From 2011-06-14 to 2011-07-13


08:23 PM Feature request #4068 (Closed): Redmine does not work with browser back/forward buttons
When a user performs a search on redmine and there are multiple pages of results, the user can only navigate through ... Alister Hood
04:01 PM Feature request #4067 (Open): Voting support on issues
I think it would give devs a good indication how much support there is for a idea or how many people want a bug fixed... Nathan Woodrow


05:06 AM Support #3958 (Open): New tickets notifications are not sent to qgis-trac[email protected]
Sorry, misread the title. Commits are now sent to mailing list, but not tickets. Pirmin Kalberer
05:04 AM Support #3958 (Closed): New tickets notifications are not sent to [email protected]
github sends now mails notifications Pirmin Kalberer


09:19 AM Support #3997 (Feedback): Can't change ticket priority
Subj Alexander Bruy


03:20 AM Support #3992 (Feedback): Unable to reopen closed tickets
Subject says it all. Alexander Bruy


07:36 AM Feature request #3988 (Closed): issue list has horizontal scrolling, general layout issues
Depending on the length of the project name, this can cause the Updated Date column to be completely out of view, and... William Kyngesburye

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