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Add sum of selected polygon areas or line lengths to status bar message

Added by Amy Taylor about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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QGIS currently displays the layer name and number of selected features (for the most recent selection) on the status bar. It would be great if this status message also included the total area of the selected polygon(s), or the total line length for selected line(s).


#1 Updated by Andreas Neumann about 5 years ago

Hi Amy,

Are you aware that the "Statistics Panel" (Menu "View" --> "Panels" --> "Statistics panel") already allows this?

You can add your own expressions (like $length or $area) and have all the statistical values on it, incl. count, sum, mean, max, etc.

Personally I think we should not "overload" the already crowded status bar more - but for those people interested in it, they can consult the statistics manel.

In addition: most people probably have different ideas what should be displayed in the status bar.

If we really want this, there could be a generic, flexible solution, that could display custom format aggregates after the selections, now that we have aggregate functions in QGIS master. This could be defined on a per-layer basis.

What do you think?


#2 Updated by Nyall Dawson about 5 years ago

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Agreed with Andreas - the status bar is already very crowded and using the statistics dock is a better fit here. Or alternatively a plugin could also be written to show the stats in the status bar. But I don't think it's a good idea for this to be in core QGIS.

#3 Updated by Amy Taylor about 5 years ago

Hi Andreas and Nyall,

Thanks, yes I am aware of and use the statistics panel. We just thought that as text is already displayed in the status bar reporting on the current selection that it wouln't make much of a difference in terms of clutter to add in the total area or total distance to that text (and we'd personally find that info would make the status bar text far more useful). But I appreciate that everyone has a different idea about what should or should not be in the status bar! Back to the plugin writing for me.



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