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On/Off checkbox for Composer Objects

Added by Thaddeus - almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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There are cases where I do not want to print/export some labels -- call it a special printout version --, so I delete them and then print making sure I do not save that qgs file: It would be nice to have a checkbox that turns the object off and shows it, say, as grayed out/big red cross/etc.


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Seems to me that this ticket explain very well a situation that could be solved the way is suggested (a checkbox for each composer item, to turn it off/on) but that probably is not that easy to implement, as I feel that is the same case of another request, the one to completely lock a map object in order to avoid any change, regardless of what happens in the canvas (actually the "lock layers for map item" prevents only for changes of layers other than the ones visible in the map object).

In any case I think there is a better workaround then the one described:

add twice a layer, one with labels and one without. Leave active one of the two (say the one without labels). Create one print layout, add the map object and any other necessary item. Check "lock layers for map item". Save the layout template and use it to create another one identical. Switch layers in the TOC and in the new print composer remove the map object and add it a new one, this time with labels.

#2 Updated by Thaddeus - almost 12 years ago

Oops, I was really focused on the paper space, the Composer, but I never qualified that "label" word with Composer label, my bad. My label, my Composer label, has my written notes that I don't want to print, so it's like a do not print feature, but your idea is very good: I'm going to try to create a point layer with my notes as features/attributes and tune that into the Composer view port --although I already have 20 Composer items. Following on your idea, a "do not print layer" feature would do the trick too.

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#8 Updated by Harrissou Santanna about 9 years ago

It took almost three years but yeah... this feature is now implemented in Master (at least since fe4e552), within the new Items tab in the composer. And it is really useful, no more need to have special composer(s)/"texts to move". Thanks to u!!!

However, I think that it would also be nice, as mentioned by Thaddeus in his first message to have some kind of symbols (a red cross in a corner, greyed extent of the hidden item...?) that won't be printable but helps the user to keep in mind that there are not shown item(s) in his composition.

#9 Updated by Nyall Dawson about 9 years ago

Actually this request is for a slightly different feature - a check box which prevents an item from inclusion in prints/exports. The item would still be shown in the composer, just not in exports. Its like a sister feature of the current show/hide check boxes.

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Fixed since a while (checkbox under "Rendering" group for "Exclude item from exports").

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