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Garbage-collection is not performed after deletion of vector layer from geopackage

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With QGIS 3.3.0-master (d99d506e75), deleting a vector layer from a geopackage, through the "Browser" panel or the "DB Manager", is not followed by a proper garbage-collection (shrink/compact) of the geopackage.

I think a VACUUM sql command should be automatically executed after deleting a layer from a geopackage or a contextual menu option should be added in the "Browser" panel and in the "DB Manager" to let the user perform such operation.

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Revision b51cb21d
Added by Alessandro Pasotti over 5 years ago

GPKG Browser VACUUM menu item

Fixes #19895 - Garbage-collection is not performed after deletion of vector layer from geopackage

By design, VACUUM (being a potentially time-consuming operation)
was automatically performed only after deleting a raster
while when deleting a vector layer it was not executed.

This commit adds a menu item in the browser that allows
the user to perform this operation on the DB.


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I might be wrong but IIRC this was intentional, because a VACUUM can take a very long time on large layers, I think that a possible solution would be to add a "Run vacuum" option to the browser data item of a geopackage layer.

What do you think?

#2 Updated by Andrea Giudiceandrea over 5 years ago

It could be OK for me to add "Run vacuum" or "Compact geopackage" or something similar in the Browser panel for geopackages (along with "Add Connection"/"Remove connection" and "Create a New Layer or Table...") and eventually also in DB Manager (along with "Re-connect" and "Remove").

However, a VACUUM sql command is still executed automatically after a raster layer has been deleted from a geopackage, as you can see in https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/blob/master/src/providers/ogr/qgsgeopackagedataitems.cpp#L441-L450

#3 Updated by Alessandro Pasotti over 5 years ago

mmm looks like I wrote that code :) So, if the VACUUM is already executed I don't really know what to do here.

#4 Updated by Andrea Giudiceandrea over 5 years ago

It seems that the VACUUM is only executed (in deleteGeoPackageRasterLayer) after a RASTER layers is deleted. I will confirm this when a new build of qgis-dev with your commit e62c4eb941c5b2e290675f8cab75758857c2a502 will be available on osgeo4w

For VECTOR layer I cannot trace down in the source code if and where VACUUM is executed. The fact is that the geopackage is not "vacuumed" after a vector layer is deleted.

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Yes, you are right of course, as I mentioned in my first reply IIRC it was not implemented on purpose and the idea was to add a menu item to do that.

Btw, that's technically a new feature, but it could also be considered a bug, so let's see if I can do it!

#6 Updated by Andrea Giudiceandrea over 5 years ago

Thank you Alessandro! I'm not so skilled to add such an options by myself (without the risk of breaking something).

I was writing this before reading your last comment, so now it may not be so useful anymore:

I confirm that VACUUM is executed after a RASTER layer is deleted, and that is not executed after a VECTOR layer is deleted.

As I can see in the source code (qgsgeopackagedataitems.ccp):

- for QgsGeoPackageRasterLayerItem, executeDeleteLayer() calls deleteGeoPackageRasterLayer() which executes all the sql commands in order to delete a RASTER layer and its references and executes the VACUUM sql command at the end;

- for QgsGeoPackageVectorLayerItem, executeDeleteLayer() calls deleteLayer() so relying on GDAL (GDALGeoPackageDataset::DeleteLayer) to execute all the sql commands required to delete a VECTOR layer and its references: DeleteLayer() does not executes a VACUUM sql command at the end.

So I think we could:

- add a "Run vacuum" or "Compact geopackage" options as previously said (which is anyway needed to allow users to easily shrink geopackages)

and one of the following

1) add the VACUUM sql command execution after ::deleteLayer() in QgsGeoPackageVectorLayerItem::executeDeleteLayer() or in a little deleteGeoPackageVectorLayer() (for symmetry)


2) remove the VACUUM sql command from deleteGeoPackageRasterLayer (provided we add the "Run vacuum" option).

By the way - you probably know it already - I realised now that since GDAL 2.3.0 there are two new functions in GDALGeoPackageDataset: DeleteRasterLayer() and DeleteVectorOrRasterLayer() along with DeleteLayer().

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