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When slow, "Add PostGIS Tables" dialog needs to tell me which tables/views are taking too long to process

Added by Aren Cambre over 4 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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The Add PostGIS Tables dialog takes far too long to be ready. Part of my problem is that I have several views, so it is apparently having to process each view.

In my case, it is taking over 4 minutes to process.

I had to dig around to figure out which of my several views is too slow. QGIS should give me some clear indicator, if I need it, of slow-loading views.


#1 Updated by Sandro Santilli about 4 years ago

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I've a similar case and found out that dropping the "WHERE <geomcol> IS NOT NULL" portion from the query retriving estimated metadata (those with LIMIT 100 at the end) makes some query time go down from 5 seconds to 0.05 seconds (2 order of magnitude faster!).

Especially when "Use estimated metadata" is checked in the options (Do you have that, Aren?) I think the "not null" condition should be dropped. It helps the estimator finds a much faster path.

#2 Updated by Sandro Santilli about 4 years ago

Jurgen committed a fix for the "NOT NULL" condition (thank you!):

Aren: does that help you ?

See also #8730, which may help

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