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21003Feature requestClosedNormalInterface Customization - ActionMoveFeature Missing2019-01-15 02:32 PM
20975Feature requestClosedNormalInstalación de QGIS2019-01-11 03:58 PM
20449Feature requestClosedNormalKeep georeferencer dialog open when adding points2019-01-08 08:54 AM
11632Feature requestClosedHighSupport for colour picker in colour dialog under OSX2019-01-08 02:42 AM
9921Feature requestClosedNormalShapeburst misses the "invert" color ramp checkbox2019-01-08 02:41 AM
16958Feature requestClosedNormalShapeburst fill should have "invert" checkbox for color gradient2019-01-08 02:39 AM
20936Feature requestClosedNormalQad2019-01-07 05:50 PM
20903Feature requestRejectedNormalPlugins for 3.4.2 for QGISJürgen Fischer2019-01-02 09:05 AM
20885Feature requestClosedHigh"Merge Selected Features" In Python Console2018-12-28 10:20 AM
19733Feature requestClosedNormalmake GPKG the default output format for GRASS tools2018-12-24 10:42 AM
19056Feature requestClosedNormalAdd support for grouping components in a processing model2018-12-24 10:10 AM
20849Feature requestClosedNormalGive proper layer names for ProcessingAlgorithms output layers2018-12-24 10:08 AM
17164Feature requestClosedNormalProcessing: allow edit pre-configured algorithms Victor Olaya2018-12-24 09:55 AM
19814Feature requestClosedNormalQGIS3: "no spatial index" for package layers 2018-12-24 09:26 AM
10314Feature requestClosedNormalAn option to tell Composer/Atlas to avoid put a label near the border2018-12-15 02:28 AM
20785Feature requestClosedNormalPlease add scrollbar in Symbol Selector > Gradient Fill2018-12-12 09:35 AM
8844Feature requestClosedNormalPDF output option - text as text objects rather than paths2018-12-11 03:27 AM
15983Feature requestClosedNormalAdd point widget2018-12-03 05:20 AM
20665Feature requestClosedNormalpatch: better documentation for inconsistent behaviour of x_at (and y_at)Yves Jacolin2018-11-29 05:32 PM
19790Feature requestClosedNormalHandle Bad Layers - DISABLE instead of DELETE2018-11-28 11:33 AM
8718Feature requestClosedNormalDo not remove unavailable layers when opening project2018-11-28 11:29 AM
20625Feature requestClosedNormalChange cursor style when node editing tool used2018-11-28 04:05 AM
20579Feature requestClosedNormalImprove layer name rendering for MySQL connectionsAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-22 12:48 PM
20512Feature requestClosedNormalAccess to raster attribute tables2018-11-16 09:21 AM
15870Feature requestClosedNormalDon't remove defect or unavailable layers at project load2018-11-13 01:01 PM

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