From 2011-03-20 to 2011-04-18


11:52 PM Bug report #12: no need for a Google API key?
Agreed, the preferred solution would be to avoid GMaps. Paolo Cavallini
10:51 AM Bug report #12: no need for a Google API key?
The key is needed by the widget because it also uses google layers, so we can either not use google layers (suggested... Alessandro Pasotti
10:53 AM Bug report #15: Home page is blank
This is a trivial fix, we just need to decide if we want an aggregator front-page with latest "events" from the diffe... Alessandro Pasotti
10:51 AM Bug report #6 (Closed): Title has typo
Alessandro Pasotti
10:49 AM Bug report #11 (Closed): New CSS breaks plugin app
I fixed most ugly errors myself. Alessandro Pasotti
10:48 AM Bug report #25 (Resolved): Plugin name mismatch error displayed on new version upload
Fixed in commit 48a1bd2. I don't know when will be pushed online. Alessandro Pasotti
07:49 AM Bug report #14 (Resolved): Last modified date wrong
Fixed on master, I don't know if somebody pushed it online though. Alessandro Pasotti

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