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2486Bug reportClosedLowUnique value symbology doesn't work in canvas with postgres "character" data type2019-03-09 04:04 PM
2444Bug reportClosedLowDiscrepancy between gdalinfo and QGIS raster metadata2019-03-09 04:04 PM
2243Bug reportClosedLowNot accurate extent frame in map overviewnobody -2019-03-09 04:04 PM
2059Bug reportClosedLowConstrained Delaunay triangulation is not always correctMarco Hugentobler2019-03-09 04:04 PM
1722Bug reportClosedLowPyramids are not build if tifw contains rotations2019-03-09 04:04 PM
15730Bug reportClosedNormal"Geometry tools" vector menu entry is duplicated2019-03-09 03:51 PM
15723Bug reportClosedNormalLabels not showing when adding them using Python2019-03-09 03:51 PM
15661Bug reportClosedNormalMeasurement tool and its inconsistent behaviour2019-03-09 03:51 PM
15563Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS do not preserve z coordinate when copy/paste multipart features in spatialite2019-03-09 03:51 PM
15427Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS rendering freaks out loading qml + shp when OTF disabled2019-03-09 03:51 PM
15421Bug reportClosedNormalQgsSnapper return only one result on multiple items2019-03-09 03:51 PM
21514Bug reportClosedNormalDebian packages don't contain libQTSignal.so2019-03-09 03:31 PM
15572Bug reportClosedNormalSome WMS service are displayed as empties because of bad SRS and view scale interpretation (msWMSLoadGetMapParams(): WMS server error. Unsupported SRS namespace (only EPSG and AUTO currently supported).)2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14918Bug reportClosedNormal[GPS Information Panel] The last point that close the polygon assumes the WGS84 coordinate.2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14836Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing: checkbox list in wrong order in ModelerVictor Olaya2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14816Bug reportClosedNormalno style backward compatibility2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14742Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS 32 bits doesn't save default attribute id field (integer64) values2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14691Bug reportClosedNormalType changing from INTEGER (10) to QSTRING in QGIS 2.8.82019-03-09 03:12 PM
14513Bug reportClosedNormalBad Interpolation TIN (displacement and hole) when too many points inside pixel...2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14494Bug reportClosedNormalgeometry.intersection() does not work properly in this case2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14490Bug reportClosedNormalQgsMapLayer::dataChanged not emited when QgsVectorLayer data are modified2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14376Bug reportClosedNormalDouble-clicking .qgs file opens with no data displayed2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14280Bug reportClosedNormalLayer properties: name 'displayed as' not editable2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14277Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS WFS server should not make geom response mandatory René-Luc ReLuc2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14264Bug reportClosedNormalGraduated symbol generator not recognizing real numbers properly2019-03-09 03:12 PM
14250Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS server WFS response not parsed by OWSLibRené-Luc ReLuc2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13995Bug reportClosedNormalsingleband pseudocolor discrete rendered wrong2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13925Bug reportClosedNormalQlr-file saves datasource path not as absolute path2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13736Bug reportClosedNormalsub dialogs too big for screen2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13704Bug reportClosedNormalOutput path defaults to the QGIS installation folder2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13607Bug reportClosedNormalDBManager doesn't allow to load PostGis Raster with a number as first character2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13598Bug reportClosedNormalBad allocation when call raster layer property2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13527Bug reportClosedNormalBad (, missing) GeoJSON response from WFS request for feature from multiple layers (multiple layers remains in the same qgis project)2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13415Bug reportClosedNormalImport into PostGIS - Locale bug2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13399Bug reportClosedNormalUnable to export image in Print Composer while Render as HTML box is checked2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13368Bug reportClosedLowDifference tool generates invalid geometries2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13296Bug reportClosedNormaltopology checker misleading errors2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13211Bug reportClosedNormalattribute table in print composer does not refresh2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13208Bug reportClosedNormalPoor attribute query and spatial selection performance on large PostGIS layers2019-03-09 03:12 PM
13207Bug reportClosedNormalDefault selection polygon fails to disappear2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12992Bug reportClosedNormalosm.pbf files not showing objects count 2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12971Bug reportClosedNormalSet the CRS of Dataset2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12965Bug reportClosedNormalLegend item name not updated in Composer when renaming layer2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12963Bug reportClosedNormalQgsMapToolIdentifyFeature default cursor hotspot is incorrect2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12962Bug reportClosedNormalNewly added geometries are hidden by existing geometries before saving layer edits2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12910Bug reportClosedNormalMove rotated canvas with arrow keys according to rotation2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12874Bug reportClosedNormal[Composer] DEL button doesn't remove items from the print composer on Mac OS X2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12858Bug reportClosedNormalDirectory based file formats can't be selected when project reopens and doesn't find it2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12854Bug reportClosedNormalWhen QGIS is started, a trembling window frame appears through the four