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13149Feature requestClosedNormalSpecific projection system for oceanographers2019-05-24 08:05 AM
12401Feature requestClosedNormalCentral cylindrical projection2019-05-24 08:05 AM
11347Feature requestClosedNormalUnneccessarily inaccurate transformation Gauß-Krüger to UTM2019-05-24 08:03 AM
9352Feature requestClosedNormalupdate 7 parameter transformation fir Israel ITM grid2019-05-24 08:03 AM
2705Feature requestClosedLowCorrect Transformation of MGI Austria Lambert to WGS 84 needed2019-05-24 08:03 AM
15981Feature requestClosedNormalAustria NTv2 AT_GIS_GRID Transformation out-of-box2019-05-24 08:03 AM
13372Feature requestClosedNormalIntegrate AT_GIS_GRID (NTv2 Transformation) in QGIS 2.8+ 2019-05-24 08:02 AM
8954Feature requestClosedNormalAdd towgs84 parameters to some CRS for Portugal2019-05-24 08:00 AM
19057Feature requestClosedHighS-JTSK Krovak (EPSG: 5513) - Czech CRSPavel Nemcak2019-05-24 08:00 AM
8216Feature requestClosedNormalWhen slow, "Add PostGIS Tables" dialog needs to tell me which tables/views are taking too long to process2019-05-23 09:15 PM
13517Feature requestClosedNormalQGSrelationeditorwidget - Add column width properties 2019-05-21 02:39 PM
21991Feature requestClosedLow [processing][xyz tiles] html-template-filePeter Petrik2019-05-18 11:34 AM
21987Feature requestClosedNormal [processing][xyz tiles] Allow TMS tiles convention when generating tiles2019-05-18 11:34 AM
22086Feature requestClosedHighComplemento processing: (VERY IMPORTANT)2019-05-17 08:03 PM
22043Feature requestClosedNormalMake it possible to change the appearance of the selected geometry in each layer and make visible the selected elements in the map composer.2019-05-14 12:21 AM
22025Feature requestClosedNormalAutosender for bug report2019-05-09 10:07 AM
19932Feature requestClosedNormalDB Manager: PostGIS tables, cannot add a new column with datatype boolean2019-05-09 12:31 AM
3647Feature requestClosedLowAdd the choice "near to the pointOnSurface"2019-05-07 11:04 PM
20983Feature requestClosedNormalAbility to rotate features to geometry generator2019-05-06 09:40 PM
16548Feature requestClosedNormalLayer Symbology show Font Marker ID2019-05-02 09:48 AM
21944Feature requestClosedNormalBring Preview Modes into Map Composer2019-04-30 03:34 AM
21853Feature requestClosedNormalExtending snap?2019-04-16 01:26 PM
21787Feature requestClosedNormalGetFeatureInfo responses with URLs should be clickableAlessandro Pasotti2019-04-15 04:46 PM
12890Feature requestClosedNormalAdd symbol for filtered layer in Layer list2019-04-13 02:56 PM
21687Feature requestClosedNormalQGIS Server/Desktop: Configurable thousand separators per field/widgetAlessandro Pasotti2019-04-11 11:23 PM
17032Feature requestClosedNormaldelete (or propose to) all files of a shapefile with browser2019-03-31 11:33 PM
21707Feature requestClosedLowHave Processing-File Tools-Download File work for FTP sites.2019-03-29 06:49 PM
16828Feature requestClosedNormalMulti-attribute search should support embedded forms/relationsMatthias Kuhn2019-03-28 11:56 AM
21601Feature requestClosedNormalRotate vector polygon feature by specified vertex2019-03-27 12:49 PM
21606Feature requestClosedNormalAbility to rename plugins in plugin repository 2019-03-19 03:19 AM
20731Feature requestClosedHighShow Absolute Time when viewing an Mesh in QGISPeter Petrik2019-03-15 08:44 AM
21284Feature requestClosedNormal[Expression] Allow negative value for vertex index in angle_at_vertex/distance_at_vertex/point_n... functionsMathieu Pellerin - nIRV2019-03-13 05:49 AM
