 AM
20698Bug reportClosedHighProcessing: saga patch does not run successfully (Unknown option 'INTERPOLATION')Nyall Dawson2018-12-04 01:35 AM
20697Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.4.2 crashes on exit2018-12-14 08:53 AM
20696Bug reportClosedHighProcessing: r.plane does not run successfully2018-12-03 11:54 PM
20695Bug reportClosedHigh Crash when adding new feature with editing feature turned on qgis 3.4.22019-01-15 04:09 AM
20693Bug reportClosedNormalLAYERTITLESPACE in GetLegendGraphic is not taken into accountAlessandro Pasotti2019-01-05 09:39 PM
20689Bug reportClosedNormalPrint Composer Fonts and Styling Inaccessible Mac OS Mojave 10.142018-12-02 10:56 PM
20688Bug reportClosedHighProcessing Toolbox Crash2019-01-01 02:32 PM
20686Bug reportClosedNormalProblem met with QGIS 2.18.21 linked with GRASS 7.4.1 plug-in on Windows 7 and on Linux Ubuntu release 18.04 LTS2019-02-24 10:05 AM
20685Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS raster 3d settings is not scroll-able2019-02-04 09:47 AM
20684Bug reportClosedNormalZamkniecie QGIS Desktop przy odpieciu zewnętrznego źródla danych2018-12-03 04:58 PM
20683Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 2.18.21 desktop en interface avec GRASS 7.4.12018-11-30 03:14 PM
20682Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4 ToggleEditingAlessandro Pasotti2018-12-01 09:42 AM
20681Bug reportClosedHighGenerate Shapefile to PostGIS2019-02-24 12:56 AM
20680Bug reportClosedNormalDecoration -> Scale Bar should use ellipsoidal measurement rather than planimetric2018-11-29 07:26 PM
20679Bug reportClosedHighQGIS Crashed when closing project without saving2018-11-30 08:40 AM
20677Bug reportClosedNormalVery often crashes. Quite 2 each day2018-11-29 04:07 PM
20676Bug reportClosedHighQgis Crash while executing modelNyall Dawson2018-11-30 12:53 AM
20675Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashes after successful saving the project and trying to quit2018-11-29 04:06 PM
20674Bug reportClosedHighDB Manager - load sql query as layer with geom columnAlessandro Pasotti2018-12-19 05:23 PM
20673Bug reportClosedHighQGIS3.4 Organize columns, data integrity compromisedJulien Cabieces2019-01-21 02:17 PM
20672Bug reportClosedHighmysql 5.7.22 connection/feature viewing & editing2019-03-09 11:07 AM
20671Bug reportClosedHighQGIS3 crashes when getting canvas scene items2018-11-30 11:05 AM
20670Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing raster calculator error when re-rerunning the algorithmAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-30 09:16 AM
20669Bug reportClosedNormalcrash qgis desktop modifying virtual layer connected on spatialite2019-02-11 04:12 AM
20667Bug reportClosedHigh'execute sql' as part of a model does not recognize the input of a previous algorithm2019-01-22 07:29 AM
20666Bug reportClosedNormalin an embedded layer joined attributes are visible only after refreshing the map2019-02-24 10:52 AM
20665Feature requestClosedNormalpatch: better documentation for inconsistent behaviour of x_at (and y_at)Yves Jacolin2018-11-29 05:32 PM
20664Bug reportRejectedHighinability to load Google Open Map Layers2018-11-29 03:41 PM
20662Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing modeler: PostgreSQL execute and load SQL saves password in cleartext2019-03-08 11:02 AM
20661Bug reportClosedNormalQgsPoint.clone() not fully reliable? It's original QgsFeature may get corrupted?2019-02-05 10:39 PM
20660Bug reportClosedNormalCould not load qgis_app.dll2019-03-08 11:06 AM
20657Bug reportClosedHigh*Crash ID*: 90cda49984b18d03e442e659511e135af0f3228cJürgen Fischer2019-01-02 01:25 PM
20656Bug reportClosedHighIdentify feature task never stop on Spatialite layer2018-11-30 08:49 AM
20655Bug reportClosedNormalgrass not working in qgisn 2.18.26 ltr. 'r was unexpected at this time82019-02-24 01:41 AM
20652Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.1 crashing2018-12-14 08:54 AM
