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QGIS 3.0-labels and styles, keep coordinates in style as well.

Added by Lee Han over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Now moving labels easily in a shapefile is a great thing!
It would be amazing that a layer style saves the label style AND the X,Y as well i.e. each style would have a X,Y for the labels.
I hope I am clear.


#1 Updated by Harrissou Santanna over 6 years ago

Not sure I fully understand but did you give a look to auxiliary storage data (see https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Documentation/pull/2304/files - writing in progress)?

#2 Updated by Lee Han over 6 years ago

Yes I was talking about auxiliary_storage_labeling. So I try to be more specific :
For a layer and for style1, labels have X,Y coordinates.
For the same layer and style2, I move labels, they have X',Y' coordinates.
The idea is : switching between styles keep coordinates of each style.
I hope it is clearer.

#3 Updated by Harrissou Santanna over 6 years ago

I hope it is clearer.

It looks clear to me. And I'd say it's not only about coordinates; it can be about font, size, color... any option that can be saved in a style. And then the idea is to be able to map style with auxiliary fields and use auxiliary data according to the activated style.
Did I understand?

#4 Updated by Lee Han over 6 years ago

Indeed the idea was to be able to store per style font, size, color, ...and X,Y labels.
For now the only way is to create as many X,Y fields as style.

#5 Updated by Regis Haubourg over 6 years ago

Hi, a style is a big bloc of xml settings, sharing parts of it only between styles cans be tricky..
What you ask would be to have a way to propagate some settings to all the other available styles? That could be done inside the auxiliary data property tab, with a button to propagate auxiliary definition from current style to others. But that won't be the default behavior and is quite cumbersome, and won't help if you want only some auxilary widgets settings to be synchronized.

Another option could be to modify the data defined widget to add a button allowing to transfer a setting to other styles. But honestly, this is a UX nigthmare. Any better idea?

We have something related with form definitions. Some people want to have the same form for any style, others wants to have different forms for that.

#6 Updated by Lee Han over 6 years ago

be to have a way to propagate some settings to all the other available styles?

mmh I would answer no.
As far as I know, a style contains param of the entities and the labels. But not the X,Y coordinates labels.
Am I right ? If so, I was wondering if there was a way to add specific X,Y attached to a style and scale.
Ex :
style1 scale 50, entities red,...X,Y label
style2 scale 500, entities black,... X',Y' label
In this example, labels have to be moved, from one view/map to another, to see a clean map at each scale.(i.e. labels not too far or not too close from entitites). And I would like to "save" both (or more) positions.

(I have some issue to explain clearly but maybe my request has no sense ?)

Anw thanks for your answers.

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