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Problem with On-the-fly CRS transformation

Added by shenriod - about 13 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Category:Projection Support
Affected QGIS version:master Regression?:No
Operating System:Windows Easy fix?:No
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Dear all,

I have data in a PostGIS database (1.4.2) that I access through Qgis 1.5.

All my data is in CRS 32642 (WGS84 - UTM zone 42N)

When I try to display in un-projected WGS84 using the the on-the-fly CRS transformation, I get the following error message:

 1 cursor states lost.
    SQL: declare qgisf14 binary cursor for select "distr_id",asbinary("the_geom",'NDR') from "admin"."admin_center" where "the_geom" && setsrid('BOX3D(179769313486231570814527423731704356798070567525844996598917476803157260780028538760589558632766878171540458953514382464234321326889464182768467546703537516986049910576551282076245490090389328944075868508455133942304583236903222948165808559332123348274797826204144723168738177180919299881250404026184124858368.0000000000000000 179769313486231570814527423731704356798070567525844996598917476803157260780028538760589558632766878171540458953514382464234321326889464182768467546703537516986049910576551282076245490090389328944075868508455133942304583236903222948165808559332123348274797826204144723168738177180919299881250404026184124858368.0000000000000000, inf inf)'::box3d,32642)
    Result: 7 (ERREUR: BOX3D parser - couldnt parse. It should look like: BOX3D(xmin ymin zmin,xmax ymax zmax) or BOX3D(xmin ymin,xmax ymax)
    LINE 1: ...admin"."admin_center" where "the_geom" && setsrid('BOX3D(179...

This message is displayed twice in a row for each layer I have in the table of contents but finally everything is displayed correctly in Lat/Long degrees

This bug seems to appear with
  • Qgis 1.5 on Windows 7
but NOT
  • Qgis 1.4 on Windows 7
  • Qgis 1.5 on Ubuntu 10.04

Also, if I save my laser as a shapefile and open his shapefile, I don't have the error message when using on-the-fly CRS transformation

Thanks in advance for your help!



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Hello, bug triage...

I confirm this bug is still present in QGIS 2.13 using CRS 32642, but with another error message:

Simplify transform error caught: forward transform of
            (-inf, -inf)
            PROJ.4:  +proj=utm +zone=42 +datum=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs +ellps=WGS84 +towgs84=0,0,0 +to  +proj=lcc +lat_1=49 +lat_2=44 +lat_0=46.5 +lon_0=3 +x_0=700000 +y_0=6600000 +ellps=GRS80 +towgs84=0,0,0,0,0,0,0 +units=m +no_defs
            Error: non-convergent inverse meridional dist

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