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Don't refresh all layers unnecessarily

Added by klo uo about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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I'm using beta QGIS 2.4 on Windows 8, through OSGeo4W installer.
I'm not sure if this is a bug, or this is how QGIS is supposed to work, but I find this situation unfortunate:

For example, I have several layers in QGIS project - some vectors, some rasters from web services etc... Now if I change anything from any layer, all layers are refreshed (viewport is same). Like I change vector shape color to another color, and I get all layers refreshed (including web services) while I would expect, at least for performance sake, refresh just the layer that's changed.


#1 Updated by Filipe Dias about 10 years ago

I agree. This is annoying when, for example, there's complex shapefile in the background, covered a simple shapefile. When the user pans or zooms in on the shapefile on top, the background shapefile is also re-rendered.

#2 Updated by Martin Dobias about 10 years ago

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You can turn on the render caching in the options dialog to get the desired behaviour.

Maybe we should just make the render caching turned on by default...

#3 Updated by Paolo Cavallini about 10 years ago

If there are no side effects, why not?

#4 Updated by Nyall Dawson about 10 years ago

+1 for making this the default setting. I'd even go as far as saying this should just be hardcoded and the option removed...

#5 Updated by Martin Dobias about 10 years ago

Made render caching enabled by default in 52e9ee5d261617400ec939789c8aed3bbc828c2c

Existing users will still need to turn it on manually.

I agree we should remove the option completely in the future (like many other options!)

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