From 2011-10-20 to 2011-11-18


02:12 PM Feature request #4554 (Closed): Migration of MediaWiki
I've done a test run of the migration from MediaWiki to Redmine:
Pirmin Kalberer
01:53 PM Support #4546: Cannot delete a test project
It's a bit funny that a user that has CREATE rights cannot delete its own projects.
Can you please make me admin the...
Alessandro Pasotti
01:48 PM Support #4546 (Closed): Cannot delete a test project
The URL for deleting is
I've deleted it, because I think only an...
Pirmin Kalberer


02:48 AM Support #4546 (Closed): Cannot delete a test project
I created a test project named Test and cannot delete it.
How to do it ?
Alessandro Pasotti
02:47 AM Support #4545 (Closed): Cannot create subproject for user contributed plugins
The link for create subproject is missing in my view. Alessandro Pasotti


02:01 AM Support #4484 (Closed): Add QBrowser category to the Quantum GIS project
There is no category for QBrowser in QGIS redmine Alexander Bruy


06:21 AM Support #3992: Unable to reopen closed tickets
Seeing at #3643 seems that:
- if the ticket's status is closed and its resolution is set the user can reopen it by c...
Giuseppe Sucameli

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