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6570Feature requestOpenNormalReferences to commits in SEXTANTE tracker2014-03-27 11:03 AM
6220SupportOpenNormalFile issues on the hub2012-08-17 08:28 AM
6202SupportOpenNormaltracker bugs2015-12-09 11:14 AM
5467SupportOpenNormalCannot edit issue in User Plugins project2012-04-23 08:42 AM
5414Feature requestOpenNormalno "New project" link in "User Plugins"2013-02-15 02:15 PM
5368SupportClosedNormalCannot get rid of "bounty hunter" role and two related statuses2019-02-24 02:41 AM
5149Feature requestOpenNormalUsers can't close their issues on plugin projects2012-03-09 09:49 PM
5089SupportClosedNormalStatus bar and WMS-C2012-02-25 02:10 AM
5061SupportFeedbackNormalSome users missed from users listPirmin Kalberer2012-08-17 09:37 PM
4916Feature requestOpenNormal[CLEAN URLS] Project name in project issues2012-01-30 07:16 AM
4901Feature requestClosedNormalNew projects do not appear in the "Jump to a project..." list2012-02-08 02:15 PM
4809Feature requestOpenNormalFormatting of the main plugin page(s)Pirmin Kalberer2012-01-16 11:45 PM
4757Bug reportClosedNormalProject editing doesn't pickup the current parent2017-05-02 03:09 PM
4677Feature requestOpenNormalAdd "QGIS Version" field2012-01-12 06:00 AM
4568Feature requestClosedNormalNo category test2011-11-25 05:29 AM
4554Feature requestClosedNormalMigration of MediaWikiPirmin Kalberer2011-11-25 05:07 AM
4546SupportClosedNormalCannot delete a test project2011-11-18 01:53 PM
4545SupportClosedNormalCannot create subproject for user contributed plugins2011-11-24 05:38 AM
4484SupportClosedNormalAdd QBrowser category to the Quantum GIS projectTim Sutton2013-10-02 12:43 AM
4369Feature requestClosedNormalShow bounty value and make issues list sortable by thatTim Sutton2012-04-15 11:22 AM
4264Feature requestFeedbackNormalResolved issues should not appear on the default listPaolo Cavallini2012-03-09 08:55 PM
4263Feature requestFeedbackNormalRedundant, confusing information?Paolo Cavallini2011-11-25 10:23 AM
4067Feature requestOpenNormalVoting support on issuesTim Sutton2011-11-25 05:16 AM
3997SupportFeedbackNormalCan't change ticket priorityAlexander Bruy2011-11-25 10:29 AM
3992SupportFeedbackNormalUnable to reopen closed ticketsWerner Macho2012-01-22 01:58 PM

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