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MapInfo: OGR layer converter doesn't work

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MapInfo ogr driver doesn't work as expected using OGR Converter plugin. When running the plugin and choosing the MapInfo driver in source format just remote source is enabled File and directory are unabled.


#1 Updated by Paolo Cavallini about 15 years ago

I cannot confirm: in my installation (QGIS self compiled from trunk on Debian testing) I can select MapInfo files, but when I select a target directory and press the run button, I get a segfault

#2 Updated by Paolo Cavallini almost 15 years ago

I confirm the segfault

#3 Updated by Giovanni Manghi almost 15 years ago

Same on Ubuntu 9.04 with Qgis from trunk: I cannot open the mapinfo files trough the ogr converter (remote source enabled, File and directory disabled).

#4 Updated by Giovanni Manghi almost 15 years ago

By the way: it is possible to open mapinfo files trough the normal "add vector" dialog window, so I guess is better to change the title.

#5 Updated by Giovanni Manghi almost 15 years ago

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I gave a closer look to this and I have to admit that at the end it works, at least with the latest development version of qgis under both linux and windows.

It happens that under linux the "dataset" field misses the "browse" button, but if you enter by hand the path were the mapinfo files reside, then you can click "connect" and see in "layers" the list of available ones.

Under windows there is the "browse" button so no problem at all.

#6 Updated by Giovanni Manghi almost 15 years ago

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It would be better to add the "browse" button also under linux. As said under windows there is already and it works, under OsX I don't know.

#7 Updated by sowelu - over 14 years ago

QGIS trunk
Kubuntu 9.10 AMD64
GDAL 1.8dev

When I choose a ESRI Shapefile and supply an input filename name then
choose target format of "MapInfo File" and press Browse nothing happens at
all. If you then just press OK it tells you that the target dataset is
missing. I had a look at the code and it looks to me like the line
add( Format( "MapInfo", "MapInfo File", Format::eFile ) );
in format.cpp has the "MapInfo" and "MapInfo File" around the wrong way.
If you reverse these and re-compile, QGIS then allows you to choose the
output target file, but then crashes when you press OK. Looking in the
target directory, OGR Converter writes out the dat, id and map files, but
there is no tab file. If you just enter a name (ie. without '.tab') as the
target filename, it creates a directory and writes the dat, id and map
files, again without the tab.
My GDAL appears to be working as I can do the conversion using ogr2ogr.


#8 Updated by Paolo Cavallini over 13 years ago

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  • Resolution set to wontfix

Plugin removed as per f557e5d6 (SVN r15332)

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