20650Bug reportClosedNormalBatch processing won't run and exiting tool from batch tab crashes QGISNyall Dawson2018-11-29 10:03 AM
20649Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Crash2018-11-27 08:40 PM
20648Bug reportClosedHighProcessing/batch mode freezes QGIS2018-11-29 12:12 PM
20647Bug reportClosedNormalSpatial overlay of grid and polygon crashes2018-12-24 09:00 AM
20646Bug reportClosedNormal i.segment (GRASS 7.4.2) only produces a Goodness Raster but no Segmented Raster2019-05-23 08:21 AM
20644Bug reportClosedNormalCrash on exit qgis 3.4.22018-11-27 06:06 PM
20643Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Crash 2018-11-27 02:38 PM
20642Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashes in background2018-11-27 02:07 PM
20641Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS CrashedJürgen Fischer2018-11-27 01:35 PM
20640Bug reportClosedNormalUser Profiles Menu interface customization2019-01-23 05:30 PM
20639Bug reportClosedNormalCustom page size in print layout not working2019-02-07 11:38 PM
20636Bug reportClosedHighSaving styles as SLD is broken2019-03-08 10:17 AM
20635Bug reportClosedNormalCreating a new ShapeFile Layer fails in QGIS 3.42019-02-24 12:55 AM
20634Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.1 crashes when idle2018-11-26 09:20 PM
20633Bug reportClosedHighQgsVectorLayer from spatialite featureid problemJulien Cabieces2019-02-13 03:13 PM
20632Bug reportClosedHighGrass7 v.dissolve algorithm not working on Windows (WinError 87)2018-11-27 03:14 PM
20631Bug reportClosedNormalAdd back ability to modify gdal commands before running them2018-11-26 01:40 PM
20629Bug reportClosedHighqgis crashed2019-01-15 04:02 AM
20628Bug reportClosedHighCrash loading a WMS2019-02-24 12:54 AM
20626Bug reportClosedNormalCrash while smoothing contours2018-12-24 09:00 AM
20625Feature requestClosedNormalChange cursor style when node editing tool used2018-11-28 04:05 AM
20624Bug reportClosedNormalremove redundant CRSs2019-05-24 08:00 AM
20622Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crash2019-01-15 04:02 AM
20620Bug reportClosedHigh[geometry validation] saving edits does not work2018-12-11 01:35 PM
20618Bug reportClosedHighQGis 3.4 reproducible crash while in idle state2018-11-24 06:24 PM
20614Bug reportClosedHighProblem with encoding when using GRASS (v.generalize) through QGIS2019-02-12 07:45 PM
20613Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crash when closing the software2018-11-24 04:32 PM
20612Bug reportClosedHighQGIS does not even startJürgen Fischer2019-01-02 01:24 PM
20611Bug reportClosedHighData used and imported for calculation are again exported and created with the result of a calculation2019-03-09 04:47 PM
20610Bug reportClosedNormalAdd default parameter in GDAL contour2018-12-30 02:59 PM
20609Bug reportClosedHighError in Processing modeller2019-01-22 10:28 AM
20608Bug reportClosedHighr.viewshed fails in Windows due to unicode2018-11-23 06:28 PM
20605Bug reportClosedNormalPython error on opening or making some shp's and WMS layers2018-11-23 01:26 PM
20604Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashed2019-02-11 04:12 AM
20603Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS interprets wfs integer value NULL as '0'2019-03-08 11:55 AM
20602Bug reportClosedNormalApplicazione in backgound e disconnessione chiavetta2018-11-23 11:45 AM
20600Bug reportClosedHighCrashes when PC goes to leep2018-11-23 12:36 PM
20599Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.4.1 regularly crashing on Idle!2018-11-23 12:30 AM
20598Bug reportClosedHighEditing breaks in histogram crashes program2019-02-23 08:37 PM
20597Bug reportClosedNormalUnicodeDecodeError in v.clean tool2018-11-23 06:29 PM
20596Bug reportClosedNormalPrint composer causes crash when I save changes to layout2019-01-15 04:09 AM
20592Bug reportClosedHighMSSQL: Inserting a feature in a table with an after insert trigger attached failed!2019-01-07 02:47 AM