desktops2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12795Bug reportClosedNormalGeoreferencer generates incorrect GDAL script when input file is JPG2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12736Bug reportClosedNormalProblems managing WMS metadata2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12728Bug reportClosedNormalAutodeteccion SRC al Abrir ShapeFile no detecta Latitud de Origen2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12680Bug reportClosedNormalDBManager don't recognize a PostGIS geography table (or view) as geometrical2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12677Bug reportClosedNormalZoom to layer on PostGIS Table with geography type2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12669Bug reportClosedNormalCould not snap to a segment on the current layer2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12629Bug reportClosedNormalVector Layer TranslateFeatures performance (2.8.1 vs 1.8.0)2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12625Bug reportClosedNormalDifficult to set value in drop down list in table column2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12609Bug reportClosedNormalMissing symbol display (just) outside map canvas extent2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12581Bug reportClosedNormalStyles for High-precision Raster Layers2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12495Bug reportClosedNormalcannot change name of groups in D&D designer2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12481Bug reportClosedNormalRelation widget defaults to form view2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12467Bug reportClosedNormalCustom letter spacing disappears after SVG export2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12445Bug reportClosedLowWhen opening shp from disk, with toggled rendering OFF, qgis fetching data from dbase2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12435Bug reportClosedNormal"Export Atlas as images" command in OSX won't let user choose file type.2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12402Bug reportClosedNormalLink address of help doc error in non-English version2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12356Bug reportClosedNormalDB Manager loads NUMERIC fields instead of DOUBLE when subquerying2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12310Bug reportClosedNormalInconsistent handling of 3D and 4D postgis data2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12309Bug reportClosedNormalDB manager window minimizes when dragging and dropping files from browser2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12303Bug reportClosedNormalcopy/paste style from one vector layer to another of different geometry type2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12296Bug reportClosedNormalThe "messages" widget cannot be restored when closed with "Esc"2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12271Bug reportClosedNormalThe output page size when printing to device does not match Composer paper size at A12019-03-09 03:12 PM
12209Bug reportClosedNormalProblem Snapping to segments in PostGIS2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12204Bug reportClosedNormalExporting SVG of transparent/semi-transparent layer makes it an image2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12202Bug reportClosedNormalExported SVG layers should have consistent bounds2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12189Bug reportClosedNormalNatural Earth projection is not accepted as custom CRS definition2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12188Bug reportClosedNormalTable structure changes in shape files are not propogated to all copies in project2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12122Bug reportClosedNormalNo text maximum size for mutilines "Text Edit" (QPlainText) form controls2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12118Bug reportClosedNormalAdvanced digitizing toolbar not shown on first install2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12097Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS -> Illustrator CC problems with line and marker widths2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12096Bug reportClosedNormalLine widths doesn't end up the same in export when using Map.2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12087Bug reportClosedLowMiddle click doesn’t focus on main window2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12066Bug reportClosedNormalfont marker symbols wrong size in map units2019-03-09 03:12 PM
12010Bug reportClosedNormalCan edit Z geom but fail to create it2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11985Bug reportClosedNormalWMTS not caching properly in 2.6, works perfectly in 2.02019-03-09 03:12 PM
11973Bug reportClosedNormalNorth arrow decoration is "jumpy" on zoom/pan/rotate (pre-rendered placement)2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11943Bug reportClosedNormalColumn filter not useful if you are working with a document that have a lot of Columns with long name 2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11926Bug reportClosedNormalChange the configuration directory location to the new standard 2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11917Bug reportClosedNormalNo way to update scales list from python interface2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11915Bug reportClosedNormalQgsScaleUtils need more pythonic wrapper2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11846Bug reportClosedNormalCommit errors dialogue font causes misleading information due to non-monospaced font2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11830Bug reportClosedNormalQgsMapRendererSequentialJob is truncating text.2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11767Bug reportClosedNormalIdentify Tools, after calling the action, window Feature attributes goes back2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11766Bug reportClosedNormalIdentify Tools not use Opacity settings2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11761Bug reportClosedNormal"handle bad layers" dialog won't consistently resolve within zip containers2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11756Bug reportClosedNormalIn print composer multiple items can have the same ID2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11748Bug reportClosedNormalOracle - Layer is not valid - won't open with both 3002 and 3006 geometries?2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11693Bug reportClosedNormalprovider.addFeatures() returns True but fails2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11643Bug