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Keep georeferencer dialog open when adding points

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I did a lot of georeferencing these days, using one screen for the georeferencer dialog and another one for QGIS main dialog.
When adding GCP points, i have to:
1. Click the point on the raster image
2. A dialog opens on which i have to select that i want to use the map canvas
3. The georeferencer dialog is minimized and i Click the point on the map.

Particularly when using two screens, you don't have overlapping dialogs, hence don't need to minimize the georeferencer dialog. Can we avoid this dialog closure? Because sometimes you realize that you don't remember the point you placed on the raster and in that case you either add a random point (you'll move later) or abort the process, while having the dialog open would have solved the issue.

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Revision 6ed0b476
Added by Nyall Dawson about 5 years ago

[FEATURE][georefencer] Make minimizing georeferencer when adding points
from canvas an option

Allows users to disable this option, which is annoying on multi-monitor
setups where it can be desirable to have both windows visible while
adding points.

The option is added as a checkbox in the "add map coordinates" dialog:
"Automatically hide georeferencer window". We show it directly in that
dialog for maximum discoverability, and to allow easier change of setting
for users who move between single/multi monitor setups.

Fixes #20449


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