11636Feature requestClosedNormalogr2ogr to select disjoint featuresGiovanni Manghi2019-03-11 02:38 PM
13386Feature requestClosedNormalogr2ogr based tool to "dissolve polylines"Giovanni Manghi2019-03-11 02:18 PM
21251Feature requestClosedHighSet output file resolution option and CRS options to Processing Clip Raster to Mask Layer - ClipRasterByMask.py2019-03-11 01:29 PM
4160Feature requestClosedNormalEnhancements to multiband raster styling to make it more user friendly / consistent2019-03-10 03:58 PM
21540Feature requestClosedNormalCreate 3D Cross-sections2019-03-10 08:23 AM
21510Feature requestClosedNormalMesh layers: add absolute time2019-03-07 02:14 PM
21499Feature requestClosedNormalText alignment modes on line features2019-03-06 02:04 PM
19729Feature requestClosedNormalAdd provider to add local folder containing XYZ tiles2019-03-01 11:03 AM
6961Feature requestClosedLowadd additional path for python plugins in system options2019-02-27 03:17 PM
21300Feature requestClosedNormalIt is not possible to export all frames from QGIS 3d animations as imagesPeter Petrik2019-02-27 08:59 AM
16418Feature requestClosedHighGeometry validity inconsistency between tools2019-02-26 09:04 PM
16830Feature requestClosedNormalBetter search for entries in relation reference widgetsMatthias Kuhn2019-02-24 08:21 PM
21293Feature requestClosedNormalMake Geopackage Layer Descriptions more accessible and usable2019-02-18 08:55 AM
21257Feature requestClosedNormalAffiche sur des écrans 4K de PC portables2019-02-14 10:40 AM
10118Feature requestClosedNormalOn the raster "save as" the "layer extent" should be computed automatically2019-02-13 09:43 PM
4475Feature requestClosedNormalAdd Data Type to Raster CalculatorMarco Hugentobler2019-02-13 09:43 PM
18136Feature requestClosedNormalRaster support for SLD2019-02-13 09:42 PM
21164Feature requestClosedNormalFind unmaintained pluginsPaolo Cavallini2019-02-08 01:17 PM
8220Feature requestClosedNormalAdd XLS and KMZ in Ogr supported file filter AND browser 2019-02-05 10:18 PM
11158Feature requestClosedNormalBeing able to choose the project file .qgs panel "Browser"2019-02-05 10:17 PM
19875Feature requestClosedHighDeleting multiple GPKG tables from Browser only deletes a single table2019-02-05 10:08 PM
20722Feature requestClosedNormalMesh layers could show 'mesh' icon in Layers panel?Peter Petrik2019-02-01 03:39 PM
20130Feature requestClosedNormalIdentify tool does not work on mesh layerPeter Petrik2019-02-01 03:19 PM
15536Feature requestClosedNormalSupport for osgEarth 2.8 in Globe pluginPirmin Kalberer2019-02-01 09:21 AM
11264Feature requestClosedNormalCascading controls in forms2019-01-31 09:07 AM
10319Feature requestClosedNormalCopy canvas content as image2019-01-30 05:46 AM
20143Feature requestClosedNormal No mesh layer entry in layer menuPeter Petrik2019-01-28 01:10 PM
21083Feature requestClosedLowGeoPackage Raster WEBP support2019-01-26 11:55 PM
11988Feature requestClosedNormalExport to DXF using selected 'On-the-fly' CRS2019-01-26 10:15 PM
18101Feature requestClosedNormalAdd a comment field in DB Manager2019-01-23 03:26 PM
7556Feature requestClosedLowSymbol layers are a bit confusing2019-01-22 04:47 AM
11854Feature requestClosedNormalSymbol size definition : width and heigth2019-01-22 04:46 AM
13409Feature requestClosedNormaltext into layout legend symbol2019-01-22 04:45 AM
13564Feature requestClosedNormalRemove or Define the Blank Category in Categorized Symbology2019-01-22 04:45 AM
