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QR code generator for print layout

Added by Dennis Real over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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When creating a print map or an atlas you might want to provide some of the information am the printed map in machine readable form by a QR code.

In addition to maps, textfields, images, ... there should be a QR code object which will generate dynamic QR code images that can be scanned with a phone.


#1 Updated by Julien Monticolo over 4 years ago

As workaround, if you have internet connection, you can create a custom function :

from urllib import parse

@qgsfunction(args='auto', group='url')
def url_quote(string, feature, parent):
    Replace special characters in string using the %xx escape.
    Letters, digits, and the characters '_.-~' are never quoted,
    replace spaces by plus signs, as required for quoting HTML form values
    when building up a query string to go into a URL.
    By default, this function is intended for quoting the path section of URL.

    <h2>Example usage:</h2>
      <li>url_quote('/El Niño/') -> '%2FEl+Ni%C3%B1o%2F'</li>
      <li>url_quote('https://qgis.org/en/site/') -> 'https%3A%2F%2Fqgis.org%2Fen%2Fsite%2F'</li>
    string = parse.quote_plus(string)
    return string

and in the layout, add a label item with an html rendering (tick the option case), and paste the code :

[% '<img src="http://api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/?size=350x350&data=' ||
|| '"</img>' %]

for a 350 pixels QR code with the 'HelloWorld!' info.

Also available in: Atom PDF