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1747Feature requestClosedLowIdentify Map Tool: QGis crashes when the results dialog has multiple features and the active layer is removegcarrillo -2009-06-25 07:50 AM
1750Feature requestClosedLowUnique Value Symology: no default/else case classificationnobody -2009-06-27 02:36 PM
1751Feature requestClosedLowSVG Symbols: nothing shown if symbol file is missingnobody -2009-06-27 03:06 PM
225Feature requestClosedLowMake attribute actions work on multiple featuresGary Sherman2009-07-03 05:33 AM
1218Feature requestClosedLowgrass modules tree default open to one or two levelsnobody -2009-07-09 04:21 AM
1549Feature requestClosedLowhighlight border line for selected polygons?nobody -2009-07-09 05:34 AM
1579Feature requestClosedLowswitching back to the prior view/extend is only possible one stepnobody -2009-07-10 12:48 AM
1754Feature requestClosedLowDocumentation should mention PCRaster map format as supported Raster formatnobody -2009-07-10 01:02 AM
292Feature requestClosedLowEnable Global style options in the Unique Value Symbolizer, especially setting no outlinesMarco Hugentobler2009-07-12 07:23 AM
1334Feature requestClosedLowsave areas of polygons and length of lines in defined field in dbf of shapefilesnobody -2009-07-12 08:22 AM
1408Feature requestClosedLowInclude Pyqwt5 and numeric in Win installnobody -2009-07-12 09:00 AM
1387Feature requestClosedLowWMS list: change layer order, allow editing after additionMarco Hugentobler2009-07-13 03:56 AM
1545Feature requestClosedLowQgis should cope with table aliases in view definitionsnobody -2009-07-13 10:55 AM
1769Feature requestClosedLowFont-Sizes and Offset Values should allow non-integer valuesnobody -2009-07-13 01:24 PM
1776Feature requestClosedLowdefault port for qgis.db.connect-loginLorenzo Masini2009-07-13 02:23 PM
1733Feature requestClosedLowWhen a / is on the end of an url http: is dropped from the GETMarco Hugentobler2009-07-14 10:04 PM
1777Feature requestClosedLowdefault port for qgis.db.connect-loginLorenzo Masini2009-07-15 12:31 AM
1388Feature requestClosedLowMacOSX V1.0.0 Kore- preview very slow to enter into GRASS edit modenobody -2009-07-15 03:12 AM
1781Feature requestClosedLowNot all QgsVectorLayer.EditTypes are Supported by PythonMarco Hugentobler2009-07-15 04:58 AM
1406Feature requestClosedLowpsycopg2 should be added to QGIS distributions on Windows and OSXnobody -2009-07-15 07:19 AM
1404Feature requestClosedLowimprovement for georeferencer pluginnobody -2009-07-15 08:55 AM
921Feature requestClosedLowFeature: Carry single symbol settings over to other 'Legend type' settingsnobody -2009-07-15 09:54 AM
1261Feature requestClosedLowlet copy attributes to clipboardnobody -2009-07-15 11:54 AM
1783Feature requestClosedLowadd v.split to GRASS toolboxLorenzo Masini2009-07-16 04:21 AM
1374Feature requestClosedLowAdd support for different proxy typesnobody -2009-07-16 08:40 AM

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