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17810Feature requestOpenHigheasy possibility to make non-geometry table to geometry layer (in cases delimited text layer opening can't solve)2018-01-05 11:50 PM
17769Feature requestOpenHighadd feature to open and read spreadsheets as layers!2018-01-05 04:38 PM
17768Feature requestOpenHighmake use of label placement settings even when using data defined placement2018-01-02 03:09 AM
17756Feature requestOpenHighautomatic label placement between range of distances2017-12-29 03:05 AM
17742Feature requestOpenHighQGIS 2.99 does not support KNN virtual tables index2019-02-01 03:11 PM
17710Feature requestOpenHighProvide a snap package for Linux users2017-12-20 03:34 PM
17548Feature requestFeedbackHighAutomatically populate layer metadata for WMS layers2018-02-13 10:59 AM
17199Feature requestClosedHighmap composer: distribute selected items2017-12-18 11:39 PM
16974Feature requestClosedHighMerge Selected Features - warn user in advance when merged geometry type does not match layer geometry typeGiovanni Manghi2017-08-10 11:18 AM
16946Feature requestOpenHighSplit Line Features2017-08-01 11:53 AM
16883Feature requestClosedHighNative XYZ provider does not support authenticationAlessandro Pasotti2017-07-21 09:17 PM
16775Feature requestClosedHighGDAL Support For PostGIS Out-DB RasterQGIS Translation Team2017-06-30 05:54 PM
16774Feature requestClosedHighGDAL Support For PostGIS Out-DB Raster2017-07-03 01:14 AM
16773Feature requestClosedHighGDAL Support For PostGIS Out-DB RasterOsahon Oduware2017-06-30 05:52 PM
16418Feature requestClosedHighGeometry validity inconsistency between tools2019-02-26 09:04 PM
16315Feature requestOpenHighProper Mask Functionality 2017-05-19 03:51 PM
16105Feature requestClosedHigh[Processing] Add lwgeom provider to core ProcessingVictor Olaya2017-02-03 04:06 AM
16096Feature requestOpenHighQGIS Server proxy settings2018-11-28 11:26 PM
15885Feature requestClosedHighGeoPDF Export Feature for QGIS Map Composer2017-09-22 09:56 AM
15824Feature requestClosedHighComposer Name Variable2017-09-22 09:56 AM
15652Feature requestOpenHighAdd option for OGR data sources to be opened in read only modeEven Rouault2019-04-17 11:03 PM
15413Feature requestOpenHighShow printing boundary in Composer2017-09-22 09:55 AM
15363Feature requestClosedHighSnapping is not availaible on move pointsMartin Dobias2017-05-11 10:11 AM
14914Feature requestClosedHighAdd a warning to Plugin managerBorys Jurgiel2017-10-28 11:24 AM
14734Feature requestClosedHighSource UpdaterAndreas Neumann2017-09-22 10:05 AM

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