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Color name tooltips in 'Select Color' dialog box

Added by Thomas McAdam almost 11 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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People who suffer from color blindness or color perception problems, can depend heavily on the rollover tooltips in the color select dialogs. It would be great to have these color tooltips in QGIS. Color blindness effects 7-10% of men and 0.5-1% women, so I am sure this would benefit many users.


#1 Updated by Nathan Woodrow almost 11 years ago

Good idea!

Which dialogs do you think need this? And what would you want to see in the tooltip.

#2 Updated by Larry Shaffer almost 11 years ago

Yes, very good idea. This can easily be added to the QgsColorButton class. I'd suggest a tool tip like:

Hex: #value
R,G,B,A: value
H,S,V (H,S,B): value

Could also have H,S,L. It kind of varies between platform color pickers whether H,S,L is used. Qt's QColor has both H,S,V and H,S,L functions. On Mac, it is usually H,S,B.

It could have a title like '<b>Color</b>' or none.

#3 Updated by Thomas McAdam almost 11 years ago

There seems to be a common 'color select' dialog that is used for fill color, font color, border color, custom color ramps etc. So I guess all of them ideally. In terms of what to see, I had originally thought a color name for the 'basic colors' that are displayed in the grid. Such as 'Dark Green', 'Red', 'Light Blue'. But the idea of having more detailed information on the color in the tooltip could be really useful. It would mean that it could also be used for custom colors, which wouldn't have pre-defined names.

#4 Updated by Matthias Kuhn almost 11 years ago

There is QStringList QColor::colorNames() which returns a list of known color names. I have 148 entries here. I suspect it would not affect performance too much to create a Color => String QMap / QHash and look a pretty name up if available. This one could be shown along with the detailed RGB / HSV et al value.

#5 Updated by Giovanni Manghi about 7 years ago

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