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WFS vs WMS (OGR?) data types

Added by Richard Duivenvoorde over 6 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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(talking about 2.18 here)

WFS and WMS of the same service seem to create different attribute

Going to this WFS:


there is a layer with 'panden' (houses), which have a column
'identification' which is (should be) a long integer (up to about 15
positions long).

On a WMS GetFeatureInfo request (same url) you will see those id's as
nice long integers/strings:

BUT if you request the same house in a WFS layer, you will see floats:
for example in the attribute table, or if you use the info-tool.

This is a problem if you need that id to create joints/relations.

I had a look into the sqlite file which is created in:
and indeed see this create table sql:

'identificatie' FLOAT, 'bouwjaar' FLOAT, 'status' VARCHAR,
'gebruiksdoel' VARCHAR, 'oppervlakte_min' FLOAT, 'oppervlakte_max'
FLOAT, 'aantal_verblijfsobjecten' BIGINT, 'actualiteitsdatum' BIGINT,
'__qgis_gen_counter' INTEGER, '__qgis_gmlid' VARCHAR,
'__qgis_hexwkb_geom' VARCHAR, "__spatialite_geometry" POLYGON)

Is this a fixable (hopefully 2.18 only) problem?
As 2.18 will be LTR for some time.

wfsdatatypes.qgs - test project (12.8 KB) Richard Duivenvoorde, 2018-01-08 12:20 PM


#1 Updated by Even Rouault almost 6 years ago

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ok, so this is a QGIS 2.x only issue, as things seem to work well in QGIS 3
The root cause is that the 'identification' column is reported as xs:decimal by DescribeFeatureType, and xs:decimal can potentially a floating point value, hence QGIS correctly decides to expose it as a double. If the server reported it as a xs:long or xs:string, that should work better

#2 Updated by Jürgen Fischer over 5 years ago

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Please test with QGIS 3.4 - QGIS 2.18 reached it's end of life.

#3 Updated by Richard Duivenvoorde over 5 years ago

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Closing, as indeed it is working in 3.x

#4 Updated by Giovanni Manghi about 5 years ago

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