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Don't display the qgis window on a second monitor that isn't present

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I use a Powerbook G4 running Mac OS 10.4.8 with a 2nd monitor at work, but frequently use the Powerbook at home and on travel without the second monitor. If QGIS is used with an extended Desktop with the QGIS window open in the 2nd monitor, when I next use QGIS without the second monitor QGIS does not seem to realize that the 2nd monitor is no longer available. I was not able to get QGIS to open a window on the Powerbook monitor.


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QGIS stores the window geometry (position and size) on exit and restores it the next time you run it. It has no way of knowing about your monitor configuration and blindly (no pun intended) restores the last used position. I've seen this happen with other applications that go from a dual monitor setup to a single monitor.

The only work around at this point is to edit your QGIS preferences and delete the geometry so it will start up in a default position. You can find the preferences in ~/Library/Preferences/org.qgis.qgis.plist. Edit Geometry.x and Geometry.y to a sane value for the Powerbook (eg. 50,50).

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Qt provides the class QDesktopWidget, which provides access to screen information on multi-head systems. This would allow qgis to deal better with moving from a multi-head display to a single-head display. I'd call this an enhancement for a future version.

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Qt 4.2 provides new QWidget methods saveGeometry and restoreGeometry which will adjust geometry if the saved location is not visible. The only drawback to using these methods is that a binary object rather than user editable coordinates are stored in the preferences file.

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Fixed by cbaff6a5 (SVN r7697).

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problem still exists for toolbars. If the toolbar is placed on a second screen it is 'lost' if this monitor is disconnected. To switch the toolbar off and on again does not fix this problem. (MacOS 10.5.2 / QGIS 0.10)

#6 Updated by Tom Elwertowski about 16 years ago

The lost toolbar is a Qt bug. I have submitted a report to Trolltech.

If you have Apple's Developer Tools installed, you can recover the toolbar by using the Property List Editor to delete the UI.state property in ~/Library/Preferences/org.qgis.qgis.plist

You can also delete the plist file but you will loose all qgis settings.

#7 Updated by Tom Elwertowski about 16 years ago

The Trolltech Task Tracker entry for this bug is

#8 Updated by Tim Sutton almost 16 years ago

Reviewed the bug on trolltech tracker...the issue still seems to be pending.

#9 Updated by Paolo Cavallini about 15 years ago

It seems a problem outside QGIS reach: now thet it has been forwarded upstream, better closing it here?

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The ticket on the qt bug tracker has been closed: expired (Scheduled for? Some future release).

Better closing this?

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