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Reported issues: 33


08:20 PM QGIS Application Revision cfca49f6 (qgis): Turn off editing and dragging for current env vars table in System setting
(cherry picked from commit 3fbbc01077f99a312599a50b2ba8a6e4a3fb8e45)


02:12 AM QGIS Application Revision f9b897b9 (qgis): Fix non-translatable string in TIN interpolation alg


01:50 AM QGIS Application Revision cb681e98 (qgis): Fix valid input types for labels placement Priority parameter
QgsPropertyDefinition::DataTypeNumeric instead of QgsPropertyDefinition::DataTypeString
02:05 AM QGIS Application Revision fd31c85f (qgis): Fix order_by parameter in relation_aggregate function help


12:28 AM QGIS Application Revision f86f476f (qgis): Set the minimum datetime widget value to 1 CE instead of 100 CE
The lower limit was set to Jan 1st 100 CE only because QDateTimeEdit::setMinimumDateTime doesn't support dates < '010...
12:28 AM QGIS Application Revision d9aecd49 (qgis): Add test for Jan 1st CE in TestQgsDateTimeEdit
12:28 AM QGIS Application Revision add71e84 (qgis): Avoid triple conversion for Date/Time field
In QgsDateTimeFieldFormatter::representValue(), QDate and QDateTime fields don't need a triple conversion (QVariant->...


10:54 PM QGIS Application Revision 5075e443 (qgis): Fix QgsGeometry constParts() example code
it wrongly refers to parts() instead of constParts()


01:30 AM QGIS Application Revision 6466bd73 (qgis): Fix incorrect behavior of Widget Display combobox in date time widget c...
01:30 AM QGIS Application Revision 788180c2 (qgis): Fix incorrect behavior of Field Format combobox in date time widget config

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