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New Symbology does not print

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I have a linear feature layer (railroad lines).
I wanted to create my own symbology for it since the default options are inadequate.
Layer > Properties > New Symbology > select the railroad symbol > properties > add a new line, etc. to create two-track symbol with line offsets (see image attached)

Create Print Composer, add map, add legend with layer using the new symbology.

In the Print Composer the railroad symbology looks correct, but when you print to .pdf, .png or .jpg the image does not have the same symbology for railroad. It is as if New Symbology is being completely ignored in the process of saving to a file. Perhaps the line offsets are being ignored? (see images attached)

SymbolPropertiesWindow.png - 1 - New Symbol Properties Window (22.2 KB) bderstine -, 2011-02-09 10:09 AM

NewSymbologyWindow.png - 0 - New Symbology Window (50.1 KB) bderstine -, 2011-02-09 10:10 AM

PrintComposerWindow.png - 2 - Print Composer Window (96.7 KB) bderstine -, 2011-02-09 10:10 AM

PNGOutput.png - 3 - PNG Output file with changed symbology (256 KB) bderstine -, 2011-02-09 10:13 AM

incorrect_offset_in_composer.png - incorrect offset in composer (with width of symbol = 3) (119 KB) Mayeul Kauffmann, 2011-04-06 04:39 PM


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Not sure who could help with this...

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fixed in ccee31f4 (SVN r15604)

#3 Updated by Mayeul Kauffmann about 13 years ago

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I think it is only partly solved (tested on f173c42a (SVN r15673) and b8f83497 (SVN r15677)).
Now the map canvas and the pdf are consistent but the offset seen in the map composer is much wider than on the map canvas and on the pdf (see screenshot). If I'm correct, it seems correct in the map composer if and only if the "width" parameter (the one which modifies the size of the entire symbol) is equal to one.

As a minor note, with a set of styles I had (using the symbol-wide "width" parameter equals to 0.3), I needed to reduce a lot the line offsets to get the same appearance as before on the map canvas (without this, I got a very wide offset on the map canvas with the new qgis, same appearance as what I had before on the exported pdf). Is it that the map export was correct and all the rest incorrect before ccee31f4 (SVN r15604)?

(A few related side notes which may give rise to independent tickets:
  • the symbol-wide "width" parameter should probably change the offset as well, not only width of individual symbol levels
  • the offset should be allowed to be expressed in map units
  • the offset and line width should be allowed to have more than 2 decimal places, otherwise mapunit is useless when CRS is lat-long/degress
  • pdf vector export now yields MUCH bigger files than with b76c9620 (SVN r15539), like 30MB for screenshot [500ko as raster pdf] )

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Now the map canvas and the pdf are consistent but the offset seen in the map composer is much wider than on the map canvas and on the pdf

Is this still a problem?

I think it might be fixed on trunk along with #3786.

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This is no longer an issue in master.

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