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identify tool: the .Area "column" is missleaading

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1. add grass polygon vector

2. identify too

3. there will be non-existant .Area "column" displayed in the column tree

Reporting area is a nice feature, but it would be better to have it reported some other way - not suggesting that there is an .Area column in my datatable. Don't confuse the user. Please separate area report from the layer column tree.



#1 Updated by Redmine Admin almost 18 years ago

I don't think it is user misleading - each of these special attributes starts with dot (.AREA for polygons, .LENGHT for lines) so it is easy to find out which attribute is attribute from table and which is the special attribute.

Btw. it is not only GRASS layers related. This 'Idetify feature' window is shown for all non-editable ('Allow editing' unchecked) layers.

#2 Updated by Gavin Macaulay - almost 18 years ago

We could add a tooltip that states that the column is a derived one...

#3 Updated by Brendan Morley - over 17 years ago

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Perhaps the Area, Length, etc can be put in a differing style to distinguish them from the layer attributes.

There are two ways I can think of to do this:

1. In QT4 style, the QgsIdentifyResults window can be promoted to a QTreeWidget, which will allow differing fonts in the results pane. The derived attrbutes could be put in italics.

However, converting the Q3ListView to a QTreeWidget is not trivial and should be postponed past the 0.8 release. Which leads to the second way:

2. Perhaps a branch can be added in the identify-results window called "Derived Attributes", and all the calculated attributes added under that.

#4 Updated by Brendan Morley - over 17 years ago

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This should be addressed as of 8c38434f (SVN r5593).

In the Identify results window, derived attributes such as Length or Area are now placed in a subtree of the attributes list called "(Derived)". This distinguishes them from explicit attributes that are a part of the user's layer.

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