20591Bug reportClosedNormalDissolve tool failing to produce outputsAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-23 01:51 PM
20590Bug reportClosedNormalCrash after running2018-11-22 12:12 PM
20589Bug reportClosedHighCrash before closing2018-11-24 04:32 PM
20588Bug reportClosedHighods tables are not loaded correctly in QGIS 3.4Even Rouault2019-02-01 11:55 PM
20586Bug reportClosedHighgdal buildvrt missing an important paramAlexander Bruy2019-01-22 10:47 AM
20584Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4 Crashes on File Drive Change2018-11-22 04:49 AM
20583Bug reportClosedNormalRaster calculator freezes the GUI with big rastersAlessandro Pasotti2018-12-06 07:54 AM
20581Bug reportClosedHighQGis 3.4 reproducible crash while in idle stateJulien Cabieces2019-02-07 06:57 AM
20580Bug reportClosedNormalLegend - Filter legend by map content not working2018-11-22 09:44 AM
20579Feature requestClosedNormalImprove layer name rendering for MySQL connectionsAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-22 12:48 PM
20578Bug reportClosedNormalEmbed layers and groups does not work with compressed projects2018-11-21 10:09 AM
20577Bug reportClosedNormalQgis stützt ab wenn das Splitting Features tool geöffnet wird2019-02-24 09:23 AM
20573Bug reportClosedHighRegression: outputs of processing models are not assigned the specified styles2019-05-09 12:39 PM
20572Bug reportClosedHighqgis hangs up when adding multiple vector layers2019-02-24 12:56 AM
20571Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 3.4.1 keeps crashing2018-11-28 10:54 AM
20570Bug reportClosedNormalUnexpected crash after adding points to a new layer2019-01-15 04:09 AM
20568Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.4.1 advanced modification and snap block QGIS2019-01-30 01:47 PM
20567Bug reportClosedNormalOverriding symbols with expressions produces strange scale-related issues2018-11-26 08:25 PM
20565Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.4.1 crashes when trying to select SVG everywhere2018-11-22 06:05 PM
20564Bug reportClosedHighPoints along line2019-01-24 07:23 PM
20562Bug reportClosedNormalall layers gone when reopen *.qgZ as User „Jörn“2019-01-22 03:15 AM
20561Bug reportClosedNormal.qgs translation: ts-file empty2018-12-06 10:37 AM
20558Bug reportClosedHighQGIS crashes when printing to console in separate thread2018-11-22 09:32 AM
20557Bug reportClosedNormalprocessing: "default output vector layer extension" not respected by some tools2019-01-29 07:19 AM
20555Bug reportClosedNormalcrash after plugging the phone into the pc2018-11-19 09:42 PM
20554Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS crashed2018-11-20 07:28 AM
20552Bug reportClosedHighAttached KML file crashes QGIS2019-01-15 04:10 AM
20551Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 3.2.3 crashes on opening2019-01-15 04:03 AM
20549Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS SERVER - error in parsing WMS GetFeatureInfo as XMLAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-28 08:01 AM
20548Bug reportClosedHighQGis 3.4.1 : WMS and WFS errors2018-11-20 04:06 PM
20547Bug reportClosedHighSpatialite point layers are not displayed when the primary key is created in text type and a spatial index exists at the same timeJulien Cabieces2019-01-11 11:06 PM
20546Bug reportClosedNormalPrint composer tables add a line break to the last word with fixed column width2019-02-07 11:07 AM
20543Bug reportClosedNormalv. 3.4.1 Crash on plugging in my GPS unit2019-02-24 02:16 AM
20542Bug reportClosedNormalPyCapsule_GetPointer called with incorrect name2019-01-09 01:13 PM
20538Bug reportClosedHighComposer attribute table: configurations for visible attributes is not stored in the projectNyall Dawson2019-05-22 11:44 PM
20536Bug reportClosedNormalRedrawing raster layer after file changed in QGIS?2019-04-10 01:34 PM
20534Bug reportClosedNormalqgis crashed2019-02-24 02:16 AM

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