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Field Calculator - get centroid of polygon easily

Added by Jonathan Moules over 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Currently it's difficult (non-obvious) how to get the centroid of a polygon using the field calculator:


As a user I'd expect it to simply be:

If it's a polygon, assuming there are no parameters it seems reasonable to me that $x/$y would result in the respective coordinates of the centroid.

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Revision 55027e54
Added by Nyall Dawson over 8 years ago

Clean up and extend expression geometry functions:

- New expression functions for area(geom), perimeter(geom),
point_n(geom), start_point(geom), end_point(geom), make_point(x,y)
- Add new variant to length() function which takes a geometry object,
allows for length(geom) evaluation.
- Rename x_at, y_at to $x_at, $y_at (alias old names) to reflect that
these only work on current feature geometry
- Add x(geom), y(geom) functions which return x and y coordinate
for point geometries or centroid x/y for non-point geometries
(fix #11008)


#1 Updated by Andreas Neumann over 9 years ago

You probably meant:


$x/$y would not work on a polygon, which is the input geometry.

#2 Updated by Jonathan Moules over 9 years ago

I get what you're saying but the version you put (using "x" rather than "xmin") is no more obvious than the version that is currently in use because you still have the whole "centroid(geometry)" part.

$x and $y are obvious to end users (well as obvious as it can get given the nature of these things). The rest of the stuff should be done automagically behind the scenes.

I appreciate they don't currently work with the polygon geometry, the notion behind the ticket is that I believe they should work.

Hope that's clearer.

#3 Updated by Antonio Locandro over 9 years ago

First of all the current behaviour is a very bad choice, it should have been x(centroid($geometry)),y(centroid($geometry)) from the start anyway. I also thing $geometry could have been replaced by $geom which is shorter if you have to type a lot

Having said that you could asume $x and $y for a polygon to return the centroid for it

Another option is to have something like

$centroid.x > will return longitude
$centroid.y > will return latitude
$centroid > will return an x,y tuple

As you see I am omiting writing $geometry since it should be implied, like when you calculate $area or $perimeter

It is a design choice but I think it would be nicer if one could ommit writing $geometry when possible

#4 Updated by Nyall Dawson over 8 years ago

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