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Map Tips usability

Added by Kai Borgolte over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Currently map tips are displayed with left top corner under the mouse pointer. That means:
  • the map tip obscures the actual map position, eating any mouse clicks
  • the mouse cursor, depending on the actual map tool, may obscure the first characters of the map tip, so the map tip is not fully readable

Solution for both may be to offset the map tip position by a few pixel.


#1 Updated by Alister Hood about 5 years ago

You could consider this to be a regression compared to QGIS 2.x, as in QGIS 2.x there is quite a lot of padding, at least for plain maptips (i.e. without any HTML formatting).

FWIW the other differences I notice are that the font is smaller in 3.x (perhaps that is controlled by a setting somewhere), and in QGIS 2.x the text wrapped on whitespace, but in 3.x it stays on one line.

I actually came here because I was having a problem with the width of the tip not expanding to fit the text - I was using map tips to display the image file path for a tile index layer, and the important part of the text was being cut off. I thought it was an inherent problem that the tip would only display a short amount of text, and I could see the full path in 2.x because of the wrapping. But I can't reproduce it - today the tips are expanding!

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