reportClosedNormalSRID/ Primary key not populating with "Only look in meta data table" unchecked2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11641Bug reportClosedNormalQgsComposerLegend.setLegendFilterByMapEnabled does not work for non-visible raster layers 2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11640Bug reportClosedNormalCustom fields do not load from style2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11638Bug reportClosedNormalAtlas export filename affected by slash in feature attribute2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11633Bug reportClosedNormalComposer window too big and cannot be resized smaller2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11628Bug reportClosedNormalCannot filter by number2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11626Bug reportClosedNormalPRJ sometimes ignored2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11623Bug reportClosedNormalThe use of custom svg markers (made with inkscape) does not respect text alignment2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11611Bug reportClosedNormalHovering text for Icons overruns box edges, when font size is changed2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11607Bug reportClosedNormalNo warning when created feature hasn't finished when saving layer2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11590Bug reportClosedNormalEncode for Processing plugin Log Victor Olaya2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11552Bug reportClosedNormalmissing mandatory QUERY_LAYERS parameter in WMS 1.3.0 GetFeatureInfo returns 500 Internal Server Error Stéphane Brunner2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11548Bug reportClosedNormalLayer Filter Query Builder Values Incorrect on File GDB2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11476Bug reportClosedNormalRaster loading/viewing extremely slow in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11454Bug reportClosedNormalLosing location of raster layers in OSX2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11417Bug reportClosedNormalListing PostGIS layers from an EnterpriseDb fails2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11395Bug reportClosedNormalQgsAttributeForm not entering edit modeMatthias Kuhn2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11360Bug reportClosedNormalSVG fills rendered as raster2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11339Bug reportClosedNormalWMTS tile request not properly working2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11333Bug reportClosedNormalTWD 67 projection CRSs are not correct2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11313Bug reportClosedNormalBad integer variables in postgis providers. Need unsigned int 0-42949672952019-03-09 03:12 PM
11294Bug reportClosedNormalCan't save project using Windows 82019-03-09 03:12 PM
11269Bug reportClosedNormalcan't access in Python to new features added to editBuffer2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11261Bug reportClosedNormalattribute form is not resetMatthias Kuhn2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11249Bug reportClosedNormalerror in coordynat systems in database2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11214Bug reportClosedNormalSymlinks added as layer sources: QGIS unexpectedly rewrites source location as target rather than symlink2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11201Bug reportClosedNormalNew Shapefile and attribute table: QGIS allows illegal characters in attribute names2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11191Bug reportClosedNormalStart of QGIS Desktop delayed (1–2 min.)2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11177Bug reportClosedNormalhot keys configuration problem2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11175Bug reportClosedNormalGetProjectSettings reports the layer's attributes type as QString instead of string2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11124Bug reportClosedNormalDouble-clicking layer checkbox opens Layer Properies2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11116Bug reportClosedNormalBetter support of dynamic queries on Oracle provider2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11115Bug reportClosedNormalui form issues in qgis 2.42019-03-09 03:12 PM
11085Bug reportClosedNormaldelayed start after VPN use2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11075Bug reportClosedNormalSLD - incorrect width of symbol used in import2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11056Bug reportClosedNormalExtend closestSegmentWithContext to all WkbTypes2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11014Bug reportClosedNormalNetCDF 'fill value' or NaNs2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11010Bug reportClosedNormalraster NaN value transparency2019-03-09 03:12 PM
11001Bug reportClosedNormalinverted netcdf file2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10987Bug reportClosedNormalFonts for number boxes/int displayed in foreign language(Khmer)2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10985Bug reportClosedNormalRedundent GetCapabilities request2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10972Bug reportClosedNormalCannot create a spatialite layer with no attributes2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10950Bug reportClosedNormalno lower case attributes when importing from file GDB2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10944Bug reportClosedNormalSpatialite layer - unable to change encoding - incorrect names display in Windows2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10907Bug reportClosedNormalMac OSX: unable to save on a network samba volume2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10848Bug reportClosedNormalGPS Tools: Creation and/or Edition of a GPS layer (gpx file)2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10826Bug reportClosedLowQGIS Desktop 2.4.0 network access error with Comodo Internet Security Firewall2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10802Bug reportClosedNormalMeasure options should be moved to measure dialogNathan Woodrow2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10800Bug reportClosedNormalDatum Transformation with target_crs_code different than 4326 gives huge errorsMarco Hugentobler2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10763Bug reportClosedNormalQgsProject is unable to load a project with a raster2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10757Bug reportClosedNormalPostGIS table view loads but won't