6237Feature requestClosedNormalShow feature count in composer legend2019-01-22 04:44 AM
15862Feature requestClosedNormalAdd size assistant feature to arrow symbol GUI2019-01-22 04:44 AM
12879Feature requestClosedNormalisSelected operator to define expression baswesd style on selection2019-01-22 04:36 AM
20159Feature requestClosedHighSinglepart to Multipart2019-01-21 12:07 PM
21047Feature requestClosedNormalNight Mode2019-01-20 10:24 PM
20992Feature requestClosedNormalSpecify project file through a FastCGI paramÉric Lemoine2019-01-15 09:02 PM
8743Feature requestClosedNormalField calculator: allow "Formula" to receive a value from a "Number" parameterVictor Olaya2019-01-15 05:37 PM
21005Feature requestRejectedHighHow to create point along road centre line with offset valueAlexandre Neto2019-01-15 05:12 PM
21004Feature requestClosedHighHow to create point along road centre line with offset valueAlexandre Neto2019-01-15 05:11 PM
21003Feature requestClosedNormalInterface Customization - ActionMoveFeature Missing2019-01-15 02:32 PM
20975Feature requestClosedNormalInstalación de QGIS2019-01-11 03:58 PM
20449Feature requestClosedNormalKeep georeferencer dialog open when adding points2019-01-08 08:54 AM
11632Feature requestClosedHighSupport for colour picker in colour dialog under OSX2019-01-08 02:42 AM
9921Feature requestClosedNormalShapeburst misses the "invert" color ramp checkbox2019-01-08 02:41 AM
16958Feature requestClosedNormalShapeburst fill should have "invert" checkbox for color gradient2019-01-08 02:39 AM
20936Feature requestClosedNormalQad2019-01-07 05:50 PM
20903Feature requestRejectedNormalPlugins for 3.4.2 for QGISJürgen Fischer2019-01-02 09:05 AM
20885Feature requestClosedHigh"Merge Selected Features" In Python Console2018-12-28 10:20 AM
19733Feature requestClosedNormalmake GPKG the default output format for GRASS tools2018-12-24 10:42 AM
19056Feature requestClosedNormalAdd support for grouping components in a processing model2018-12-24 10:10 AM
20849Feature requestClosedNormalGive proper layer names for ProcessingAlgorithms output layers2018-12-24 10:08 AM
17164Feature requestClosedNormalProcessing: allow edit pre-configured algorithms Victor Olaya2018-12-24 09:55 AM
19814Feature requestClosedNormalQGIS3: "no spatial index" for package layers 2018-12-24 09:26 AM
10314Feature requestClosedNormalAn option to tell Composer/Atlas to avoid put a label near the border2018-12-15 02:28 AM
20785Feature requestClosedNormalPlease add scrollbar in Symbol Selector > Gradient Fill2018-12-12 09:35 AM
8844Feature requestClosedNormalPDF output option - text as text objects rather than paths2018-12-11 03:27 AM
15983Feature requestClosedNormalAdd point widget2018-12-03 05:20 AM
20665Feature requestClosedNormalpatch: better documentation for inconsistent behaviour of x_at (and y_at)Yves Jacolin2018-11-29 05:32 PM
19790Feature requestClosedNormalHandle Bad Layers - DISABLE instead of DELETE2018-11-28 11:33 AM
8718Feature requestClosedNormalDo not remove unavailable layers when opening project2018-11-28 11:29 AM
20625Feature requestClosedNormalChange cursor style when node editing tool used2018-11-28 04:05 AM
20579Feature requestClosedNormalImprove layer name rendering for MySQL connectionsAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-22 12:48 PM
20512Feature requestClosedNormalAccess to raster attribute tables2018-11-16 09:21 AM
15870Feature requestClosedNormalDon't remove defect or unavailable layers at project load2018-11-13 01:01 PM

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