Wish Lists


Open Wishes

  • label placement - using lines with or without head arrow for small features or those very closed from each others to label polygons features
  • label settings by scale interval - eg. smaller features (details) should only have labels on small scales, without having to duplicate layers
  • label settings by sql sub-query on a single layer - eg. set bigger labels for bigger polygons, avoid labels on certain features
  • label duplicates control - should not be necessary to change your schema just to make a map without lumps of equal labels
  • label "safe-zone" interval - meaning you could set an interval for having just 1 label, all others within this distance would not appear, uncluttering your map; as you zoom in less conflicts would occur, less labels would be removed
  • join lines
  • snap to feature in another layer
  • snap to detected edge in raster
  • streaming digitising (grabs points automatically as you move mouse around)


  • Allow user to specify distance of segment for lines and polygons when digitizing and just use mouse to determine angle/direction. _'
  • Easy calculate fields tools (calculate sum, average, concatenate strings or duplicate fields)
  • snap to nearest node
  • pan as you digitise (when you get close to the edge of scree)
  • disable snap using a short key (ctl or alt) to avoid snapping for one node
  • vertex-level editing (delete multiple vertices in line/polygon; move multiple vertices)
  • assign color to vector features from color column or columns (RGB), similar to GRASS 'd.vect rgb_column=xx'
  • Split polygon by area (like the one found in ET Geotools for ArcGIS). You specify how large areas you want to split the polygon into and then you choose in which direction it splits when you click the polygon. You can also specify the accuracy it should achieve when splitting.
  • Erase tool like in ArcInfo or XTools. I prefer the XTools version.

Implemented Wishes

  • split lines - QGIS1.1: Advanced Digitizing - Split Features
  • polygon hole - QGIS1.1: Advanced Digitizing - Add Ring