display2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10748Bug reportClosedNormalwhen topology checker's show error is activated, a large red rectangle is drawn covering the extend of a layer2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10721Bug reportClosedNormalKeyboard focus for attribute table when finishing digitization of a feature2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10709Bug reportClosedNormalBigint (qlonglong) support for expressions2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10507Bug reportClosedNormalOverlapping points lead to increased lightness2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10478Bug reportClosedNormalNon-geometry Spatialite view shows the last record duplicated2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10411Bug reportClosedNormalGeography 4326 polygon points stored in reverse for in MSSQL ServerNathan Woodrow2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10322Bug reportClosedNormalScalebar bug in print composer2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10315Bug reportClosedNormalThe print from composer randomly lost the vertical step vertical2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10298Bug reportClosedNormalUnchecking "Use Proxy Access to Web" does not take effect until QGIS is restarted2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10188Bug reportClosedNormalPostgresql connection with i18n characters in either username or password fails.2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10184Bug reportClosedNormalMac dialogs not support shortcut keys2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10130Bug reportClosedNormalupdating display when file based layer change (external to qgis).2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10116Bug reportClosedNormalOracle Provider feature count grabs whole table data2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10112Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS graduated point style rounding error2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10101Bug reportClosedNormalUser CRS created when selecting South African CRS : HBK_NO_23 as a CRS for a new shapefile2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10098Bug reportClosedNormalZooming results in parts of features disappearing when spatial indexes SBN/SBX from ESRI are present2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10095Bug reportClosedNormalproblem rendering last row of pixels on composer with map item extending to the full width & height of sheet2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10090Bug reportClosedNormalGDAL handling of file extensions in Windows 7 in QGIS 2.22019-03-09 03:12 PM
10039Bug reportClosedNormalline intersection fails if ID name is the same2019-03-09 03:12 PM
10004Bug reportClosedNormalWindows install not putting quotes around path names with embedded spaces2019-03-09 03:12 PM
9986Bug reportClosedNormalsaving style in layer_styles table in postgres for layers without geometry2019-03-09 03:12 PM
9971Bug reportClosedNormal64-bit feature IDs are getting truncated2019-03-09 03:12 PM
9947Bug reportClosedNormalWMTS Returned image is flawed.2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9894Bug reportClosedNormalIn python console, input() raises EOFError2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9872Bug reportClosedNormalGeotiff CRS ignored if not EPSG2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9854Bug reportClosedNormalBrush styles missing on export from QGIS to MapInfo TAB.2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9833Bug reportClosedNormalKML files: partly editable, but newly added feature not visible untill reloading file2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9774Bug reportClosedNormalAdd OSTN02 to srs.dbMarco Hugentobler2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9747Bug reportClosedNormaldata defined properties2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9696Bug reportClosedNormalwrong reading of the projection from the prj file (EPSG 25832)2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9684Bug reportClosedLowImprove tool grouping and color usage in toolbarsAnita Graser2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9679Bug reportClosedNormalCannot edit "display as" field in general layer properties.2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9657Bug reportClosedNormalLog Message panel is closed when qgis is minimised and restored.2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9654Bug reportClosedNormalNo directory shown when data in qgis/bin2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9653Bug reportClosedNormal"Output layer" default for raster calculator2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9640Bug reportClosedNormalRepairing spatialite data sources defaults to browsing for shapefiles instead.2019-03-09 03:11 PM
9638Bug reportClosedLowUnreadable selected text - plugins menu2019-03-09 03:11 PM
8969Bug reportClosedNormalAdd description to Parameter and Output str() methodsVictor Olaya2019-03-09 03:11 PM
8910Bug reportClosedNormalTopology checker does not work in different projections2019-03-09 03:11 PM
8646Bug reportClosedNormalPython QgsRendererV2Widget not displaying on Windows 64 build2019-03-09 03:11 PM
8209Bug reportClosedNormalPrint as raster doesn't work on OsX2019-03-09 03:11 PM
6696Bug reportClosedNormalRaster calculator - "in memory raster" 2019-03-09 03:11 PM
20489Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS composer export - issue with projection, scale & scalebar ?2019-03-09 03:10 PM
20298Bug reportClosedNormalInvalid layer not freed when added to the registry2019-03-09 03:10 PM
20095Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS composer changing legend position when exporting2019-03-09 03:10 PM
20014Bug reportClosedNormalWMS GetContext has multiple StyleList layers2019-03-09 03:10 PM
19675Bug reportClosedNormalRetriving symbology from a Spatialite database issue2019-03-09 03:10 PM
19624Bug reportClosedNormalbroken / mising dependencies in rpm for SuSE Leap 42.3Stefan Seifert2019-03-09 03:10 PM
19467Bug reportClosedNormalfeature not highlighted when viewed with .ui in attribute table2019-03-09 03:10 PM
19437Bug reportClosedNormalWGS84 geometry.area() returns -1.02019-03-09 03:10 PM
19412Bug reportClosedNormalQGIS Server layers (WMS) do not render above zoom level 20 in leaflet or open layers2019-03-09 03:10 PM
19385Bug reportClosedLowDependency paths including mutated vowels cannot be saved with crossplatform compatible relative paths ("/" vs "\")2019-03-09 03:10 PM

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