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GDAL stats not used

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I'm not sure if this behavior is expected or I am missing something.

I have a 1 band raster dataset (an elevation DEM) in TIF format. It has
statistics computed from "gdalinfo -stats mydata.tif" However, when I open
it in QGIS (both 1.6 and 1.7 trunk), and look at the Metadata tab in Layer
properties, there are two sections that contain band stats information. The
first section is labeled "Band 1" and lists the same stats as found using
gdalinfo. The second section is labeled "Band" and says "No stats collected
yet" for band 1. QGIS has to create the stats when I apply a color map or
stretch. For large rasters, this takes a while, and must be done each time
it's used in QGIS.

Has anyone experienced this behavior? Is this expected? Is there a way to
let gdal compute all the stats that QGIS needs? Thanks.

reported: http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/qgis-user/2011-March/011550.html


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The stats collected by gdal are only partially useful:

- they do not include stddev
- the min/max are estimated
- there is no mean
- there are various other stats not included

Because of this we don't use the gdal layer statistics and rather collect them ourselves. The process of collecting stats can be made more efficient by caching the stats in our own xml file similar to the aux.xml file - which is something we are planning for a future release.

For now I am closing this ticket as we will not be using GDAL stats in the forseeable future.



#2 Updated by Even Rouault about 12 years ago

Tim, I'm a bit surprised by your comments : GDALComputeRasterStatistics() does compute exact min, max, mean and stddev

#3 Updated by diodata - about 12 years ago

Thanks for the explanation. Would it be possible then to store the computed raster statistics in an aux, xml or similar file, or internal db? QGIS needs to compute these stats every time that raster is opened. For rasters than are moderate size (1 GB) or larger, this could take a while. It feels strange when it needs to compute the same stats over and over again. Just a thought...

#4 Updated by diodata - about 12 years ago

Never mind. I just read your comment again and see that you're planning to cache those stats. Thanks.

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Replying to [comment:2 rouault]:

Tim, I'm a bit surprised by your comments : GDALComputeRasterStatistics() does compute exact min, max, mean and stddev

Hi Renoult

Thanks for your comments. Has this always been the case or has it changed in recent versions - I seem to remember that this was the reason I originally implemented my own stats gatherer and would be more than happy to drop QGIS's implementation in favour of GDAL's.I will investigate further and do just that if at all possible.



#6 Updated by Even Rouault about 12 years ago

To the best of my knowledge, the implementation of GDALComputeRasterStatistics() has not been modified significantly in the last few GDAL versions. Just a few fixes here or there to ignore nodata values when computing the statistics. If you want exact stats (at the expense of a slower computation of course since GDAL needs to examine all pixels), you have to set the bApproxOK parameter to FALSE.

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Fixed in 1c946725c1c6fdee05da6378bc42a0096318a2bf. Renoult thanks for your insight. For more info on the changes I have made, see: http://linfiniti.com/2011/08/improvements-to-raster-performance-in-qgis-master/



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