Jana Kormanikova


Reported issues: 3


12:21 PM QGIS Application Bug report #9261 (Closed): Typo in strings
I found some typos in this strings:
<location filename="../src/ui/qgsprojectpropertiesbase.ui" line="1335"/>


06:10 AM QGIS Application Bug report #8147 (Closed): QGIS Tips - required some changes
There are required some changes in QGIS Tips in connection with new version and also better understanding and remembe...


07:40 AM QGIS Application Bug report #8057 (Closed): Invalid translation strings
While translating I found some strange strings:...


04:48 AM QGIS Application Bug report #6514: "slider" and "dial" in edit widget "range" do not show any value when used, so ...
Still here in current Master version 76e6090

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